Ninja Hattori

Alt title: Ninja Hattori-kun

TV (694 eps)
- 1987
3.121 of 5 from 60 votes
Rank #4,526
Ninja Hattori

Kenichi is just an ordinary boy until he met Hattori who is a ninja. Because of his helpful nature, Hattori along with his brother Shinzo and his ninja-dog Shishimaru stayed in Kenichi's house and inevitably changes Kenichi's daily life with the infusion of the ninja background he comes from.

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PoulamiTheOtaku Feb 23, 2017
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A famous classic anime, Ninja Hattori is so famous that many thinks it to be a cartoon. Anyways, Ninja Hattori is a ninja cartoon about the Iga ninja Hattori who comes to protect Kenichi, a failure from all aspects - from love life to studies. Adding to his problem is Amara, the Koga ninja. If you think that this anime is rich with the stories, traditions, cultures and actions of ninja... read more

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