Ojamajo Doremi # Movie

Alt title: Bothersome Witch Doremi # Movie

Movie (1 ep x 27 min)
3.361 out of 5 from 363 votes
Rank #3,928

One day, Pop is taking a test in the Magical Kingdom and runs across a beautiful flower in the Queen’s Garden; but unbeknownst to her, this flower is exceptionally special: it grants any wish, good or bad. After taking it with her back to the human world, Pop is scolded by Doremi and runs away to be alone. Out of anger, Pop wishes that Doremi would lose her magical powers and turn into a rodent; and because of the flower, her wish comes true. What’s worse is that the flower grows "legs" and escapes, wreaking havoc and granting wishes wherever it goes! Pop must join Hazuki, Onpu and Aiko to help capture Doremi and put a stop to the madness!

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