Ninja Nonsense

Alt title: Ninin ga Shinobuden

Ninja Nonsense

Ninja Nonsense Episode 2 - Ninjas Elated Over Cherry Blossom Viewing

First, rainy weather drives bored ninjas into looking for the Loch Ness Monster in their pond... only to find an Onsokumaru-eating crocodile instead! Then, girl-girl dating?! Can this be allowed?! Ninja-master Onsokumaru and masked-nobleman Sasuke decide

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Ninja Trainee Shinobu image

Episode 1

Ninja Trainee Shinobu

Ninjas Elated Over Cherry Blossom Viewing image

Episode 2

Ninjas Elated Over Cherry Blossom Viewing

Onsokumaru Gets Angry image

Episode 3

Onsokumaru Gets Angry

Ninjas Hate the Heat image

Episode 4

Ninjas Hate the Heat

Onsokumaru Goes to Hell image

Episode 5

Onsokumaru Goes to Hell

A Typhoon Arrives image

Episode 6

A Typhoon Arrives

Onsokumaru Is Stuck image

Episode 7

Onsokumaru Is Stuck

Shinobu in Disguise image

Episode 8

Shinobu in Disguise

The Girls Get Warm image

Episode 9

The Girls Get Warm

The Ninjas Have Christmas image

Episode 10

The Ninjas Have Christmas

The Legend of Sasuke Begins image

Episode 11

The Legend of Sasuke Begins

Onsokumaru's Secret image

Episode 12

Onsokumaru's Secret

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Jubei-chan: The Ninja Girl

Jubei-chan: The Ninja Girl

When a strange samurai tells her she is the successor of the swordsman Yagyu Jubei, Jiyu Nanohana refuses to believe him. But the descendants of Jubei's rivals have already sensed this, and one assassin after another is sent to attack Jiyu! Fortunately, Jubei left a little something for our heroine - a lovely heart-shaped eyepatch. As soon as Jiyu dons the...

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animizzle animizzle says
The obvious link between these series is that both spoof an aspect of feudal Japans. Shibobuden takes Ninjas and puts them down as a perverted bunch, and Jubei-chan takes Samurai and puts them down as weird old men, clinging on to past habits and customs. Both series peak in terms of being zany and crazy characters. Really, you can't go wrong with either of them.
Himitsu Himitsu says

2x2=Shinobuden is about Ninjas and Jubei-chan is about Samurai; different main themes, but their sense of humour is about the same. They both dwell into the origin and history of these forms, and make fun of it. I think you'll have fun with both anime. Jubei-chan has some cool + swift action scenes.

Dullshimmer Dullshimmer says

The sene of humor in both of these series are of the same type. They are very absurd and often break the fourth wall by commenting that they are characters in an anime or that there are people watching. Both of these series are parodies in a way with Jubei-Chan being a parody of swordsman/samurai stories and Ninja Nonsense being well a parody of ninjas. There are two major differences between these two series I should mention though. Ninja Nonsense is much more perverted in its humor than Jubei-Chan so the content of the humor isn't always equivalent between the two series. Also Ninja Nonsense doesn't have an overarching story like Jubei-Chan. If these two aspects don't bother you then if you've watched one of these give the other a try.

Ramen Fighter Miki

Ramen Fighter Miki

Miki is a psychotic mascot, waitress and delivery girl who works at her equally as frightening mother's ramen shop. Both survivor and instigator of years of ruthless, no-holds-barred domestic violence, Miki has a capacity for destruction usually found only in people with things like "the Impaler" added to their name. Yet, she also has a kind...

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XMrNiceguyX XMrNiceguyX says

Ninja Nonsense and Muteki Kanban Musume have a lot in common, except for their settings. The characters in both series are equally weird and can hardly be called characters due to what little background story we are told about them. The series focus more on slapstick humor.

If you are a sucker for crazy slapstick humor and are not too interested in actually seeing some character development, these series will be great.

cassiesheepgirl cassiesheepgirl says

While it's alluded to in the title of Ninja Nonsense, if you like mental and nearly idiotic comedy then both of these series are for you. Both have random violence and have a definite over the top feeling about them. If you liked one, then definitely check out the other!

AnimeAllen AnimeAllen says

Muteki Kanban Musume and Ninja Nonsense are both very alike in the ways of randomness and comedy. They both have two short episodes in one and both share the same mood and feel. Although, I would say that Ninja Nonsense is a bit more crazy and random than Muteki Kanban Musume!

Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san

Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san

The series follows two high school girls; Yachiyo Inugami, a dog-like girl who loves cats, and Suzu Nekoyama, a cat-like girl who loves dogs, and the strange relationship their respective habits form.

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XMrNiceguyX XMrNiceguyX says

Two series with an major focus on comedy with shoujo-ai elements. There is a minor resemblance of story in Ninin ga Shinobuden, the main genre is on comedy with gags strongly aiming at the girl-on-girl humor.

In Ninin ga Shinobuden there arfe also some male characters which are completely and utterly absent from Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san.

The art direction in both shows is relatively colourful and relatively similar aside from the difference in age.

BJJShutIn BJJShutIn says

They both have lesbian characters and very goofy humour and if you mention them to anime friends at school it would be highly likely that your friends didn't already see either of them.