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Feb 22, 2015

Non Non Biyori (lit. Non Non Weather),
is a slice of life and a comedy anime that I would easily recommend to both young and older viewers. From the very first episode on to the end of season two, viewer’s interest remains captivated and soothed through the portrayal of pristine environments, thoroughly enjoyable and quirky adventures of its characters, and a calming soundtrack. There is much charm to the serene and slowly paced storyline, which is dynamically complemented by the incremented character development of a whimsical cast. Thus, if you wish to relax, laugh, and enjoy life; I couldn’t recommend this anime enough.

Story: 8/10
The story is fitting of the (SOL) genre, and has high rewatch value. Twenty minute-long episodes are segmented such that each new day in the countryside village of Asahigaoka is presented along with its quirky laughs, disputes and unique adventures.

Art: 10/10
Much attention and care has been invested into the artwork. This is witnessed through the impressive background scenery. As examples, viewers are presented with a view of rocks within a stream of running water, the gentle sway amongst fields of grass in the wind, as well as a buzzing reminder as to surrounding insect life. The smooth and perfect visual integration of movement or processes within nature such as these, all serve to bring the scenes and its interrelated components towards a nearer degree of reality.

Sound: 10/10
The songs utilized for the opening (by nano.RIPE) and ending (by ZAQ), are fitting to the anime’s theme and exceptional recordings that are well worth checking out. The original soundtrack is even more impressive, where the composer Hiromi Mizutani strikes dissonant notes at seemingly perfect times, dualistically capturing the essence of nature and its fragility through the simple and off key sounding of a child’s recorder (aka Renchon’s melody). Also too, I now acknowledge the excellent use of silence in many situations within this anime; I can ascertain that it has served as most effective in enhancing viewer’s (such as myself) emotional perceptibility and relatedness towards the characters during concurrent situations.

Characters: 8/10
The cast is rather simplistic, but individually they are also quirky and unique; each in their own ways. This is further conducive towards enabling many comedic moments all throughout the anime. In addition, a case can be made in regards to the prevalence of a shōjo atmosphere, this is because almost all characters are female, and the few males are rendered insignificant to the point that it is funny.

Enjoyment: 10/10
As the story revolves around charming, and adorable girls, this means that inciting incidents mainly involve goofing around, dodging chores, and having fun in any which way possible. Then, from this I conclude that the degree of enjoyment derived from this anime lies in the beholder; in other words, that it depend’s on viewer’s preference or their appreciation for simplistic themes such as innocence and play.

Overall: 9/10
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I hope you enjoy~

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
8/10 characters
9/10 overall
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May 25, 2017

I'm not really sure why this show is so good, as it has a very basic concept and in theory sounds kind of boring. But make no mistake, this is a beautiful, laugh-out-loud anime. Non Non Biyori is the kind of anime that you watch after a bad day and it instantly calms you down. There's zero drama, romance (unless you count Haruno's crush on Koma-chan) or violence, and the plot relies almost completely on character interactions.

Story (8/10)

I thought that Non Non Biyori's almost complete lack of a plot would be a huge turn off for me. However, the story flows beautifully and works very well in the seting. The only negative is that the pacing is very slow, and while that usually works well, it can at times feel stilted.

Animation (10/10)

The animation is absolutely gorgeous. The character designs are very unique and each character is rendered beautifully. The backrounds are also stunning. As it's set in the Japanese countryside, there's a lot of beautiful nature and animals.

Sound (10/10)

The music always fits the tone of the story and is very pretty. Renge's tune with the recorder is absolutely delightful and is still stuck in my head. The voice cast is also very talented, and each actor really embodies the personality of their character.

Characters (10/10)

As the show doesn't have much of an overarching plot, the characters are the most important part of this anime. And they're wonderful. I love every single main character, from the mature Haruna, to Komari who wishes she was more mature, to the carefree Natsumi, and especially the adorable Renge! Seriously, Renge is the best character ever; if all the other characters sucked (which they don't) I would still give them a 10/10 because Renge is so awesome.

Overall (9.5/10)

This is a beautifull anime that's very calm and relaxing. If you're into action and drama and romance, then this anime probably isn't for you. That being said, I love action and adventure anime, so you really don't have any excuse. Anyways, watch this, you won't be sorry.

8/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
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May 22, 2020

This anime made me smile at least 50 times. It teaches you about the slow campside's rhythm with slow, relaxing and innocent episodes and stories. Everything happens in its own time in a place where there's simply no reason to hurry. When I was watching the 4th episode I already knew this anime would become one my favorities and it did. The characters and the backstories aren't that much well developed because they don't need to be. This show is not about what happens with the people, but how they react based on their own ways to see life itself! Wanna have a heartwarming, calm and beautiful experience? Watch Non non Biyori!

8/10 story
9.5/10 animation
9/10 sound
8/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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Aug 28, 2021

Non Non Biyori is an anime that tugs at this heart.  The story of the Tokyo girl's first year in a rural setting has parallels to my own life, so I have an inkling of what Hotaru is going through.  Years ago, I received an emergency teaching position (1-yr.) to Minneapolis, so I can understand life and travels in the land of Mary Richards (yes, saw her statue in City Square).  Then, with that year done, I receive a position in a rural scene in southeastern Wisconsin.  How rustic, you ask (and if you didn't, I'll ask for you)?  ... One summer I was visiting Spokane, WA and was registering at the downtown motel.  The desk clerk was intrigued at our town's name (not many towns have 'x's in them).  Loud traffic was coming up and stopping at a red light just outside the hotel window.  Around 15-20 cars lined up waiting for the green.  I explained that this number of cars was the usual amount of traffic that passes my house ... in a single day!

The look of bewildered astonishment on the clerk's face ... priceless.

So, the story of multi-grade classrooms was a blast from my past.  I was used to two grades but became adjusted to four consecutive grades in my career.  So, the events at the Asahigaoka Branch School were familiar ... and then, not.   A classroom of students of so wide a range, first to ninth grade, with a fifth, seventh, and eighth grader interspersed.  And the range of characters run the gamut in just observing the youngest and oldest.  First grader Renge is a curious sort who greets one with a 'meow' and sees life from the quirkiest perspectives of immaturity (yet, at times, seems the most mature of the four girls).  Suguru, the oldest, is the only boy in the school and, in respect of the strong influence of shojo, never is heard speaking (his own guitar playing muffles the only spoken lines he would have delivered in the whole twelve episodes).  In short, Suguru is a non-entity in the Non Non Biyori world.

For it's the personality mix of the four girls that moves the story along.  Hotaru is fresh from Tokyo, and she is trying to figure out country life with lack of amenities and quiet solitude.  But her quiet nature allows her to blend in with the general inactivity as going to the candy store and being trapped at the school in a snowstorm (odd, many of my students wrote stories of such a scenario and truly enjoyed the school lock-ins held in the spring).  The Koshigaya sisters, Komari and Natsumi, are typical bickering siblings.  Komari, though one year older, is extremely short (only first grader Renge is shorter, but not by much).  She still can wear her fifth-grade swimsuit, which is why she is hiding in the shadows in the beach trip.  Natsumi is a fun-loving, carefree girl with a sarcastic streak few can appreciate.  Thankfully, that 'few' live in Asahigaoka.  School life is laid back, seeing that sensei-Kazuho (Renge's oldest sister) is the laziest teacher on the face of the earth.  Field trips will involve more shopping and skiing than anything else.  But, rural is not demanding, so why layer on the demands?

Hotaru's adventures in the rural world are typical slice of life, with a healthy dose of things underachieved.  The school festival of diminutive impact (yet the branch school's recent alumna get invited to endure attend it).  The difficult climb up the mountain to see the first sunrise of the new year (Renge's excited reception of such a simple thing is cheerful).  Attempts at creating bento (beware of Komari's offerings) for each other.  Running away from a boring school expedition and home at the same time demonstrates the levels of adventuresome spirit for the two Koshigaya girls.  Hotaru converting her fixation/crush on Komari by creating an army of Komari plushies.  Meeting Kaede 'Candy Store' Kagayama at the ... well, candy store and learning why she is so protective of Renge.  Neat tiny bits of life in the country as Hotaru gets used to springtime in village living.

The animation is a mixed blessing.  In the area of nature scenes, spectacular, from the shimmer of a stream to the thick hazy summer sheen.  the mountain panorama scenes are impressive.  But people?  There was one scene where Natsumi's hair color is more a dull brown than the usual bright orange.  Characters tend not to express strong emotion, and, when they do, it is more comical than anything.  Must be the effects of being stuck in the middle of nowhere.  But it is the gentle iyashikei feature of Non Non Biyori that sells the concept.  The music is lilting and gentle, and the themes are a far better sort than a 'Turkey in the Straw' that some American equivalent would make of NNB (Green Acres comes to mind ... drat!).  But knowing of the laid-back nature of the life of the ruralite, I just love what the first effort of NNB did, and am looking forward to the sequels.

10/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
10/10 characters
9.6/10 overall
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Apr 1, 2022

Story: 7 

I like we're in a world we're not adults around most of the time when you have a few young girls have a daily lives of Iyashikei, the story itself is not important but it's have a good cemetery between the story itself and development is somehow, the girls (Hotaru, Komari, Natsumi & Renge) are one good examples of the plot even tho the story is not the reason for, it's still a good average but not some kind of any Iyashikei type.

Animation: 9

The art have a good examples for Non Non Biyori, it's always pure joy and perfection of art, background are find with the characters are always the good choice.

Sound: 8

The Sound is going well and the quality is find although Renge's VA doesn't seem to kind to work on the child voice especially the high pitch voice when shouting but everything in that everything was great.

Characters: 10

All of the characters of Non Non Biyori are always excellent, all the characters have no issues or anything like that, although the dude (Komari & Natsumi's brother) Suguru doesn't speak on any occasion when their sisters or his mother talks to him he would do hand gestures of something other then that but he a cool dude, Renge was a still primary of the story, the child act like some grown ups does but she still acts like a child of a young age, I have no regrets against her or her nature of her, other characters are good despite not much in it's appearance like the candy store (Kaede) or Renge's older sister Kazuho and young sister Hikage are good for them.

Overall: 9

The overall of this show makes me think twice about how everyone of the crew can do such a good wholesome anime, I want to know about the anime does as the story progresses and more characters develop in time to time, tha anime was a win for me, I give this a 9/10. 

7/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
10/10 characters
9/10 overall