Nodame Cantabile: Paris

TV (11 eps)

Fall 2008
4.384 of 5 from 7,602 votes
Rank #251

Chiaki and Nodame have both made it to Paris in pursuit of their futures as musicians. Chiaki begins his training as a world-class conductor and, in typical fashion, is quite successful; yet on the other hand, Nodame struggles as she starts to seriously learn about music for the first time. However, even though the two have worked tirelessly to meet the demands of their newfound musical lives, their relationship continues to progress slowly and frustratingly. Can Nodame and Chiaki balance both their new careers, and each other?

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babyeinstein12's avatar
babyeinstein12 Aug 22, 2009
Score 5.5/10

Fans of the original Nodame Cantabile, don’t start squealing yet. Actually, let’s just pretend the sequel never happened. As one wades through this eleven-episode piece of thick blancmange, it will feel like meeting an old friend, only to behold that friend very much changed. The show brings its share of giggles -- but only if you're paying attention. Compared to the snappy... read more

mahius's avatar
mahius Oct 11, 2015
Score 8/10

Nodame Cantabile: Paris is the second season of an 11 episode Josei (female equivalent of seinen) comedy anime, with some romance about adults in classical music. When I first saw a clip of the first season, I wasn’t very interested. Then, due to my laptop dying, I had few options for anime, so I started watching Nodame Cantabile. Boy was I glad to be wrong, that anime cheered me up and was both funny and... read more

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