Non Non Biyori Movie: Vacation

Movie (1 ep x 71 min)
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Summer vacation might be coming to a close, but the adorable cast of Non Non Biyori is headed to Okinawa for some fun in the sun and a visit to the beach! The students of the super rural Asahigaoka branch school, all five of them, are eager to end their summer on a high note, making new friends and going on new adventures with the unbridled joy and adorable antics they're known for.

Source: Sentai Filmworks

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Story- The story is in the same time line as the OVA for season one where Suguru wins a trip to Okinawa. Instead of having scenes of them preparing for the trip like they did in the OVA the story has few scenes before the trip and mainly focuses on the trip itself. Most of the scenes involve the girls doing various activities around Okinawa and it feels like your average episode of Non Non Biyori with the exception of the setting being different. If you enjoy the Non Non Biyori series then you will probably enjoy the movie. Animation- The animation is great throughout the entire movie with a color palette that is pleasing to the eye throughout multiple different setting and outfit changes. The backrounds are very beautifully drawn and so are the transition scenes. The lighting is also very well done with accurate lighting changes depending on the setting and time of the scene. Towards the end of the movie their is a very well done scene that gives off the same "Iyashikei" feelings as the scene at the end of Episode 6 in Non Non Biyori and the end of Episode 6 in Repeat.  Sound- The sound is good throught the movie and the attention to audio details is very well done. Depending on how far away the charcters are from the camera the audio will be higher or lower and sound will also be muffled or have echos dependent on the setting. The music fits in very well with what is happening in the scenes and is very noticeable in a good non-annoying way. Characters- The movie has a good a amount of screen time for all of the characters and they even introduces a new character Aoi who plays a major role in the story for the movie. The dialogue between characters feels natural and all of the characters keep their same loving personalities that they had in Non Non Biyori and Non Non Biyori Repeat. My only complaint about characters is it feels like Konomi barely got any screen time and had very few lines. Overall- If you like Non Non Biyori you will enjoy the movie. The setting change makes the Movie interesting but overall the activities and scenes feel very similar to the rest of the Non Non Biyori series. I am not the best judge of comedy but I thought a lot of the jokes were funny with a few of the jokes causing me to laugh out loud. Like the rest of the Non Non Biyori series the movie is very laid back, relaxing, and feel-good. This is my first review on AP. I saw that there was no reviews for the Non Non Biyori Movie and with season 3 around the corner I figure I could give it a try. I apologize for any grammer and spelling mistakes and I hope you find my review to be helpful.

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