Nobunaga the Fool

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Many years ago the world was divided into two stars, the Eastern and the Western, that were connected by a bond known as the Dragon Pulse. On the Western Star, Jeanne D’Arc is shunned as a heretic for her visions of a champion who will save the planets that have become embroiled in war. Now the fate of two worlds hangs in the balance as, at the order of King Arthur, Jeanne travels from the West to the East with Leonardo Da’Vinci at her side, in search of their long awaited savior- Nobunaga!

Source: Sentai Filmworks

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Nobunaga the fool is one of those animes that draws you into it in the first couple episodes and then fails to deliver what it promises.  Many will disagree with me, but if you want a good example of how it should be done, then go watch Aquarion.  Its by the same producer.  The thing that hit me the hardest was the complete lask of focus. This anime was like a kid wired with too much candy, or adhd or something. there was little focus, sure there was some, but for a 24 episode anime it failed miserably due to this lack of focus.   "Sentinel what do you mean by lackin focus?"  I mean that at first it seems like its going to be big battles with lots of troops and highly strategic.  Then it becomes a dragon ball z mixed with a mecha, then it becomes an adventure.  First they are moving outrageously slow, going from enemy to enemy over the course of several episodes, then later on wiping out major enemies in mere minutes.  They introduce characters like they are supposed to be important, then those characters completely dissappear until their one single debut, then they are done forever. . .  HOLY COW SUDDENLY ITS ABOUT A HOLY GRAIL NOW.  there is no ryhme or reason as to how it is summoned or why they do these things.   no focus, this anime makes promises and then derps out horribly. Story:  big talk. . . . that is all this anime is.  from the characters to the story.  Its big talk and flashy fights.  They throw emotion around like it is a sturdy foundation, offering little reason to grapple with.  It seems to me that they simply tried to incorporate too many different themes, and this caused the anime to seem hosh-posh and all over the place.  It bacame hard to find a difinitive theme that I could understand.  I prefer simple but solid animes for this reason. Animation:  The animation was nice as you should expect from anime nowadays. Sound: not outstanding but good enough for me. Characters: The characters were all over the place.  Some characters couldnt stop repeating the same sh*t over and over and over.  Some couldnt get over their problems (lack of character building).  Some were made out to be ok people but then had complete douche moments.  Some characters were nothing but big talk and flashy crap, and some characters were not explored worth a damn in this anime.  The most annoying part is that Nobunaga acts like he doesnt give a damn about people and then suddenly cares when its far too late.  A 6 for "no" Overall: meh, I gave it a 6.  Just not great, I was dissappointed by the end and that sucks when you are watching an anime.  The ending was aweful, and I think part of the problem was the storyline leading up to the end.  Everything was twisted and . . .  well the only way I can describe this ending is "outright stupid".  Quite simply is was bad.  Anyways, this is a 6 so watch it if you want but I recommend against.

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