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Little Ichigo wants a different dad; her stepfather doesn't seem to love her, and makes her mother cry. So when Ichigo meets a fairy named Cappy she wishes that her mother would have married her biological father, transporting her into the past where she must become her parents' matchmaker! But Kyousuke, her real father, isn't the only one after her mother's heart. Now Ichigo must try to get the shy, bumbling Kyousuke to prevail over the outgoing, confident Yuuji, for the fate of her family!

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FullmetalDragon Mar 5, 2017
Score 8/10

This is a super adorable series, and the ending is brilliant. This is definitley one you have to watch all the way through to fully appreciate, which given it's only 75 minutes in total shouldn't be too much of a stretch. The story itself isn't too original, but I still liked it. It's certainly very well executed, and the great characters certainly help it feel pretty new. The main character, Ichigo, is... read more

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Kico7 Nov 30, 2010
Score 7/10

It may be another MOE series, but it has its treasures. It has a nice animation (the brightness is cute). Ichigo is a girl who doesn't get along with her stepfather, and then, she goes back to the past to try to fix things making her father getting married with her mother, that is the story. It is simple, but it is nice to watch. Ichigo is just a Moee kid, although she is too mature for her age, she is still a... read more



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