Nyoron! Churuya-san

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For the chibi-sized, adorable Churuya-san, the world seems big and hard, just like a chunk of smoked cheese – a delicious morsel that she wants nothing more than to get her hands on. Kyon, Haruhi and the rest of the gang always seem to tease her, and her quest for the dairy delight is constantly thwarted by rain, changed plans, and other wacky misadventures! Beautiful flowers, a colourful rainbow and a positive attitude can only comfort Churuya-san as she struggles forward with her mission to find some tasty smoked cheese!

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Story: There is no story, that is the honest truth. Then again, do you really expect a story from a parody? Churuya-chan is simply a chibi form of Tsuruya, the hyper-active friend of Mikuru from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu. This mini-parody-serie centers on one of four recurring "scenarios". These following scenarios might be of spoiler, but what is there to spoil in the first place?Churuya-chan's ongoing quest to find/have/eat smoked cheese (Smochi) and ending the small segments of roughly 30 secounds with "Nyoro~n". Skits demonstrating Churuya-chan's minute height or "uselessness".Dust-chan (A collection of dust with a personality) being vacuumed.Ashakura-chan, Ryoko Asakura's chibi (Yeah, that's right, you didn't read wrong), trying to "confess" to Kyon-kun....(Yeah...)The point of the "story" was just for a light comic relief where you can just relax, smile and chuckle at the situation(s) taking place. PLEASE, do not take this seriously or you'll explode.Animation + Sound: The animation for Nyoro~n was quite simple and lighthearted, as you would expect from chibi parodies. The reason I give the animation and sound a high mark is because they did what they were suppose to do; simplify the situation and entertain the viewers with, as mentioned before, light comic relief. Characters: Characters were stereotypical and at its minimum potential.Churuya was all about smoked cheese and was a stereotypical chibi.Ashakura was only there to try to confess to KyonKyon, Mikuru and Itsuki were oblivious to almost everythingHaruhi was... HaruhiDust-chan was....... useless-hikoriOverall: This little show has almost nothing to offer but it is a great light comedy for people that watched Haruhi and loves chibis. Although most Haruhiist would surely go insane from watching this, they are missing the point; THIS SHOW IS NOT MEANT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY. Other than giving some smiles and temporary chuckles, this parody has little to offer. Why give an "7" for this waste of production? It's because I did not expect anything from it, that way I got a little joy out of watching it. I think I spoiled quite a lot about this mini-series.*It did not let me rate -10.0 for story.


Story: Nyoron Churuya-san is one of the oddest animes I have ever seen. It actually takes the mickey out of the show it is from. Its....odd O_O Each one of these 2 minute episodes is a short story about Churuya on her quest for smoked cheese. I did not find these particularly entertaining to watch, but two or three episodes were fairly good and they did get a few odd laughs out of me. Just a few. Sadly, the remaining eight or nine of these episodes remaining did nothing for me. I found them dull, uninteresting and, to be quite frank, pointless. I think as a whole this whole series WAS pointless. It in no way had anything to it like the original Haruhi Suzumiya anime. It did not make you want to watch the original anime. In fact, it STOPPED you from watching it. Animation: Ok, I must admit the animation in Nyoron Churuya-san was pretty good for a web anime like this. Churuya herself I found looking quite impressive and all the backgrounds looked pretty. Sadly, all the other characters like Mikuru, Nagato and Itsuki looked dreadful. All the other characters except for Churuya and another girl called Asakura had these weird frowny faces all through all the series. I saw no point in this, except to draw more focus to the two characters without these awful expressions. Sound: This anime had pretty much no music to it, only short jingles. Thankfully, these jingles weren't that annoying. They blended in but were not noticeable enough to compliment the show. Characters: Well.....where to begin... Churuya's sudden obsesson for smoked cheese came out of nowhere and was just... weird. Asakura was a funny character to watch though, throughout various episodes she would attempt to confess her undying love to Kyon- though where these feelings of hers came friom I sure don't know. As for the other characters, they were all the same dull, cruel characters. I thought Kyon was good, he got a few laughs out of me, but Haruhi, Itsuki and Nagato I didn't like. Mikuru however I liked more in this state: no longer used for pointless fanservice, she was no longer waltzing around the screen with her F-cup breasts and squealing like a baby when a single speck of dust comes her way, I found the boring Mikuru much more likeable. Overall: Would I recommend this? No. Not even if you're a diehard Haruhi fan. I saw no point in this, its just too odd for me.

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