NieA Under 7

Alt title: NieA under 7 - domestic poor @nimation

TV (13 eps)
3.196 out of 5 from 1,519 votes
Rank #4,541

In the future, aliens coexist freely with mankind on Earth. One such alien is NieA, a lazy yet spirited girl who wastes away her days while living with the studious Mayuko. And life isn't easy... Mayuko is always short on food money, the spa where she works is about to go bankrupt and Mayuko's alien-crazy friend Chiaki is obsessed with NieA. 

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g3data Jul 27, 2015
Score 5/10

A title born from the people responsible for the creation of Serial Experiments Lain. NieA_7 was based of a doujinshi of the same name by the esteemed Yoshitoshi ABe. Apparently, the staff of Lain wanted to create a very light-hearted title to follow up the sever tone found in Lain. In short: this doesn’t really work out in the show’s favor. Why? I’m getting there.The story revolves around a... read more

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MrLolo Mar 5, 2016
Score 9/10

This is NOT one of those fast paced, action packed, or mind blowing anime.  The story is pretty light and the characters are kind of simple, but I think that's actually the best thing about this show. It follows a simple life of a broke cram-school student studying for her entrance exams.  She lives in an old bath house while working two jobs and trying to make ends meet. Oh, and... read more

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NieA Under 7
  • Vol: 2; Ch: 14
  • 2000 - 2001

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