One Piece: Romance Dawn Story

TV Special (1 ep x 33 min)
3.822 out of 5 from 4,201 votes
Rank #1,961

When Luffy is separated from his crew he ends up on the ship of Crescent Beard Galley in search of some food; its crew picks a fight with him but Luffy effortlessly beats them anyways. Meanwhile the ship heads for a town on a small island that was ravaged by pirates fifteen years ago, and when he disembarks, Luffy is attacked by a young woman named Silk. When she realizes that he isn’t Galley, Silk offers Luffy a good meal and explains to him that, as it’s her greatest treasure, she will defend the town at all costs. So when Galley returns to ransack the island – and settle his grudge with Luffy – it’s time for Silk to prove that she can protect what is most dear to her. Can the pair stop Galley from destroying the town, and will Luffy be able to meet up with the crew of the Thousand Sunny again?

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