Oban Star-Racers

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In the 21st century, mankind has finally expanded its reach into the corners of space. After a narrow victory years ago against their enemies, the Crogs, humanity’s peace is again threatened – but this time, they are saved from an external force known as the Avatar. He offers them a chance to enter the Great Race of Oban and compete for the ultimate prize; and man, with the alternative of defeat at the hands of the Crogs, enters. Meanwhile, Eva is a young girl whose father, the famous race manager Don Wei, left her alone in a boarding school years ago; and she has not heard from him since. Upon tracking him down, Don does not recognize his daughter and treats her harshly; so Eva dubs herself Molly, gets a job as a mechanic on the team, and ultimately tags along with Earth’s star racing team to participate in the Oban Race. Fierce opponents and racetracks stand in their way – will Earth’s team be successful?

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angelsreviews Aug 6, 2013
Score 6/10

I’m not to clear on the storyline much, though it is rather original to a point. It’s about a girl trying to get her father to recognize her when she was pretty much forgotten. The story is actually rather strong, even creating an ending that someone wouldn’t suspect. It’s rather deep and meaningful for a child’s show.

Eva is strong headed and rather pushy, yet she always... read more

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CaseyJewels Jun 16, 2013
Score 10/10

To start off, this anime is my favorite anime ever, and probably will always be. It meant a lot to me as a teenager, and I've been going through a rough time, so I just rewatched it, and it helped me to cope. As such, I'm probably a little biased towards it. I realize this show has flaws, but I love it too much to care. There's two different stories going on--one of racing, and one of a father and daughter... read more

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