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Sep 7, 2016

Anime like this one make me question people. I genuinely dont understand why this anime is so widely beloved among most common viewers. Have people never seen at least one shoujo anime before?

Ok for starters, lets talk about the story. Its fucking boring. Nothing really happens in this show, its really just a circlejerk about saving edgy teen bishounen number 10,872 from his imminent suicide. Apart from constantly saying kakeru's name, this anime is about melodrama. Its all stuff you've seen before somewhere else, its completely unoriginal, i dont really care about whats happening and bam- another episode is over and I feel like hanging myself. The only thing i can say about this show is that it has a decent premise, but its execution is completely illogical and awful.

Animation. at times, it looks okay, at times, all it is is derp faces. I pretty much hate how everything looks in the show and it has far too many major problems and points where it looks like a face is lopsided or the characters look awful because they decided to zoom out for a while. Theres just nothing to really say about the aesthetic because its only "good" occasionally, which should NEVER be the case now. It looks horrid compared to most other shows coming out currently, I really cant rant about this enough. 

Sound. Its always too fucking loud and playing over the charaters, all the tracks suck, and the op and ed make me want to tear my ears out. Its completely generic at best. Theres nothing left about the sound, i just hate it. 

You know apart from glasses-kun I would EASILY give this section a 0. all the characters are generic and can be summarized in a sentence or two. The best part is, i really dont know anything about most of the characters, and i also dont care for them at all. I actually started the ninth episode, but couldnt stand hearing their voices any longer and quit it. Anyway, lets dissect these idiots.

Naho Sue- she's a pretty standard main character in the shoujo genre. She's into the new edgy teenage bishounen who transferred into class recently. She likes cooking and will probably fall back on friend zone man when edgy teenage bishounen-kun kills himself.

KAKUFUCKINGRU aka edgy teenage bishounen-kun- kakeru's name is said in every line of the show, i think. just rewatch an episode. anyway, he's the new tranfer student who wants to kill himself because he has mommy issues. The part of this that is relatable to most people is that he exists and has a mom. bishie-kun lacks any traits other than his archetype of being a generally succinct bishounen. Hes good at sports because a guy being good at sports is pretty fucking cute, right ladies? Everyone thinks hes god or something. I think the author has a crush or some sort of fixation on him. 

Suwa aka friend zone man- He's a generally good guy. will probably evolve into "Shoulder to cry on Man" at level 16. Is into naho because she is a mary sue and she exists.

glasses-kun- funniest character in the entire show, although i dont know his name. He has a tendency to not exist, but thats okay because his 2 funny moments left more of an impression on me than any other character in the cast.

long black hair girl?- i think shes naho's friend? Im pretty sure shes supposed to be a tomboy, from what ive heard. Whatever, shes completely fucking boring and doesnt leave any impression.

blonde pony tail girl-glasses-kun's love interest. I dont know anything else about her, she doesnt really have other traits.

violent "hot" girl who preys on naho- not really hot at all, despite what the people in the show seem to believe. I think shes a main enough character? She loses kakeru to naho because naho is naho and she hates and bullys naho because naho is naho. WOWO what a villain-let me go drink some bleach, brb to this review soon. 

Anyway, now im back i guess thats my review of this piece of garbage. Kakeru's name is like a black hole, while his name gets said infinite times, all the other characters completely fade away. the time mechanic is shit and barely used at all, in fact its used in such a vapid way i forgot it was even a part of the plotline. The characters are boring, the storyline is boring, I hate kakeru, i forgot the names of the other cast members, and the aesthetic and sound make me want to stop watching this show even to hate on it. I don't get it, theres nothing good about this anime! why the hell do people rate this so highly? Its terrible!

2/10 story
2/10 animation
1/10 sound
1/10 characters
1.5/10 overall
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Oct 8, 2016

**lemme just start by saying that this is my first review **

For real, I don't understand how so many people enoyed this anime or are saying that "it'S THE BEST STORY EVER!!!!!!" cuz boy it's not. I mean it was good, but I feel like it's more overrated than fucking parmesan on pasta

okay so let's just jump right into the story:

So the story is about this clique or whatever that gets a new member who is suicidal af, and their future selves want them to save this kid or something lol you get it

but!! let me point something out: how the FUCK didn't the main character freak more out when she got a fucking letter from the future??? i would be all hELL no what is this satanic bullshit i would porbably go all "begone spawn of satan" and throw holy wather on the letter but whatever let's go back to where i was

So I personally thought the story had a good and interseting concept, I mean it's not everyday you stumble over an anime like this, nut there were some things that ruined the story;

  • TOO FUCKING AWKWARD. I lost count over how many times I facepalmed from the protagonists and Kakeru conversations jfc
  • I understand that the producers wanted some sort of love story, but fam, it was forced as fuckkkkkk
  • Everything was rushed  

The charcters ruined the story a lot, but I'll get to that later


So it could go from 100 to 0 real fucking quick. It was mainly good, but sometimes the charcters would have the worst derp faces. I mean what the actual fuck is this?????

Bilderesultat for orange derp face anime


but you know gotta get that $$$ quick


dont really care about the sound so let's talk about the


let's start with the protagonist: Naho is a fucking dumbass. One of the main reasons I didn't like this show as much as I could have is because of her. I can't stand how she's so stupid like GIRL just stop. Yeah she's shy as hell, which is okay but who the hell just suddenly RUNS away from a conversation?? WHO THE HELL DOES THAT. she's also romantically retared, like what the actual _fuck_ who thought her personality was a good idea. Kakeru probably got so sick of her dumb ass that he couldn't take it anymore and just wanted to end everything. I mean if I ever have to have a conversation with someone that stupid, I would jump out of the nearest window. but oh wait!!! SHE CAN'T HAVE A CONVERSATION. WITH ANYONE. the only thing she can is "kkkKKKAKERU" and it takes a whole fucking minute before she answers. someone please send her to speaking lessons

Then we have the suicidal kid, Kakeru: he's kinda awkward too, i didn't really care for him lmao he's good at sports that's all i have to say about him

Some blond chick: don't even know her name. her father is a baker and she brings buns to everyone all the time so i guess she's not all useless

Some black haired chick: can't remember her name either. i guess she's pretty close to that blonde chick. don't really know why she was in the story

The kid with the glasses: I really liked this dude cuz he was quite funny, but he didn't get as much screeetime as he deserved which kinda sucks 

Suwa: I really liked this dude too (I even remembered his name what a shocker), and honestly, the story would have been 100 times better if he was the protagonist and not the stupid ass chick. there will be a movie or something from his point of view, don't know if I'm gonna watch it or not. he's friend zoned af. I cheered for him tho, don't really know why he loved that stupid chick like why would anyone date her

You don't really get to conect with any of the characters cause everything was so rushed, I couldn't actually give a fuck about any of them

so all the characters sucked a$$ expect harry potter and suwa


okay so let's talk about the endig.





am i the only one who thought it was real shit?? if you haven't watched it lemme sum it up for you real quick:

so kakeru aka suicide kid decides to take his own life after all, and goes in the middle of some road and steps infront of a big ass trailer. he gets hit, but this time he doesn't die for some reason i dont know why he didn't, he probably tried to step away but got hit anyway or whatever

am i the only one??? who thinks it's a shitty ending??? this shit show would probably have ended just as bad if he just died, but I feel as something is missing. i dont know what, but what I know is that this is just a big fucking mess. 

for real i dont know why yall liked this series so badly i found it badly produced, written and everything was just a mess. it had it moments, and since im feeling generous as FUCK im gonna give it a 6

but remember my friends don't get so shocked that this anime was shit because in the end, we all know that




Bilderesultat for peace out

4.5/10 story
7/10 animation
?/10 sound
4/10 characters
6/10 overall
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Jan 3, 2017

Can I just say that this is not an anime for everyone, if you a young male otaku, you won't like it because you just don't get it. I'm just sick of all those fat guy otakus sitting here and being like 'worsth anime ever' because it is not, and futhermore there is no need to downrate it just because you think it is overrated. Whether it is hyped or not has nothing to do with the quality of the anime. It's same stuff everytime when anime gets hyped - people wants to give it 0s because they decided to watch an anime that is not of their liked genre. I could also go ahead and watch a shounen and give it 0s when every fat otaku guy said it is a 10/10. I could go on and on about anime I couldn't even make it to episode 4 because it was clearly male genre-biased, just like this one is. 

I personally liked the anime, it was missing some action but overall it wasn't a typical story because of the time-twist. I liked the conversations and characters, and felt like many more animes lacked this sort of character development. I mean, even Golden Time I couldn't stand as it simply wasn't deep enough like it was suppose to. They would have a problem and then next second they were fine. In this anime, problems and feelings of the characters developed in a natural way that we would have expected them to.

Of course, it had it's own bit of cheesenes which was a bit dissapointing at times but then again I use to be a very familiar character to Naho back in school, and so I understand the fears that she has (this is why I am saying guys won't get it unless they use to be shy etc.) I would probably discredit this anime for being just too sweet and loving at times, but then it showed them as real people more than it did as just another anime character, which is nice.

Sadly, I have to say that mental illness is not an issue you can just get rid of like that, and hope that those who have previously felt like this seek help and notice other people would miss them like these friends did. It was sad to hear Kakeru say all these sad things to himself like ''they could just go back to being a five and laugh again''... it is really a deep wound when a friend passes away and you just never get over it. 

Sorry that this ain't a proper review. I just wanted people to know that there is much to love and much to hate in every anime, so you have to just find yourself in what you like to enjoy it.

7/10 story
6/10 animation
7/10 sound
8/10 characters
7/10 overall
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Oct 24, 2017

A typical shojo romance is predictable at best and forgettable at worst. Adding extra fuss to the romance is an easy way to make it seem different, but only when it changes the formula, instead of spicing the same old stuff. Orange is the perfect example of trying to pass as different, only to completely mess it up because it never tried to change something past the premise.

In today’s lesson of what not to do when writing a proper story, we have the tale of bland girl, who knows her future boyfriend is going to commit suicide and is given the chance to save his life. The reason she knows it, is because she received a letter from her future self, when she threw it in the Bermuda Triangle, which somehow acts as a time machine, and was then found by a postman, who delivered it to her past self… What? …

Basically, the premise makes absolutely no sense. It’s there just to make a shojo romance to stand out from the rest of the lot, and to its credit it succeeded. It was in the highest rated manga of all times while it was still published, and also one of the highest rated shows while it was airing. Obviously, it fell from grace very fast, once the audience awoke from the slumber of overly melodramatic nonsense and realized the plot is one of the same crap as any other shojo.

Instead of improving the overall, the time travel fuss only managed to point out how dumb everyone is. Knowing future events should normally make characters more self-aware, and thus smarter than the average specimen of the genre. Which is not what happens, since everyone kept acting the same way. Every single one of them remained a cookie-cutter archetype, and postponed the resolution up until the last minute. Nothing of importance happens in the meantime than can’t be summed up as a generic set up we have seen a million times.

The excuse is obviously because “we need to somehow fill an entire season with this needlessly dramatic premise” so everyone was written to act as socially inept as possible, even when they are not supposed to. Just like in any other shojo romance, they constantly hold back, are shy and are not willing to do the obvious as if something bad is going to happen if they save the guy’s life.

But as I said, it worked for a lot of plebs, who kept on watching because they really wanted to see the bland shojo heroine to save the life of the bland shojo boyfriend wannabe. It was a perpetual blue-balling, not that different from any other romance out there, fooling its audience to keep tolerating the ridiculously dense girls, in hopes of one day confessing their love, only to never happen before the very end.

3/10 story
7/10 animation
6/10 sound
3/10 characters
3.5/10 overall
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Sep 30, 2016

One of the best manga I have ever read, and the anime is almost as good as the manga. If you wonder whether you should watch it or not, do yourself a favor and do so, you will not regret it. 

10/10 story
8/10 animation
10/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall