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Nov 19, 2021

This review is containing spoilers. Ok so first of all i loved this anime in every aspect anime style is so good and different and the fact that it fits the storyline very well it gives a wholesome and suspenseful vibe which makes it different like a fairytale which is so unpredictable and predictable at the same time  this is my first time writing a review because this is one of the best anime I've ever seen. Let's talk about characters and storyline  you can't dislike any character they all are so likable onodera shy, cute , kind everything a guy wants an ideal type. But i think she lacks confidence and too shy and that is the reason she lost raku she got a lot of time than other girls because she was with raku since school time despite the fact that she is the promise girl but she couldn't tell raku how much she likes him  throughout the story although that feeling was mutual she got everything by him his affection his attention over other girls she just had to tell him her feelings soon but she couldn't do that maybe if she would have confessed early so  she was the ultimate girl who got his attention ,affection and of course the key of that locket which connected all of them. But the the story is exactly about the feelings which is more important than a locket. On the other hand we have chitoge she is bubbly,cute, aggressive some times but innocent and kind. like onodera she can sacrifice her love for others which she did in childhood and now again her character development is great throughout the story at first she hates raku and this feeling is mutual too but when she realises she likes raku despite of all the fights they had after knowing him she tries so hard to get his attention unknowingly he gives that onodera already we can see her efforts she did everything for him  that cute fights between her and raku the care for each other I loved their bond but when she got to know that raku and onodera likes each other she sacrifices him knowing how much she adores him. Both of the girls are same in this aspect kind and good at heart despite of how they reacts outside because thier personality is different . Raku who is kind and helps every girl but likes onodera and fights with chitoge so why does he ends up with chitoge when the promise girl was onodera I think because when he was with onodera he always used to flatter over her and used get butterflies in his stomach with her because he liked her but that was it, other than this there was not that connection which he had with chitoge he loved her with her flaws but with onodera he couldn't find any flaws thier bond was stable it never progressed but with chitoge his love and their bond grew he felt every emotion with her anger, love , affection, fun ,some kind of 'pleasantness , with her he could enter the world which he never imagined' and he couldn't imagine this when he was with onodera so with fights and care chitoge and raku's love progressed but with onodera he was within that small space from which he can't get out and love is something which grows with time and situations you understand each other. With onodera his love was constant but with chitoge his love grew. so i think chitoge was the right girl he loved but I felt bad for onodera but she didn't made efforts for being with him. after watching anime I was not that much into it But after reading manga when it gets serious at last chapters I was sobbing for both of them. Sorry I couldn't tell about other girls cause it is already too long. 

When chitoge asks him that I am not the girl you were searching for... I wanted him to say yeah 'but I found you because I was searching for the promise girl who owns the key but I should have searched for the girl who owns my heart my feelings' I was searching for the person I liked , I should have searched for the person I loves and it is you chitoge I love you that's why I found you. 

Anyways now I come to know that I can write a essay on them 😅. 

9/10 story
10/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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