New Game!!

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New Game!!

Aoba Suzukaze starts another year designing characters at Eagle Jump, and she can’t wait to meet the newbie recruits... if any are hired. But before she can even unlock her senpai status, she finds herself in a lead designer position for the company’s newest game! Following in her manager’s footsteps, Aoba’s gotta get good if she wants her skills to compete with Ko Yagami’s.

Source: Funimation

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Positive *This review is going to be rather short since 2 of my 3 positive points are exactly the same as in my review of the first season. I still liked the bright and colorful animation and art style which emphasized the comical nature of NG. Like the first season I still enjoyed the comedy. If you want to hear more details about why I liked the art style and comedy, I will put a link up here and in the description which will bring you to my review of season 1. For a video review, check out my Youtube channel. Link on my profile page. *Something that I missed in the first season was development for Hifumi, my favorite character. I felt that development for her fell short but here in the second season she gets the development she deserves. And it wasn’t only her. Other older characters like Nene and the new characters Momiji and Tsubame all get the necessary development. Negative *But because of that there was one thing that was now a bit neglected imo. And that was the relationship between Rin and Yagami. This was one of the most important relationships in the first season but in the second season it gets a lot less attention. Also because Rin as a whole plays a much less important role. All the development in this relationship was crammed together in the final episode. I understand that they had to make room for the new characters so it wasn’t that much of a bother but it was noticeable. Conclusion So as a conclusion, this season was a worthy successor of season 1. I enjoyed it, it was funny and I wonder if we’re going to get a 3rd season one day. With what happened in the final episode a new door has been opened for both Aoba and the story in general. So overall I’m going to give New Game!! S2 the same score as I gave S1 being 3,5 stars. This is a very lighthearted comedy anime and for the lovers of the genre it’s an anime that you should add to your to watch list.

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