Alt title: Nisekoi: False Love 2

TV (12 eps)
4.009 out of 5 from 11,743 votes
Rank #1,370

The relationship antics continue as Chitoge starts to realize that she is actually in love with Raku and Kosaki's younger sister Haru, who wants to protect her sister from the supposedly-depraved Raku, gets added to the mix.

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Spoilers for the season to follow:Honestly, what was that season? It felt like it was written by different people. It was really good, and I enjoyed myself through most of the episodes, but season one of Nisekoi was on an entirely different comedic level above this, and over most other anime. I laughed a lot during this season, but during last season, I couldn't stop laughing, and I was laughing much harder too! Not only that, but, while it's not like this show had the best story, it was still a story I was invested in, and in this season the plot was nearly non existent. It's almost like, in that episode where Raku told the girls that he got his locket back, he was just like "Let's not worry about that!" as in, let's not worry about the plot for the rest of this season! What the hell? And what gives with the random characters that were added to the show who were given such little character development. Haru was probably the only one who was given enough screen time, but just barely. I mean, Haru's friend, Fu was in the intro, and she maybe got like 2 scenes! Was this season planned to be longer? Why was it only 12 episodes anyways? What gives with that!? Ugh. I suppose I could forgive it, if this is the writers ensuring us that there's no need to worry about about the plot, when there's much more Nisekoi to come, but if this is where show ends, and there's no season 3, I will be beyond disappointed. I'm already so disappointed. Even though I enjoyed this season so much that I watched it all in much less than a day! Because after all, a Nisekoi season 2 that isn't as good as Nisekoi season 1 is still a really great Nisekoi, but still. I'm still really disappointed.


Ahh Nisekoi...Horrible memories from a blunt,may i say,1st season.In all honesty the 1st season was terrible.It was a discortant mess with not much to say for itself.This 2nd season is in more ways than one better. So storywise it has more depth,more substance to it.The 1st season was like an unecessary,too long for its' own good intro.This isn't i'm delighted to report.Still a harem kind of a thing,but it has somewhat toned down on that.It seems like the studio thought that it was time to reach new heights with this one.It is what this anime was supposed to be from the beginning.It somehow makes better use of the characters and their enviroment. Which brings me on to the next best thing..In this new season AT LAST the characters are given plenty of room to develop.With each episode they mature and for the first time u are actually connected to them,u feel part of the action and that is a big improvement.U are given the chance to look at them from a new,refreshing point of view.It becomes more "personal". That doesn't mean that the antics are gone..Nope they're still there but they are not the main attraction.U still get the funny moments but this time round u are in no danger whatsoever to die of overdose.It has a nice balance to it. The animation and the sound deparment are very good indeed.U can't expect anything that will blow your head and,to be honest there is no need to. So if u have seen the 1 season and thought it was rubbish(like me)give this a chance.U are most certainly gonna be surprised.

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