Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu: Purezza

Alt title: Haruka Nogizaka's Secret: Purezza

TV (12 eps)
Fall 2009
3.828 out of 5 from 5,783 votes
Rank #2,042

As Yuuto continues to keep Haruka’s otaku nature as much of a secret as possible, chaos continues to surround them. With Yuuto’s wild, drunken housemates gatecrashing their trip to a hot springs resort, and Haruka’s sister and maid team concocting various schemes to allow the pair to spend time together, nothing is ever straightforward. While Yuuto does all in his power to make Haruka happy, including working as butler for the tyrannical Touka and pulling an all-nighter to help her finish her first doujinshi, he is unsure as to how the school beauty feels about him. Will the clueless duo finally be able to muster up the courage, and the time alone, to finally confess their feelings for each other?

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I want to come with you… image

Episode 1

I want to come with you…

Please put it in… image

Episode 2

Please put it in…

Ah, Ouch… image

Episode 3

Ah, Ouch…

Yuuto-san’s Scent… image

Episode 4

Yuuto-san’s Scent…

…Oh Yes… image

Episode 5

…Oh Yes…

My Body is Burning Up… image

Episode 6

My Body is Burning Up…

It Might Have Gone in… image

Episode 7

It Might Have Gone in…

I’ll Do You… image

Episode 8

I’ll Do You…

It’s My First Time image

Episode 9

It’s My First Time

It's Gotten Like This... image

Episode 10

It's Gotten Like This...

I Want to Keep Feeling it… image

Episode 11

I Want to Keep Feeling it…

It's a Promise image

Episode 12

It's a Promise

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well this overall score for me was a seven just letting u know that as a start but about the character and sound and yadi ya... i dont no to much and could care less about to me sound is the same sound is sound nothing more nothing less therefore to me sound in my perspective cannot be judge. but anyways on with the review well even though this i will admit it had a very poor story line it lack on it but regardless what it lack on it was still a nice and pretty good anime to watch i mean even tough it did not follow up with the main story plot most of the time just watching the others excuse me for my laugage but god knows what it was it was nice to see the random episodes thrown out there it was enjoyable episodes even though it was not suppouse to be in there but other than that just letting everyone no i have seen season 1 and 2 of this episodes and it turn out to be a really good anime for me i mean i have watch so many romance anime and this one going to be in should be remember as only because it had a very how do i say this with out sounding like a girl here it was rather intruging how those two couple handle there realtion ship but if u want me to get to the poin read this and ill rate this normally i only rate this from 1-5 5 being the highest but here its a 1-10 -_- so yeastory line 2-5animation 4-5sond- could careless :Dcharacters- perverted :Doverall - season 1 (3.5) season 2 (2.5)this is only because lol after seeing all of those episodes not one time have i seen them kiss like real kiss with the exception of that one time while they were watching the sung rise up but that was not even a real 1 with afection . this anime never really finsh its story if u tell me i would not be surprise if there would be another sequel to this like season 3 or something idk somethig telling me there mostlikley going to be one i mean to me the 2nd season didnt seem like it had the proper ending to end the anime like other anime this one was missing that ending that tells you when it really over like if they were to actually kiss that would of said that yea its over only because this hole point of the story is about them two getting close lil bi lil untill they get there first actual kiss and move up a step so by not accomplishing the first step yet it says that theres going to be another part this is my assumption..... but u can have ur opinion i just based mine on logic who knows i could be wrong aswell but i dont think i am since 1st season was 2008 2nd season 2009 and can u guess whats next?well who know what can i say "only time will tell".

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