Onee-chan ga Kita

TV (12 eps x 3 min)
2.762 out of 5 from 3,225 votes
Rank #6,288

Tomoya’s father remarries to another woman, giving him a stepsister, Ichika. However Ichika is 17-years old and has completely fallen in love with her stepbrother who is only 13!

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Episode 1

She Came! She Came!

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Episode 2

She Came to School!

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Episode 3

Big Sisters Came!

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Episode 4

Kouki the Tough Guy Came!

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Episode 5

Swimsuit Time Came!

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Episode 6

A Hot Guy Came!

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Episode 7

Christmas Came!

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Episode 8

New Year's Day Came!

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Episode 9

Valentine's Day is Coming!

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Episode 10

Valentine's Day Came!

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Episode 11

White Day Came!

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Episode 12

My Bedside Nurse Came!

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haize78's avatar
haize78 Dec 28, 2014
Score 3/10

This is really nothing special. I can't even label it a huge waste of time because the episodes last about 4 minutes each, so in less than hour you're done. It's about a boy in middle school whose father re-marries so he finds himself with a brand new "weird" older sister who has a little brother complex and is totally crazy about him. She stalks him, hugs him, tries to scare off girls who might be... read more

FFTHEWINNER Dec 17, 2014
Score 9/10

Onee chan ga-kita! Is a unique anime,in more ways than one.

First is its length. While almost all anime are around 24minutes per episode,each episode here is only 3minutes. That is about the time of an OVA extra in normal animes. Because i wasnt aware of that at first,i initially thought i downloaded the wrong file and had to go check lol.

The story is a"non blood related brother-sister... read more

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