Orphen Revenge

Alt title: Majutsushi Orphen Revenge

TV (23 eps)
1999 - 2000
Fall 1999
3.362 out of 5 from 1,515 votes
Rank #8,822

Orphen and the gang are back, and ready for more adventure! Joining their motley crew is a young girl named Licorice, who has been sent by the Royal Order of the Knighthood to find Orphen. But amidst the magic and mayhem lies danger; an evil sorcerer from the Tower of Fang is on the hunt for Orphen for mysterious and nefarious reasons, and will stop at nothing to find him. What is the Royal Order, and who is this mysterious sorcerer from Orphen’s past?

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Have you ever been really into an anime, then they come out with a filler episode? It's kinda dissapointing at first, but then they get back to the storyline. That was almost my experience with Orphen: Revenge. I really enjoyed the first series, but then I started watching Revenge, expecting it to be at least as good and I was extremely dissapointed. There are 11 episodes of filler before the storyline even begins to develop. Seriously, just skip the first 11 episodes and this will be a better anime. Unless you're into just watching Cleao go on multiple shopping sprees without any kind of storyline, you should just skip this series altogether. I have never been so dissapointed with an anime in all of my life. The animation itself wasn't bad; it was more or less the same as the first series. However, they were really cheap with the animation and tried to reuse as many frames as possible. There's too many moments of watching the same frame with voiceovers and also watching the same sequence of frames over and over again. Furthermore, anytime Orphen uses any kind of magic, they use the same filler images over and over again to try to fill screen time. So dissapointing. Character development was almost non-existant. If you hadn't watched the first series, then there was absolutely no reason for you to enjoy the characters in this one. Overall, just don't even bother. Pretend this series never existed. Just be happy with the first series that wasn't bad and never watch this one.

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