Netsuzou Trap

Alt title: Netsuzou Trap -NTR-

TV (12 eps x 9 min)
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Netsuzou Trap

Yuma and Hotaru have been friends since childhood. It is only natural that when Yuma is nervous about her new boyfriend, she asks Hotaru and her boyfriend along for a double date. But when Hotaru offers herself to Yuma as “practice”, both girls realize that they’re more interested in each other than they are in their own boyfriends. With boyfriends in the foreground but a secret, passionate tryst in the background, will Yuma and Hotaru try to forget what happened between them or have they fallen into a trap of true love and betrayal?

Source: Seven Seas

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A Secret Between Girls image

Episode 1

A Secret Between Girls

Are Those Two... image

Episode 2

Are Those Two...

Shall We Practice Again? image

Episode 3

Shall We Practice Again?

...I'm Cheating, Too? image

Episode 4

...I'm Cheating, Too?

I'm So Fed Up With Myself... image

Episode 5

I'm So Fed Up With Myself...

Did You Think I Was Going to Kiss You? image

Episode 6

Did You Think I Was Going to Kiss You?

We'll Always Be Best Friends, Right? image

Episode 7

We'll Always Be Best Friends, Right?

Uncontrollable Feelings image

Episode 8

Uncontrollable Feelings

Give Me Your Cold image

Episode 9

Give Me Your Cold

What Exactly Is Our Relationship? image

Episode 10

What Exactly Is Our Relationship?

Thanks, And I'm Sorry image

Episode 11

Thanks, And I'm Sorry

Why Did It Take Me This Long to Realize? image

Episode 12

Why Did It Take Me This Long to Realize?

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Kuyosaki's avatar
Kuyosaki Jul 21, 2017
Score 2/10

Not sure who wrote the synopsis but it goes more like this.

Girl 1 asks Girl 2 for double date, they go together, instead of being love-dovey with their boyfriends, G2 molests G1, they decide to go to the toilet together where it just gets more intense. And this same scenario of sub-rape follows probably the whole season (dropped at ep1)

First of all, I think I speak for most of us yuri... read more

sw00ty's avatar
sw00ty Sep 23, 2017
Score 4/10

For as maligned as it is, Netsuzou Trap actually has potential on an nth level. A lot of its (unfortunately many) flaws lie more in the sometimes woeful execution. Made by Creators in Pack, the same studio who brought you 2016’s Bloodivores (one of the worst anime series I’ve ever seen), this short-form dark romance stars Yuma and Hotaru, two girls in heterosexual romantic relationships. When Hotaru... read more

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