Nuwa Chengzhang Riji - Custom lists

Alt title: Nuwa Growth Diary

  • Aesop's World
  • Adventures of the Little Koala
  • 21 Emon Uchuu ike! Hadashi no Princess
  • 21 Emon Uchuu e Irasshai!
  • 21 Emon

Anime That Haven't Been Fully Subbed (Or Dubbed) by KeyAndKyoAniLover

These anime aren't available in English in any way, shape, or form....or in the case of some, the full series isn't. (Note: Some of these anime may be available RAW or subbed in a language other than English. Also, only completed...

  • Dongguo Xiaojie
  • Diwang Gonglue
  • Da Hu Fa
  • Big Fish & Begonia
  • Bai Ye Ling Long

Donghua (Chinese animation), What I've sampled, What I think by asterris

Donghua is just the term for Chinese animations, just like how anime is for Japanese animations. As of late, I've noticed more donghua given English subtitles. Usually comments for these are something like "I can't stand to...