One Piece: Dream Soccer King! - Reviews

Alt title: One Piece: Yume no Soccer Ou!

PharuanUndearth's avatar
Apr 9, 2016

This is just fun & funny, again, this time it's a soccer(football) shootout between Luffy's crew(ZoroSanjiChopper, Usopp, and Luffy) and the "bad" guys(HatchanJango, BuggyBon KUREI, and the creator of the series) with Coby as the goalie and Helmeppo as a referee.

Pros: Different, sorta.

Cons: The same-ish.

It's interesting to combine all the characters together but there's not much interaction between them though. Let's see

Nami still is not helping out in any way along with the Vivi/Carue combo she's cheering so, ...yay. Ending with Luffy kicking Usopp in the ass, in his daydream haze. Did I mention that it was all a dream in Luffy's mind. Worth the 5 min, but only a one-time watch.

7/10 story
8/10 animation
4/10 sound
6/10 characters
6.3/10 overall