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Oni (AKA demons of Japanese folklore) have a pretty bad reputation. Now it’s up to three plucky oni kids — sunny Tsutsuji, cool Tsuyukusa and boisterous Himawari — to improve human-oni relations through love, friendship and superpowered underpants!

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Studio WIT’s 2022 light weight school comedy was packaged partly as a promotion for the Japanese children’s TV show “Oha Suta”. This explains the numerous mentions of that show in the context of this anime. It is a story based on Japanese mythology where the “Oni” are mythological demons who were mean to be vanquished by human heroes. Fast forward to the modern day and the real Oni have become integrated into Japanese society although still few people ever rub-shoulders with them. Hence many myths remain and they are not always welcome. Hence the King of the Oni send three school-girls to the big city as a public relations exercise. Now don’t ask why she sends three schoolgirls rather than employing a PR agency and don’t ask why the king is actually a queen. None of this matters as it is just a silly vehicle for the girls to get into lots of fun adventures together and win the hearts of the local population with their efforts. Their ancient enemy appears in the shape of fellow schoolgirl Momo Momozono who keeps challenging the girls into battle. The three are helped out by magical underpants that give them the useless power of instant cosplay. Yes it is really this silly. Remember it is aimed at kids but, even so, it is quite funny and entertaining. Episodes are less than 15 minutes each as it was shoehorned inside the wider children’s TV slot. We really should see more stuff like this on Western children’s TV but we guess the cultural references might be lost on the audience. The makers do insert an explainer at the beginning in the hope of extending its audience so you do get the low down on who the Oni are. (Clue, they have horns.) You can now stream through the whole show in under three hours. Time not wasted even if the whole thing is a little undemanding from an adult’s perspective. It is just fun and well-made fun at that.

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