One Piece: Dream Soccer King!

Alt title: One Piece: Yume no Soccer Ou!

Other (1 ep x 6 min)
3.67 out of 5 from 4,705 votes
Rank #3,427

It's the Grand Line Cup Final and the match is between the Luffy's Pirates and the All-Star Villains. The atmosphere is tense, as it has all come down to a special playoff that will be decided by a tiebreaker shoot out. With Nami cheering, a crowd of thousands and Coby as the unwilling (and unlucky) goalkeeper, the stage is set. But with everyone's favorite pirates facing the likes of Captain Buggy, Bon Kurei and Django the Hypnotist, can Luffy and the gang manage to defeat them and win the shoot out in order to become the 'Dream Soccer Kings'?

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