One Room

TV (12 eps x 4 min)
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One Room

You are the protagonist. A new project in virtual anime from SMIRAL Animation that also brought you the "Anitore" series and "Makuranodanshi." This time, the project is about 3 stories that develop in your (one) room.

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Hanasaka Yui Makes a Request image

Episode 1

Hanasaka Yui Makes a Request

Hanasaka Yui Makes a Promise image

Episode 2

Hanasaka Yui Makes a Promise

Hanasaka Yui Dozes Off image

Episode 3

Hanasaka Yui Dozes Off

Holding Hands With Hanasaka Yui image

Episode 4

Holding Hands With Hanasaka Yui

Momohara Natsuki Meddles

Episode 5

Momohara Natsuki Meddles"

Momohara Natsuki Blushes image

Episode 6

Momohara Natsuki Blushes

Momohara Natsuki Gets Embarrassed and Plays Things Off image

Episode 7

Momohara Natsuki Gets Embarrassed and Plays Things Off

Momohara Natsuki Can't be Honest image

Episode 8

Momohara Natsuki Can't be Honest

Aoshima Moka Remembers image

Episode 9

Aoshima Moka Remembers

Aoshima Moka is Troubled image

Episode 10

Aoshima Moka is Troubled

Aoshima Moka Understands image

Episode 11

Aoshima Moka Understands

Aoshima Moka is Singing image

Episode 12

Aoshima Moka is Singing

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WaveMasterJohn's avatar
WaveMasterJohn Apr 2, 2017
Score 5/10

~No Spoilers~ The biggest thing that will throw people off when they start this is the POV style, where you are the main character, thus he is never shown.  These episodes are only 4 minutes long making it great to get through the season fairly quickly. However, there isn't much of a plot seeing as there are 3 'stories' to this Anime, with each involving a new girl. The first four episodes follow Yui... read more

Raxynus's avatar
Raxynus Oct 2, 2018
Score 7/10

What this anime is, in a nutshell, is harmless. You are the protagonist for three separate stories involving three women who all set the stage for love, companionship and the overall slice of life. Normally, I hate slice of life stories...this is one of those that did break the barrier for me, but only w little.

this kind of POV style is something I actually enjoyed, and the way the animation works for... read more

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