One Piece Movie 10: Strong World

Movie (1 ep x 116 min)
4.241 out of 5 from 11,449 votes
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Twenty years ago, the notorious pirate, Gold Lion Shiki, managed to achieve the impossible: he became the first person to escape from the maximum-security marine prison, Impel Down. Having spent the last two decades in hiding, Shiki has now returned, and he has a series of nefarious plans in mind. One day, after a chance encounter with Luffy and the gang, Shiki takes a liking to Nami’s talents as a navigator and decides to claim her for his own, scattering the rest of the crew across his various floating islands in the sky. Now, Luffy and the Straw Hats must fight their way past Skiki’s army of modified animals in order to save their comrade and stop the Gold Lion’s plot to destroy East Blue and gain control over the world.

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One Piece Storng World is the 10th Movie in the One Piece franchise, about an old Pirate from Gol D. Roger's last Pirate Era, who plans to destroy all of East Blue and it's up to Luffy and the others to stop him. Story: I don't see why everyone loves this Movie, it's nowhere near as good as the other One Piece Movies, I'd even rather watch the remake of the Drum Kingdom Arc. The story is essentially a rehash of the Skypeia Arc from the Anime. There's an Island in the sky, inhabited by strange animals, people with wings, an evil overlord who rules the Island and punishes anyone who dares go against him and a little girl who the Strawhats help, Oh yeah and Nami is kidnapped by the villain and forced to cooperate with him. Sound familiar? and with Oda writing the Movie, it feels all the more familiar. 4/10 Animation: Nothing much to say here. It's quick, beautiful, fluid, affective and incredibly designed. 10/10 Sound: Not very memorable, but it's well composed and gets the job done. 8/10 Characters: The only character that goes through any sort of development is Nami, that's it. Luffy is just the guy that beats up the bad-guys and the others are just there to advance the story and give quick one-liners. The characters do remain charming and funny throughout the Movie though. 4/10 Overall: I won't lie to you, I would watch it again, but the rehashing story and rather unfulfilling feel this Movie leaves me with lowers this Movies rewatchability. For fans only. 6.5/10


One Piece: STRONG WORLD. For some reason, I honestly expected to see something like a metaphor for the world and the setting, or something. Instead, I got flying islands where animals are... strong. It's a Strong...Strong "World". Geddit? I got it, and could not appreciate it. Alas, there was a limit to the complexity I could expect from a One Piece movie (altough the series has some pretty deep/interesting moments). The main villain has a very interesting backstory, for example, one that in the end amounts to just a few yellings and poor, albeit creative design choice. It could have been very interesting to see a banter between Shiki, who knew and fought the former Pirate King, and Luffy, who we all know wants to become one. They could have delved some more into that, maybe putting in some lessons for Luffy, for example the importance of sacrifice (since there is something like that in the plot, which makes little sense and amounts to nothing in the end). The animation? Beautiful. The characters are all drawn with great accuracy and care, and I could not have been more satisfied. One thing bothered me: their costumes. Not to say they are ugly or not-cool, on the contrary, they are great. But I just felt like that was a very important part of the brief that the art team got before making the movie. Something along the lines of: "Guys make some really cool costumes for the crew. We'll think about the plot later. Who wants noodles??" They stood out. A lot. And it would have been fine, if the movie offered something a bit more to enjoy, but it did not. Not for me. All in all, I wanted to see one of the "supposedly" famous between all the movies, and so I had high expectations. I was really dissappointed. It's a joy to the eye to see such great anime-animations, but unfortunately the story falls short, there are many plot points that make no sense or are just silly, and the villain is a missed opportunity. Better luck next time maybe? Or I'll just stick with the series.

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