One-Punch Man Specials

DVD Special (6 eps x 12 min)
2015 - 2016
4.085 out of 5 from 10,134 votes
Rank #607

Genos, determined as ever to find out the secret of Saitama's strength, begins stalking him and analyzing the food he eats. Saitama, annoyed to find one of his french fries missing, blames an "innocent" criminal instead. Later on, Sonic is saved by a baby boar while training in the forest, Bang unsuccessfully attempts to convince Saitama and Genos to join his dojo by using free meat as bait, and an ex-hero called the Serial Bomber plants a bomb on a train while Fubuki and Genos are riding it. Finally, a trip to the hot springs turns into a murder mystery when Zombieman is found dead on the floor!

Unaired specials included in the BD/DVD volume releases of One-Punch Man.

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