Web (12 eps x 12 min)
2019 - 2020
Fall 2019
2.915 out of 5 from 186 votes
Rank #14,810

In 2014, aliens suddenly appear on earth and propose to trade humanoid robots called ""EXOFRAMES"" for a small price. The outstanding versatility and exceedingly low cost of the alien technology is immediately put to use in industries and battlefields across the globe. Beyond pre-existing weapons, even the existing social order seemingly become obsolete.

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The style of this show is fairly unique. I wasn't sure at first, but I quite liked it after a couple of episodes. The story is kind of shit because it's really all over the place. There is one underlying theme: the system of war is changing in the world due to the introduction of the EXOFRAMES brought by the "Peddlers" (aliens). The story also seems to follow one main character as he sets out to influence this change. However, they really should have either followed him more closely or they should have made the story about another MC trying to oust/detain/eliminate him. Instead, the story basically follows ALL the different nations and there's about 2 episodes per nation as they fight his EXO team (which are not necessarily loyal to any particular nation btw - confusing as hell) and ultimately lose to him and his EXO team. The voice acting was good, but the music was overbearing and really generic/boring. Also, the final episode was a total fucking disaster as they basically made a regular anime that the secondary characters were (apparently) watching the entire time, because (at the end of that episode) it shows them sitting around a table watching the show on a laptop. This episode basically just cuts the main story line off at the knees and we get no sense of closure or completion to the show. There's no real progress - just episode upon episode of how they don't understand the tech, but they're using it none-the-less. Whatever. I give this a 2.5. It's a cool idea and they could have done a lot with it, but they ultimately failed at doing more than making a uniquely styled piece of art.

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