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Centers on the relationship between an "artist" and a "grader," in a new field of art known as "perception art." Kazuya Yamanashi is the son of a couple who are considered one of the founders of perception art, while Jun Tsuzuki is his friend. Both are childhood friends with Kyo Takise, who also has influential art parents, and is also a grader.

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Now this season have come to an end I have lots to say, this is an artistic anime and yk it's something a fujoshi will ad definently think it as a bl cuz they gave us too much fan service, Like a lot, especially the last episode, they just dropped it on us huh, when they were going to lean in for hug but it seemed like a kiss my heart was pacing hard just to see they were hugging like maan, u could have drawn it some other way <( •̀ᴖ•́)>  Story  The story is both unique and normal, like if u see the overall story of the anime, introducing a new type of art now that one is unique, in this anime they have shown that the characters are immersed in perception art, perception art is a new art and concept brought by this anime, and it is shown that when Kazuya was young perception art was widely hated but it was later accepted as a an art, this anime potrays three friends who are also childhood friends and thier parents were also friends, but due to some circumstances Kazuya parents died and then Kyo(one of Kazuya's friends) distanced himself from them. They once reunite when they were in the same highschool which gives education for perception art and the students  were divded as graders and artists. Kyo was a grader and was a 3rd year while Kazuya's and his friend were first years) over the episodes they showed how they were reunited tho in the beggining I really thought Kyo was really annoying but by the end and I could understand why he acted that way, but if we see the other way of the story the characters have pretty common troupe background nothing out of the oddinary but still they have both sad and happy backgrounds!! Animation The animation wasn't amazing I have seen better ones, but yk this animation kinda reminded me of the lod animes yk what I mean, But where the music came the animation would be superb and I love it!!,  Sound I didn't really took note of the sound in anime but the music was great, whenever they would showcase a peice the music would come, I still don't understand what is the job of the grader lol, but the  music was great the opening was ausome too, add the eding song in the last few minutes of the last episode of the anime just made dang emotional, im sad now that it has ended!! Characters The characters were overall normal, first let me talk about Kazuya, he is the main character of the anime and his dream is to be an Artist (that does perception art) just like his parents, his character is happy go character, yk those types of main characters who are kinda dumb and do everything for thier friends yeah thats his character, he also has a sad backgroud that his parents died when he very young, so thats why he want's to follow his parents path to understand them more and uncover secrets, he was not that bad I kinda felt pitty for him through the anime so yeah!! next comes Kyo whom i'll call Kazuya's boyfriend (in my fantasy world) He was a childhood friend of Kazuya and thier parents were friends but Kyo's mother is dead and only his father was alive, after Kazuya's parents died Kyo distanced himself from him(u'll understand why when u watch the anime) When Kazuya enters the same school as him he tries to get close to kyo and maan I was so annoyed at him like he always brushed of Kazuya and one point I was so mad at him like why don't you just become friends again like whyyyyyyy, he's gonna be an annoying characters throughout the anime but if you watch the last episode I can see now, but still they had to make him annoying till the last seconds huh!! Next come Jun he is my favourite one alright, he is decent, cute, and I love him, he is the most sensible out of the two of them he is also a childhood friend of them, and I think he is more of a babysitter for Kazuya, not gonna go in details for every character cuz that would make it damn long!! Overall The is anime is pretty good for a original work but not the best I have seen, this anime is unique, the way the incorperated the new type of art perception art is really good and they did show how they do it kinda made me search it if this is real and came to know it is fake im sad cause I now wanted to try it lol!!

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