On Your Mark

Music Video (1 ep x 7 min)
3.994 out of 5 from 2,302 votes
Rank #1,338

In a futuristic city filled with flying cars and a top-notch police force, a winged beauty has been chained up in the depths of a dark room. Her benefactors are none other than two members of law enforcement who decide that she must be set free – their jobs or livelihoods are unimportant compared to their goal. The two men find the heavenly creature and set forth at top speeds to set her free, with others hot on their trail.

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sothis Apr 3, 2008
Score 5.8/10

I know what you're thinking: On Your Mark is only seven minutes long and a music video; why in the heck am I choosing to review it? While other longer and more interesting titles surely exist, On Your Mark has one distinguishing factor from other music videos out there: it was directed and written by the man himself, Hayao Miyazaki. With a lack of narration, On Your Mark follows the journey of... read more



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