One-Punch Man Specials

Main Characters

Genos Genos
Saitama Saitama

Secondary Characters

Bang Bang
Blizzard of Hell Blizzard of Hell
Speed o’ Sound Sonic Speed o’ Sound Sonic

Minor Characters

Atomic Samurai Atomic Samurai
Charanko Charanko
Child Emperor Child Emperor
Don Pacino Don Pacino
Dr. Kuseno Dr. Kuseno
Eyelashes Eyelashes
Frank Frank
Iairon Iairon
Ino Ino
King King
Lightspeed Flash Lightspeed Flash
Lily of the Three Section Staff Lily of the Three Section Staff
Men's Esthetician Man Men's Esthetician Man
Metal Bat Metal Bat
Mountain Ape Mountain Ape
Pig God Pig God
Pri-Pri-Prisoner Pri-Pri-Prisoner
Shicchi Shicchi
Superalloy Darkshine Superalloy Darkshine
Tanktop Master Tanktop Master
Tornado of Terror Tornado of Terror
Watchdog Man Watchdog Man
Zombieman Zombieman