Night Head 2041

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It is said that humans don't use about 70% of their brains. It is believed that the mysterious powers some humans exhibit come from that part of the brain. There is a term for the 70% of the brain that doesn't get used, "NIGHT HEAD." Cast out of society because of their psychic powers, two brothers named Naoto and Naoya Kirihara were kept in a research lab for psychics for the last 15 years. They hope that the reason they were able to leave the lab is because people were ready to accept and welcome psychics as a part of society, just like they were told by the head of the lab, Kyojiro Mikuriya. But what they found was Tokyo in the year 2041, where not only was the existence of mental energy completely denied, but anything from books or visuals depicting supernatural phenomena, including psychics, were completely censored.

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This anime is still ongoing with 6 epies so far but i'm really liking it now, its on my ongoing stalking list. This new series is still connected to Night Head Genesis, still about the same brothers Naoto & Naoya Kirihara but more characters have been added. And its like the setting is in an alternate universe where different things happened. Also the timeline seems more in the future. Story is clearly more fast paced (than in Night Head Genesis which is extreeemely slow with nonsense episodes ><; so ready yourself not to fall asleep if you decide to watch it. I suggest you watch it with 2x playback speed to finish all the 24 epies quickly, dw you'd definitely still understand the story - that's how slooow it is = =;), and its now very interesting for me, wanting to know how it will progress. But there's not much big happening yet so still cant give it a proper score. Animation is mixed - CGI with 2D. The characters, environment setting, special effects - like their psychic powers, exploding objects etc - are all CGI anime; then some characters are in 2D. Also it gives me that same CGI anime feel from POLYGON PICTURES (Blame, Godzilla, Ajin, Levius, Sidonia) but much more smoother and nicer ofc. Everything is definitely eyecandy for me. OP song "Icy Ivy" by Who-ya & ED song "Shion" by Myuk are both nice. Sound fx & bgm nicely fit the SciFi-Psychic world, movie quality imho. Seiyuus have done uber well once again. I suggest watching this with headphones on *W* Characters design and personalities are more interesting for me. Kirihara bros here gives a different aura from Night Head Genesis version; curious why they changed their chara design too - maybe because their previous look is uber outdated, or maybe to give the viewers a feel that the new design is their alternate universe form(?). Anyways they all look nice imho. Overall : I'm excited to see the next episodes, to see how the new storyline will unfold, and the differences between this and Night Head Genesis. Then i will also give proper scores once this series is done :3

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