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Jun 29, 2021

3S review no.43 (short, simple and spicy/sweet/salty)

This show my friends is hands down the anime of the season, most likely the anime of the year and probably one of the best shows of the decade. Now, you might think that I overreact, but what I think is that you underreact, this show is criminally underrated, criminally underwatched and it’s lack of success is exactly why the majority of the shows that we get are the same old horrible isekai, the same old boring true and tested shonen and same old insutling harem romances and comedies. The community’s inability to appreciate the greatness of this show and spread the word around really saddens and depresses me. But it is what it is I guess.

I am not gonna talk about specific parts of the story since it would be a crime to ruin it for anyone. It’s about a taxi driver that gets involved into some weird incidents, criminal or not. It has a film noir kinda feeling, a Cohen brother’s kinda feeling with a touch of zootopia. A lot of random events and characters intertwined with each other, lots of loose ends that eventually are tied up together. We get amazing story telling where the narration point of view keeps changing but in the end everything makes sense at some point. We get great imagery through specific objects, some of them are pretty obvious, others are more cryptic but they are all there for you observe, speculate and discover this great story as it unfolds. Only complains one can have about the story is that it started out a bit slowly and sometimes the pace is a bit slow, or slower than it should to be precise, like it might have been perfect if it was lets say one episode less, like 2-4 minutes per episode (depending the episode) could have been spared, and some people might not like some details about the end of the show, but these aren’t enough to change the fact that you get a great story, with spectacular storytelling.

There is something else great about it besides the story, that is something that you rarely ever meet in anime, this show has amazing writing. And I mean just that, the lines in this show are amazing, only very few words are wasted, not a single dialogue is boring or indifferent, some of them are truly amazing, there are hints hidden in the lines, there is a constant subtle theme of dark humor, some lines makes you really think, some others make you burst out a laugh, truly wonderful writing. You see while this show presents a great story with twists and turns, with intertwined events, it still manages to touch and comment on modern subjects with its own charm, without being didactic or direct about it. Subjects like the social media status of our age, like the online gatcha mobile games addiction (which might be barely existent over here in my part of the world but it’s a major problem in Asia), idols, co-dependence relationships, corrupted police, the pursuit of popularity, wealth or the acceptance of the depressing life and the stoic approach that comes with it.

Show has a large and great cast of characters. They all feel unique, they all represent something and they are all important for the story, No clowns here simply for comedic purposes, not thots for fan service and no extras to fill the airing time. Everyone has his own reasons for doing what they do, while the show is story driven, they feel like real characters acting in very believable manner and not like plot puppets dancing on strings. They are all a likeable bunch, can definitely sympathize them and most likely empathize with a couple of things. The star of the show, Odokawa is just great (I am bit too subjective here cause he reminds me of myself), he is depressed, stoic, sarcastic, judgemental about the stupidity that surrounds him, quick witted to always have the perfect answer back and really really unlucky getting dragged in every improbable event without being his fault, even if you try you can’t get a reaction out of him, he also has a very good memory, and that memory of his does play a major part in the story and the whole thing is very methodically, cleverly and indirectly set up. Every other character gets his chance to shine as we see the story through many of them as I said before) and they rarely disappoint, like when the mob boss appears he is spittin fuckin fire I tell ya or the whole Shirakawa’s capoeira bit, (everytime it happened) almost made me spill my drink. Ofc there are some small hiccups here and there, for example while Dobu appears to be bright at first, some times he gets dumbed down for plot reasons, the little romance that exists is not really that justified and some turns that the characters take are not as well build up as the rest of them, they do seem a bit extreme, but still it’s nothing worrisome and it’s mostly the show’s fault for setting the bar that high!

Animation while its obvious that in terms of quality is not great, budget was tight, in terms of aesthetics they did made the best out of that tight budget. Backgrounds are in a watercolor style, its really cheap but it works fine. What doesn’t work is the taxi, I mean it’s such a vital part of the show that the could have used better cgi. Then the driving scenes and car chases could have been way better and more exciting. Character design is great and fits the characters to a T. Overall the shows subpar animation I believe played a major role in its depressing popularity, and goes to show how much people are darwn into good animation, even if what hides behind the amazing animation is mediocrity. So even though the animation quality is not there, it serves it purpose, it has its charm and it 100% not a reason for you to not watch this amazing show.

Sound is nice but it is not amazing. It fits the tone of the series, but when I think about the possibilities of what great music could have been made to match the story it saddens me. Imagine some amazing jazz playing over the taxi’s night strolls. Ah.. but it is what it is, it Is good and it fits. That’s enough. Opening and ending are nice, kinda goofy but they work. Voice acting is very very good. From major to minor characters everyone does a great job, some of them do an extraordinary job like Odokawa’s, Kakihana’s or Yanp’s voice actor to name a few, you get a bunch of recognizable and amazing voices overall (even jiraya sensei’s godly voice shows up at some point).

So, is it worth a watch? YES. 100% YES. Forget genre, forget popularity forget success, forget production values and studios, If there is one show that you watch this season, it is definitely this one, if you watch just one show this year, it’s most likely this one. Amazing story, great characters, great writing, great story telling, it’s a trip, now stop reading and go watch the show, cause if you don’t, then you are definitely missing out.\

Dumroll please… it only took 43 tries after I started writing reviews about modern shows, but finally we got ourselves a spicy one! Not only that but it’s the first one to surpass the 7/10 mark! Oh man what a time to be alive right? By the way it’s not that I am too harsh and I haven’t watched other shows that are 7+, but I have only started writing reviews recently so I am not gonna go back and write a review about NGE or Nausica for example, most of what can be said about them has already been said and the few that I can say and will be original, no one is gonna bother to read, even for RE zero I wrote a review (a very good one I believe) but no one is gonna bother reading it because I was so late at the party, and writing reviews that no one will ever read is kinda sad and defeats the purpose.

9.5/10 story
6.5/10 animation
7.5/10 sound
9.5/10 characters
8.3/10 overall
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Jun 29, 2021

I cannot give it less than 10/10 on everything. The story and the characters gripped me in the first two minutes, literally. And was hooked until the very last seconds. The twists and turns and somersaults the plot made are amazing. They could have easily decided to make it live action, but I'm glad the settled on animating the story. I only worry that no other anime will be able top this for me, the writing was a dream came true. They left a bit of a cliffhanger and I'm dying to know what will happen next. I hope they will make a second season.

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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Jun 29, 2021

Odd Taxi is CRIMINALLY under watched. This anime is spectacular. In the first episodes you are introduced to a cast of complex characters who all have some sort of mystery behind them. I love how Odd Taxi introduced all these mysteries and then tied them up.

The animation is pretty standard i think but as someone who hasn't watched an anime with animal protaganists, I think this one made things fit very well. Please don't look at this and think its Zootopia 2.0 because its not--it's a whole different premise and MUCH better too. 

The OP is nice and I like listening to in on spotify now but I don't recall the music throughout the episode or the ending (which isn't a bad thing, I just don't pay attention or watch endings).

Characters? GREAT. Even if you found any of them annoying, they still felt really well written. I loved Yano and Dobu the most, IDK why, I just think they're fun.

Some minor spoilers---

Concerning the big reveal about Otokawa, I know that a lot of people predicted ita and you probably will too. BUT. I think that the best mysteries are ones you can predict as well rahter than throwing you for a complete loop. The big mystery was also really well built up and hinted at. 

Overall, 9.5/10. I was never bored while watching this. Please give it a try!

9.5/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
10/10 characters
9/10 overall
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Jun 13, 2021

Everyone knows this show is good. Then why is no one WATCHING IT. The story is great. heres the plot i just took from online "Set in a world of anthropomorphic animals, it follows the story of Odokawa, a 41-year old walrus taxi driver shown to have no relatives and does not have much to do with others. But he usually has conversations with other animal inhabitants that ride in his taxi on their way home." So this is not like beastars at all besides the fact that it has every single genra of show in it(action,comedy,romace,mystery,thriller, ect). What I like about this show is that the side characters are explained in more depth than the main character. The characters are interesting and its fun to learn about them. All in all this show is great and I highly reccomend it

Also Yano is great. 

10/10 story
8/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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Jun 29, 2021

Odd taxi is definitely  the biggest surprise this season, with animal characters, a solid mystery and interesting characters really does make this anthropomorphic drama really set itself apart. Right away I'll say this isn't a 3/4 test show, it definitely pulls you in whether you like it or not (a few of my friends who didn't like it still watched it out of curiosity). So despite me likening it there were some issues like slow pacing, too much focus on certain arcs (the comedians to be specific) and tying up loose ends at random spots or the last second. It's bit hard to go into bigger complaints without spoiling so it's really all I can say. Otherwise if you do decide to watch its well worth so sit back and enjoy although your going to want to pay attention. Now for those curious here's the more detailed spoiler free review. 

first off the animation, it's a different style and it's nice and vibrant, can't ask for any more. It does remind me of old American kids cartoons which's is why I liked it. 

for the sound I'll just say the OP is great and does a great job being different and refreshing without following sometrend (I'm looking at you jujutsu Kaisen EP)  really the music is great whereas the rest of the sound is good but not great 

Next are the characters, which for a show that really needs great charcters to be good this one really doesn't have any. Almost every character is very human, I mean that they interact, and talk like how normal people would. There are a few outliers( the cat, rapper boy, and the park martial arts scene) but for the most part they did an amazing job there.

Finally the story, I'll start with the bad, first to many coincidenental characters running into each other, Tokyo has 13 million people (yes I looked it up) and where I live has 600,000 and I almost never run into my neighbors,coworkers or friends. Although forgivable in some parts others have major roles in pushing the story since for the most part the story is being pushed by side charcters and not walrus guy. That's where the good starts though, most of the show is held in the guys taxi which then spreads out to the overal arcing story. Also the story is very easy to follow and keeps you interested with different story lines, now to the final bad some story lines weren't good and the fact that EVERY storyline ties directly into the 1 of the 2 main story arcs is another tick to the whole coincidence thing. To be fair it's a short myster show so it's not a bad negative to have. 
this show does however have a great/ bad ending, no spoilers so don't worry. For the most part the last episode is amazing great closure a satisfying ending except for the last 10 seconds all I will say so that ambiguous endings that are open to a very vaguely interpretation for either a sequel or whatever isn't good plain and simple. Really don't watch the last few minute it's just not worth it. 

well that's was a bit longer than normal so if you stuck this far thanks go get you a snack you've earned, and if you decide to watch off taxi which it is worth the watch then enjoy the biggest surprise this season! Thanks for the read and have a good day 

9/10 story
6/10 animation
7/10 sound
7/10 characters
8.5/10 overall