O Maidens in Your Savage Season

Alt title: Araburu Kisetsu no Otome-domo yo.

TV (12 eps)
3.767 out of 5 from 4,315 votes
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When the girls in the literature club ask themselves, “What do you want to do before you die?” one of them gives a most surprising response. Now they're all preoccupied (for better or for worse) by their friend's unexpected answer! Soon each of these very different young women find themselves propelled along the uncertain road to adulthood, their emotional journeys taking them down paths as surprising as their friend's unconventional wish. 

Source: Sentai Filmworks

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O Maidens in Your Savage Season was initially a difficult watch for me. It made me uncomfortable. That discomfort however is a reason why the show works, at least for the first half. It's a coming of age story about girls discovering their sexuality, it's supposed to be uncomfortable. Despite my personal discomfort this was a very good show and would have easily gotten an 8/10 for me, but it unfortunately dropped the ball in the last four episodes. By episode 8 the story starts introducing more plotlines than can actually be handled in a show of this length. Several of our main character's plot lines are barely addressed in the ending of episode 12. There is no resolution to their troubles despite them being the most confused characters in the show. You simply can't have a show about growing up that introduces story lines some of the characters go through and then not properly resolve them. Not only is it unfulfilling to the audience but it misses the whole point of the show. Credit where it's due of course, the other three characters had well done stories that were resolved by the end. We've all seen the will-they-won't-they childhood friend romance, the crush on teacher, and the puritan girl story lines before, but adding in the subject of sexuality was a bit of a unique twist. Each of these tropes were interesting to watch with the way these characters were written and how they were framed in the story. Seeing the puritan girl come around to the idea of a relationship was my personal favourite of the three. I just wish the other two character's had been treated the way these three were. One of my biggest issues with the story is a difference in episode 11 and episode 12. *Minor Spoilers* here for those episodes. Upon one of our main characters being seen in a red-light district with her boyfriend in their school uniforms the school suspends them facing expulsion and proceeds to ban all non-platonic contact between male and female students. This is treated as a serious event in the narrative of the story due to how it affects several of our characters as well as the couple who are about to be expelled. We as the audience are meant to view this new event much like how our characters do, an unfair and unjust change.However, this gravity of the event is all but erased in the very next episode. Our main group of girls, in retaliation to the unfair ruling of the school administration and the expellation of their classmate, take a teacher hostage that night, send the other teachers and principle a list of their demands, and threaten to throw the hostage teacher out a window if their demands aren't met. Instead of dealing with the situation seriously the other teachers decide to go to bed and handle it in the morning.This is a ridiculous lapse in logic. You can't have the school administration treat one situation very seriously and impose a dating ban due to it just to have them ignore a hostage situation. Would the girls have actually thrown the teacher out the window? Probably not. Is this a far more dangerous and serious situation than two students being seen in a red light district? Yes. The teachers either needed to respond seriously or the set up for the resolution for the drama needed to be different. It's logically inconsistent to have it two different ways. The logical inconsistency in the last couple episodes as well as the lack of resolution for some of the characters made what was a great story into one that wasn't that great. If the story had kept up with the well written character drama that it had been for the first episode this would have been an easy 8/10 story wise. Considering the last four episodes I can only rate it 5/10. The characters are still great for the most part despite the story writing taking a dive. Some of the characters are unlikeable, and can even be despicable at times, but they're well written with understandable motivations and actions. 8/10 The animation and sound is nothing special. It's not bad, even nice at times, but it's not going to stand out from any other romance drama. The opening song was quite catchy. 6/10 for both. Again, I would have rated this show as an 8/10 if not for the mistakes and, frankly, angering decisions in the last couple of episodes. Would I recommend other people watch this show? I do think there's a lot of good stuff here, so yes, and it has it's fair share of good comedic moments and timing. I'd warn that the ending is less than ideal though, and it's certainly not the best show around.6/10 overall.


STORY O Maidens in Your Savage Season is an anime about a group of girls dealing with the new feelings about sexuality that comes along with adolescence. There is paedophile that isn't sexually interested in children (?), yet, for some reason, he holds great impact at one of the main characters (?). This summaries up this anime pretty well: it's a story that wants to talk about serious and polemic themes, but doesn't have the guts to actually show and delve into them. This anime doesn't know whatever it wants to be a drama or comedy. It tries to mix up both, and it fails terribly because they don't work together or balance each other well. You can't fix childhood sexual abuse, infidelity and illegal relationship by playing tag. Please decide if you want to be about associating trains to dicks, or if you want to seriously discuss about teenage pregnancy. CHARACTERS The characters are developed archetypes. They feel things that real teenagers feel, and go through the same situations as we. The problem is that if they didn't had those feelings or didn't have to deal with these situations, you wouldn't differenciate them from generic anime characters. The narrative doesn't explain why they act the way they do and why they feel the way they feel, nor does it shows them dealing with their struggles in a proper way. ANIMATION The animation is mediocre. There is nothing standing out, but it isn't so bad either. SOUND I don't even remember this show having a soundtrack. That shows how good it was, if there was one. OVERALL Although my review is bitter, I really do appreciate how O Maidens in Your Savage Season touches on heavy subjects, but I'm really disappointed at the shallow way it deals with them. I just didn't understand what point this anime was trying to pass to it's viewer.

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