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In the late Edo Period of Tokugawa Shogunate, hatamoto samurai and law enforcement officer Hasegawa Heizou Nobutame (1745-1795) supervised crackdown on arsonists and organized robbers. He was both highly skilled and merciless against criminals, who called him "Oni no Heizou" ("Demonic Heizou") a.k.a. "Onihei."

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LAJL Feb 9, 2017
Score 9/10

Simply amazing! Pure classic Samurai Detective story, at least what I felt after watching the first episode. It has great animation/drawings, characters, mature story, samurai actions, classical Japan era settings, cool soundtracks, very well written, and great voice acting. You only need the first episode to understand the flow of this anime. 9/10. I have been looking for Japanese drama/story/anime such as... read more

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renorxukuth May 3, 2018
Score 5/10

I've been rewatching Onihei, and I agree with some earlier reviews about the story being more or less uneven until much later in the series, I think episode 6 or 7 for me really became more concrete to the overall characters.  I love the designs though, the characters look good, the sword fights arent streetfighter esque, and the emotions of said characters is great. Although I must say at certain times... read more

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