Open Your Mind

Alt title: Mezame no Hakobune

Music Video (1 ep x 35 min)
2.299 out of 5 from 232 votes
Rank #8,123

Travel to a world inside a bubble where fantasy and technology mix with one another to form beautiful imagery. In the span of three acts, you’ll swim in the depths with sharks and whales; soar on the winds with alien birds; and run through fields with the creatures that live in harmony with their surroundings. The unique score is combined with stunning CGI and real life footage, gradually laying out the landscape of a world filled with life and beauty.

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Singan Nov 26, 2012
Score 5.5/10

This movie is certainly among the least known fruits of cooperation between director Mamoru Oshii and composer Kenji Kawai. Just like most Oshii's works, the movie has a rather complex thematic background. However, the topics and the message aren't clearly stated, as the anime is very abstract and open for interpretations - there isn't a story in a typical sense, although the story can be... read more


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