Nyanko Days

TV (12 eps x 2 min)
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Nyanko Days

Konagai Tomoko is a first-year in high school and a shy girl. Tomoko owns three cats. The cheerful and live Munchkin Maa, the smart and responsible Russian Blue Rou, and the gentle crybaby Singapura Shii. Tomoko, whose only friends were her cats, one day becomes friends with Shiratori Azumi, who also loves cats. This is a fluffy and cute comedy about the daily life of Tomoko and her cats, Tomoko and Azumi's friendship, and the interaction between cats.

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Me and My Kitties image

Episode 1

Me and My Kitties

Weekend with Cats 1 image

Episode 2

Weekend with Cats 1

Weekend with Cats 2 image

Episode 3

Weekend with Cats 2

Yuuko and Azumi image

Episode 4

Yuuko and Azumi

First Side Stop Together image

Episode 5

First Side Stop Together

Azumi and Elsa image

Episode 6

Azumi and Elsa

The Cats' Day image

Episode 7

The Cats' Day

The Cats' Day 2 image

Episode 8

The Cats' Day 2

Her Name Is Ran image

Episode 9

Her Name Is Ran

Secrets and Tsundere image

Episode 10

Secrets and Tsundere

Let's Go to the Festival image

Episode 11

Let's Go to the Festival

With My Cats image

Episode 12

With My Cats

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Shadexo's avatar
Shadexo Mar 14, 2017
Score 9/10

This is pure cuteness. After watching the 10 episodes aired until now I nearly had an heart attack. I can recommend this short anime for everyone out there who needs a brief distraction from sad/ serious anime and needs to smile/ laugh.  Animation/ Music/ Voice acting is splendid. The story is just another slice of life/ highschool. Characters are so far interesting.  Sadly each episode is only 2... read more

fidelocastro's avatar
fidelocastro Jan 22, 2017
Score 10/10

There is not really much to review here,the show has 2 minute episodes,which are very calming,good for depressive evenings.Taken this way,Nyanko Days certainly fulfills its purpose.Every used resource,from voice actors,BGM,animation and character choices should be rated with this in mind. read more

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Nyanko Days
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