One Piece Special 3: Protect! The Last Great Stage

Alt title: One Piece Special 3: Mamore! Saigo no Dai Butai

TV Special (1 ep x 46 min)
3.757 out of 5 from 3,169 votes
Rank #2,577

The renowned Randolph troupe is in town and they are putting on a special farewell play to mark their leader’s retirement. When three of its actors quit a mere thirty minutes before the curtain rises, the Straw Pirates offer their services; though with Robyn’s overacting, Usopp trying to hog the limelight and Luffy gate-crashing the stage dressed as a monkey, the first act becomes more of a farce instead! Before the second act can commence, Randolph is arrested by the marines for selling stolen weapons to pirates, and boards the ship to prove his innocence. There, he’s confronted by the Marine Commander named Governor, a former subordinate of Randolph’s, who’s concocted the whole plan in order to exact his revenge on the ex-marine. Now, in addition to rescuing Randolph and protecting his ship, Luffy must also convince the troupe leader that not all pirates are bloodthirsty brutes. Whatever happens, one thing’s for sure - the show must go on!

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