Night Wizard

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All Renji Hiiragi wants to do is to go to school and life a normal life. However, because he is a wizard, he is forced by the elegant yet abusive protector of Earth, Anzelotte, into using his powers to fight against supernatural invaders called Emulators! Renji, along with his childhood friend Kureha and the serious Akari, are tasked with protecting Elis Shiho, who has been chosen to collect seven mystical jewels in order to protect the world against an imminent Emulator invasion. In the meantime, enemies act from the shadows in an effort to prevent them from succeeding. Can they strengthen themselves as a group enough to overcome the obstacles before them, so Renji can finally get back to his studies?

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ART SECTION: 7/10 I must say I was surprised. Most fantasy anime really suck in battles but this one had some basic strategy in it. It was not just people screaming and throwing fireballs. Well… most of it was… But several important battles were based on some sort of revelation or sideway trick. Some may call this Deus Ex Machina but I personally expected much less from such a series and thus I liked it. In fact, the battles are the best thing I noticed. Beyond that, the depiction of the world is a very nice blend of our normal one with that of epic phantasy. Modern day cities and schools, packed with wizards, monsters, flying fortresses and the like; wow I was amazed again. To be honest, most monsters were carbon copies of one another and most uniforms were more fetishes than practical; but hey, I am a sucker for fantasy. Going further, the visual effects were generally pleasing. Lots of neon glow, hovering runes and magic missiles filled the screen and gave me a funny Jrpg feeling (not a surprise, the series really is based on a game). The only thing I didn’t really liked was how everything seemed to pop out of nowhere. “No kidding Einstein, that’s why they call it magic” you may say. Well, yes, truly magic self excuses everything. But the series does not implement total magic devises. Many things feel like science fiction, as many characters use laser canons, bazookas and the sort of weapons that don’t count as magical by default. And yet, look, the battle starts and the characters summon huge Claymores, rocket launchers (including their ammo!), and steel shields, literally out of thin air. That kinda felt lame.In all, as far as animation goes, the blend of normal with fantasy was done in a generally pleasing way, so seeing high-schoolers turning into male barbarians carrying neon glow Claymores and girls turning in black-clad, mini skirt, perky witches felt more pleasing than stupid.Points are lost for the simple reason that there wasn’t that much battle choreography (much less realism) during the fights and because the series lacked cool cinematics, something of which I am very fond of. SOUND SECTION: 6/10 Unlike the animation, the music didn’t have much to back things up. Besides some beatty music themes here and there, the rest of it (voice acting, sound effects) didn’t strike me as much. So, I only give a bit above average. STORY & CHARACTER SECTIONS: 4/10 Here comes the nasty part. Take the most clichéd school-life story and mix it with the most clichéd epic fantasy story. The result is Night Wizard. It would be a lot more interesting if it had some REAL plot twists or surprises but it didn’t. Even the cast is nothing more than a typical blend of romance archetypes with D&D character classes. Not bad by itself but none evolved or did things I haven’t already seen in a thousand Jrpgs. In all, Story and Characters serve less than an anime of such a blend should deliver. That is the only reason Value gets dragged down along with the other two. ENJOYMENT & VALUE SECTIONS: 3/10 If it weren’t for the weird blend of normal with fantasy, this would be rock bottom. But, since I am a sucker for Jrpgs, I just liked it a bit. That is all. VERDICT: 4.5/10 Just skip the story parts and stare at the pretty lights during battles. SUGGESTION LIST SlayersBastard!!


In my opinion the anime was decent, not the best but not that bad either. I think it could've done better if they expanded more on the fight between the "emulators" and wizards.Story overall------The story was interesting when put to thought but lacked a bit in detail, as in it lacked the answers as to why the things were the way they were. For example, many of the characters had a lack of history or background that would really let you know the character. They didn't explain how the families were rooted in this and lacked a bit on why the characters were the way they were. I would have enjoyed it more if they had expanded on how they exactly came into contact with their weapons and why they were unique, If they did, the characters could have probably more strength with an arc of better understanding the weapon or why there heart may have been set on that weapon.I really hated the lack of info on why they  fought especially for Akari. She was pretty much kept as a mystery with a vague pass and in one episode they never expanded on why her body was the way it was. Other than these facts, i generously gave it a 6/10, I believe that having an open mind and imagination is best when viewing this..Animation-----For animation, it was average as it wasn't brilliant like the newer anime's out there but it was at least decent and didn't try to do more then they could like when sometimes animators decide to put in crappy CG crap.Sound----------The sound was also decent as it fitted the anime but did not having anything particularly outstanding though the ending song was interesting and unique.Character-------I gave a high report on Characters mainly becuase the main character had a unique voice which i enjoyed. The characters also held unique personalities. First time i heard of having only the option of choosing "yes" or "okay" as an answer. They also had the cute girls without them going into chibi mode.Overall I gave it a 7.5/10best watched if you got time to kill and have an open mind, It is one those where you're going to need a bit of imaginationOne last thing, having read another review, If you really want thinks this anime sucks then watch Bakugan---that anime is a load of crap and just plain stupid

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