Okawari-Boy Starzan-S

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Okawari-Boy Starzan-S

There is a planet in the galactic system named Kirakira which is rich in natural greens, and there live two main tribes on the planet namely Senobi and Robot. The former live in the wooded region while the latter inhabit the desert area, who are anxious to move to and settle on the woodland for better life and this desire causes incessant strifes around the border zone.The Senobi tribe love nature and want to live in peace without being harassed by the other. On the other hand the Robot tribe who used to enjoy a high standard of mechanical civilization but declined in strength due to their internal trouble become militant as they want to expand their sphere of influence from the desert to the wooded region. A young hero of the Senobi tribe together with his supporters makes efforts to stop the feud between the two tribes and to make them live in peace and harmony. This young and attractive character becomes a gallant warrior when he goes into action.

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