Ninja Nonsense - Reviews

Alt title: Ninin ga Shinobuden

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Jun 1, 2011


Story: Practically zero story, this is a comedy, you don't watch it for the story.

Animation: No blatent flaws, anime always uses the it to its strengths for wacky funny reasons.

Sound: I can still hear the menu screen bouncing around in my head. Pretty neat, nothing much past that in terms of music design, however the sounds are always spot on.

Characters: They are the real Comedy. They always work off of each other and use one another for jokes, this works really well.

Overall: Its Delightful plain and simple. A good o'l wacky anime filled with some cute moments and comedy to keep you laughing, slightly dirty sense of humor is necessary (you're fine if you're over 16)

You like comedy? Of course you do! You aren't some cracky old fart are you? Right! So watch this anime! It is not perfect, but its cute and silly and fun. BEST WATCHED WITH FRIENDS


2/10 story
8/10 animation
7.8/10 sound
8.9/10 characters
8.4/10 overall