Night Head Genesis

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It is said that humans fear what is different, and that such fears drive much of human behavior. Naoto and Nayao learned the brutal truth of this statement when they see the looks on their parents’ faces, the day they were sent to an isolated laboratory to live out their youth. Their crime? Possessing inherent psychic abilities. Yet now, the brothers have escaped and are at last free to experience the world, but they soon discover that their prison was also their protection from the outside world. The question is, are their powers more dangerous to themselves, or those around them?

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mariprosa Dec 10, 2008
Score 7/10

If I could name a handful of series that I came into with initial, yet extremely low expectations, and come out enjoying in the aftermath, Night Head Genesis would be one of them. Based on a 1992 live action Japanese series called Night Head, this animated adaptation walks familiar territory to developing stories that featured psychologically bending situations with an episodic format. I was... read more

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LeaT Jun 25, 2011
Score 6/10

Night Head Genesis is one of those series that carries the potential to become great but yet somehow ends up mediocre. The story focuses on the two brothers, Naoto and Naoya, who were born with psychic powers and were thus locked away from society for 15 years until they finally managed to escape. The first half which focuses on Naoto and Naoya trying to recover their lost past is thus quite engaging and... read more

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