Neon Genesis Evangelion

Alt title: Shinseiki Evangelion

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May 3, 2020

beautiful. i loved and enjoyed every single moment watching this and sinking in the story. im mainly here to talk about the series's ending. the characters are fantastic and vibrant. my brain couldn't comprehend the storyline, so i had to watch it again to fully understand everything. the ending i think was captivating and satisfying. alot of people were dissatisfied about how the show ended but i think it was beautiful. showing us what goes on in shinjis mind, how he thinks, what are his anxieties was amazing to witness. portraying the scenes in different art medias was even more captivating. my eyes and heart were stunned, seeing how a show could create such a beautiful end. i do feel like it was rushed in a sense but, isn't that better? the show was slightly predictable at times but having something this unpredictable was perfect to me. seeing shinji finally accept himself and accept the human whatever project was so satisfying, it felt like his efforts on himself and his growth didn't go to waste. what he was building uo throughout the show felt like he was getting stronger and putting him mind to the test at the very end was what this show really did well at. even though my favourite ending was the film instead of the actual series, i still think this ending was extraordinary and deserves alot of praise. it's beautiful. this show also deserves SO much praise on character building. it really shows us how much asukas mind deteriorates into a state of madness. as much as it hurt me seeing her in pain, it was such a good move. it really shows us that these children are still children, they're 15 and not capable of these heavy burden ls being put onto them and their lives. they're still human too. all they wanted was praise and know that they're worth something. i love them all  no words can sum up how perfect this show really is. what i feel like they couldn't done better is go more in-depth with shinji and kaworus relationship. in the manga it showed that they did love each other, IN a homosexual manor, but the anime just showed us them bathing together and talking like twice. thats it? it would've left a bigger emotional impact for when **SPOILERS**  shinji beheading kowaru for the audience if we saw their relationship bloom more and see them being friends and doing friendship things since the anime obviously doesn't allow gays. hearing shinji say that kowaru betrayed him after finding out he was an angel didn't feel right as their interactions were very limited in the anime. at least the manga gave us something to see how close they were. it also would've made the film make more sense. when everyones most important person came to collect them, shinjis was kowaru. but that wasn't shown as much as it should've been in the anime. it would've made more sense and felt more right if we saw them interact more. it was adorable though. 

9/10 story
9/10 animation
10/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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Mar 24, 2020

Story:  The beginning of the series was a bit vague, but most of the details were explained later. The first 60-70% of the series was really good and I really enjoyed the story. The later in the series I got, the less I started to enjoy it. Episodes 24 and 25 in specific were ones I did not enjoy. Overall the beginning is 9/10, the ending 3/10 avereging 6/10 for me.

Animation: Although I am not an anime expert by any means, I think this animation was very good. This is with the mindset of this being made in 1995 however, but in my opinion I can't compare this to modern day standards. All the animation was clear and looked good. Overal a 8/10 for me.

Sound: I think the sound was perfect. The voice acting was really good in my opinion and I have listened to the music/OST multiple times and I really like listening to it. 10/10 for me.

Characters: For characters I dont really know what to give. There are some characters that were really funny or interesting. Some bland once I wish we knew more about (like the control center workers). Some characters were straight up annoying. The most annoying for me was Atsuka. Some people love her, but I thought she was really annoying, then she gets depressed for things not even relevant to the plot. Overal I don't really know what to give for this subject. ?/10.

Overall: I overall enjoyed the most of the series and so did my mother (She is 44 and watched the entire series with me). I didn't like the ending. I have seen people say the movies have a good closing ending so I will be looking forward to watching those.

Overall I give Neon Genesis: Evangelion a 7/10

Thanks for reading,


6/10 story
8/10 animation
10/10 sound
?/10 characters
7/10 overall
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Mar 9, 2020

I love this anime, i'm hooked. you should watch this anime if you love mech, supernatrual beings, religous meanings (christian moreover), violence and mc's looking for self love. although if you dont like most of these things, i dont think you should watch it yet, find some other anime with these tags and understand what your about to watch. this stories also very unique, you cant find another anime similar to it besides the copys, it leaves you with a feeling you might of never felt before when watching anime.

i will start by explaining why i picked my ratings.
story: 8.5, why i say this, is a bit of a spoiler, but at some points in the story it becomes a bit confusing, and or not interesting. SPOILER i found it boring during the episodes of self dought. 

Animation: 9, its a older anime so i dont blame it for having a few less frames, it still looked great, and to add on, the angels and evas looked amazing with the style.

Sound: 9.5, like i said before, its an older anime so the voices and sounds are bound to not be perfect. none the less, i loved it still.

Characters: 10, why? because they all left me with closure (meaning: my questions answered so im relieved), even thoough some of them where a bit weird, or i didnt like them, it added nice features to the story.

overall i give it a 10. it is one of my top 3 anime, probably number 1 for me. im a person whos especially into all the tags and genres this anime falls into, so its just perfect just about. i love mystery anime with horror, psychological, drama and supernatrual, and i can go on too.

so i think, you should give it a go.

8.5/10 story
9/10 animation
9.5/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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Dec 15, 2019

Evangelion will always be a part of anime, love it or hate it this anime will never go away no matter what. It had such a huge impact decades later modern anime studios are still drawing obvious influences from it. Gainax was already a beloved studio at the time but Evangelion sent the studio into complete overdrive. We never seen anything like Evangelion before; It was dark, twisted, it felt more real than your typical anime, the angel attacks turned a simple monster of the weak episode into something actually terrifying. With all this being said this anime should be a stone cold classic right? Well.. no... So for being such an iconic influential cult classic Evangelion isn’t actually very good. The story is a total cluster fuck, the animation is limited, and the ending was so bad Anno had to re-do it twice. Evangelion drastically changed anime forever but it is riddled with mistakes. I look at Evangelion more as a catalyst than a classic, this was a huge innovation for the mech genre and changed anime forever but the anime that followed it, like RahXephon, took the ideas Evangelion introduced much farther with better production values. Usually I defend the originals but Evangelion spawned so many clones that this type of post-mech anime feels like it's own genre with many of the clones evolving into something even better than the original concept that inspired them. Still even if other anime did Evangelion better than Evangelion it will always hold a very unique place in the anime community.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
6/10 overall
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Sep 3, 2019


An old anime, but still very enjoyable. The whole mystery in the series is very exciting. True, it's easy to guess. The strange characters that you won't find in every anime make it even more interesting. But unfortunately, after the twentieth episode, it goes completely into something that probably isn't everyone's liking anymore. The remaining 6 episodes have completely transformed into some kind of psychological horror that is quite sick and incomprehensible. I could watch the first 20 episodes in a row, but what comes next is not.

4/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
10/10 characters
7/10 overall
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Aug 9, 2019

Note that this is my first 'serious' review, so if it's bad, whoops!

Neon Genesis Evangelion is one of those all time classics. With 20 years old, this anime is still one of the most famous anime of all time. So since it's such a classic, I decided to watch it. And I've never been more forked up by an anime in my life. And I've seen some stuff *Cough* Tenkuu Danzai Skelter Heaven and Mars of Destruction *Cough*

I liked the story. Ultra Depresso kid gets a purpose in life. (Aaannddd got more depressed :l) Pilots a giant robot and gets beaten up. And in the last two episodes: congratulations, depression cured. That was Evangelion in a nutshell. Even though I'm not a mecha fan, the story was nice.

Everyones personalities were in some way the same. It was like the director said: 'YOU HAVE DEPRESSION, AND YOU HAVE DEPRESSION, EVERYONE HAS DEPRESSION!!! LET'S ALL HAVE DEPRESSION(TOGETHER)!!!!' and I get that he was depressed and that this has some kind of deeper meaning, but I just want to watch an anime where at least ONE person doesn't have depression. First, the only depressed character was Shinji, I could handle that negativity level. Then in a few episodes, everyone was revealed to have had depression all this time, and I believe it is Shinji his negativity's fault for triggering it.

I honestly can't say anything about this since I've seen 2 different types. The not so very licenced one on google *insert lenny face, because I'm sneaky*, which I watched before it came on Netflix, and the Netflix quality, let me tell you the difference.

Not licenced one:
The quality was trash, but not, 'I can't see anything' trash. Just bad... But I at least got to hear 'Fly me to the Moon' before Netflix decided to delete it from the face of the earth.

When I watched this, I literally felt my eyes go 'omg, so this is what quality is. My gosh, this... Quality... What is this blessing that came upon us(my eyes)? What did we do to deserve this?' yeah, that's how bad the non licenced was.

Voice acting:
There is no possible excuse for this, but I watched the dub(for some reason). And thought it was absolutely hilarious. So moments of pain and agony sounded not serious and really dumb. Even I could scream better(But don't trust me on that). The only thing that was better in the dub than in the sub, was Shinji's rant. I strongly believe I watched all that funny voice acting just for that one moment, so don't tell me otherwise.

Edit from 07/01/2020: Well, at least A Cruel Angels Thesis was good.

This show annoyed me to death, BUT I CAN'T STOP WATCHING IT! I don't know if I hate or like this show. I just can't stop watching the movies, even if I hate watching them, I just can't stop myself!
So my conclusion is that Evangelion and me have some kind of hate-love relationship.
And if you'll excuse me, I'm going to watch another reïncarnation of Evangelion.

8/10 story
?/10 animation
4/10 sound
3/10 characters
7/10 overall
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Jun 25, 2019

First, I highly recommend you skip the final 2 episodes and watch the movies.

It's very much a 'struggles of youth' drama, with a bit of mecha fighting in between. So it has a variety of plot/character development and action, if that appeals to you. Imagine bleach mixed with gundam, but more drama. I enjoyed the reserved and somewhat bleak tone.

It is a bit jagged, in terms of development, you will find a number of jumps and missing pieces of plot, but what it has is good. If you don't mind a bit of a mess, this is worth a watch, if not... maybe go for 'Aldnoa Zero'?

If I had evaluated the series and films as a whole it might be somewhere between 7 and 8 out of 10. However, the films are not the part of this TV series and should be regarded individually.

So for the series, I am going to give it a 6 for what it does well, but it has a lot wrong with it. So much so, that a 5 is also tempting.

I rated it slightly lower than 'Darling in the Franxx' because it had an extra dimension of romantic interest, aside from that they have different strengths and weaknesses.

Story: It has a very interesting concept, and a multi-faceted plot that could have been developed a bit better throughout, Major plot points often only had a moment of setup or explaination, where as certain keyframes were dragged out for what seemed like minutes, and a lot of time was spent on internal questions of existentialism. Existentialism is an important piece of the plot, but repeating scenes, slow pacing and shallow depth is what made that aspect seem like a waste of time.

Sound and animation:
It's a mid- '90s anime, so for the time the animation and sound is above average. But compared to now, the present context, it falls well below the worst of the new titles.

The animation is probably better than the sound. While characters may be illustrated somewhat simplistically, Backgrounds are fairly well detailed. Colour is where theanimation seems to shine.

So bearing consideration to age, I thought a 5 was fair. (for those new to my reviews, I evaluate the anime on it's overall appeal not solely by the metrics this site lists).

They are good conceptually, and fairly detailed. But, their establishment (with the exception of MC: Shinji) is almost purely by flashbacks not by their actions. Of major concern to me, no substantial character growth exists. For example, the MC starts out being very unmotivated, with daddy issues, and doesn't really stand on his own, that basically follows throughout. His friendships aren't significant enough to give him a reason to fight (something to protect), he doesn't develop any real ideals through hardships or experience, etc.

The characters in general are very narrow minded individuals (which plays well into the story) coupled with each bearing some significant immaturite, they can be a bit annoying. Asuka, in particular is terribly shouty, inconsiderate, and egotistical (unfortunately she does not overcome this, as I said, growth).  But again they all kinda suck at emotional intelligence. Other examples might be a little more situational, like the way Shinji gets in trouble from superiors for things that someone else did and everyone is aware...  Anyway, you get the idea.

The blonde scientist lady was probably the most respectable character, but she was very secondary.

     In summary, it was worth a watch if you haven't seen it and like stories about teens, the end of the world, philosophy, and mechs... this is it.

6/10 story
5/10 animation
5/10 sound
6/10 characters
6/10 overall
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Apr 6, 2019

This anime's story made no sense and character delopment was just horrible. I had high hopes because everyone liked it but it was just boring and confusing. Just my two cents..

1/10 story
5/10 animation
5/10 sound
1/10 characters
2/10 overall
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Mar 10, 2019

Ahh, Neon Genesis, this one is complicated. First time I wacthed episode one, I was confused, second time even more so, by my third viewing of episode one, I realized that I hadn't seen any newer episodes. I treked on, coming to understand what the hell was going on. By the last two episodes, I was exhausted. They were not the most satisfying, so I went on to End of Evangelion (the movie).

The show itself has awesome action, an unforgettable intro, and a story so complex and so confusing, you will probably never understand it.

But it is so worth it. Plus every weeaboo must watch this, it's like a law.

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
8/10 characters
10/10 overall
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Jan 26, 2019

Please read the first two lines!

I'm pretty sure a lot of you guys have heard that this anime is Psychological and Philosophical, it is True BUT it is noting like Death Note or Tokyo Ghoul or... (you would find it boring)

this anime is fucking boring and it's full of pathetic Characters which I'm going to shit over all of them, bear with me!

have you watched Serial Experiments Lain? well, this anime has the same sort of dialogues, it's full of stupid nonsense cliché sentence, things like:

"I'm me","I'm nothing but I'm something" and... (you get the point), I mean what the fuck does that even mean?!! it's not philosophical! it's stupid and bullshit, this anime is NOT philosophical at all, it's psychological though! 

you know one of the things that makes a character interesting is their objective goals but in this anime a few people have it



Shinji is simply the most pathetic-so called hero-of ALL anime characters Ever, he is disgusting, he is a self-loathing sack of dog shit and he remains that way until the end of the show! Usually when the main character is weak -through the series- they develop, they learn to grow, like Tokyo Ghoul, we enjoy it because it shows change is possible for us too, but in the case of Shinji we learn NOTHING!

he doesn't pilot Evas to save humanity, he Pilots it so daddy finally gives his cock to him so he can play with it! I'm serious! this is the only reason he exists here

he constantly cries why his father is disappointed in him, his daddy issue problems exceed Madonna and Katy Perry's! and he is 90% of the time is running away from piloting Evas (side note: I really hated it personally because we all knew he is going to come back again like a Dog and all of this is just bullshit,literally a failed attempt to get us sympathize with this wimpy faggot)

OH! in case I didn't mention, he likes to fap at unconscious woman and to kiss them while they are sleep as well! 

ALSO he doesn't freaking act where he needs to, for example in eps 27 (the end), while Asuka was fighting Angels he was crying (Again!) and after she is defeated and apparently dead he comes out of his little cave and Screams (again) while this is ALL HIS FAULT, I swear to Kira! I never hated a character so much


at first glance I was like: "finally some fucking cool and Badass character" But it didn't last much!

she is a puppet by her own choice and says she is not a Puppet!

she is a loner by her own choice and says she is not happy about it, it's unrealistic considering her characteristics, When a Loner is lonely by free will and doesn't like loneliness, Anger comes out, so Asuka's Loneliness is Justified because we see hostility in her behavior toward others despite the fact that it is just an attempt to get noticed

BUT Rei is not Angry or a Pushover, she is simply an introvert and that's it, she can connect to others like that wimpy Shinji but chose not to

and half of the show she is naked for NO FUCKING REASON! 

to put it simply she is a Moronic robot


I didn't understand her a lot, I mean what the hell was her problem? did she love shinji or not? she is a moron who could be happy but didn't want that, but to be fair her actions suited the personality she had, she wasn't pathetic unlike that Maggot Shinji


it's kinda unfair to call her a Pedo! But it is TOTALLY fair to call her a Prostitute!, her kiss with shinji was just an emotional support she give to him, considering the environment they've been in she wasn't taking advantage or anything (unlike what idiots like to say)

-Pen Pen!

yeah! there is a penguin in this anime and it doesn't represent or symbolizes anything (except the writer's little brain!)





there are Better anime to watch, I guarantee it! save this shit for last

2/10 story
2/10 animation
9/10 sound
4/10 characters
2/10 overall
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Sep 29, 2018

this is probably going to be the only anime that will ever get a solid 10 by me.

so, to be honest you have to watch the entire series and then also watch the movie the end of evangelion to get the full neon genesis experience in my opinion.

honestly its so depressing and confusing i had to put it down for awhile.

this show will really really f with your head.

i fully understand why this will always be a classic and is being remade over and over and talked about so much in the anime community.

the creator was really depressed and going through a rough time in life when he wrote this from what i read, and rumor of a friend told me two of his assitant writers actually killed themself during the writing of it, but i doubt that.


it seems like a simple little movie with a little kid who pilots giant robots against monsters like a typical mech anime.

Its not,

this is a full on psychological look at the inner conscious and its outlook and view on the world and reality. its like having an ego death.

i almost felt like i was going to have a seizure watching the end of the movie the end of evangelion.

i promise you this, the movie makes up for its dull moments.

its definetly worth the watch and will leave you thinking alot about life and introspect.

i highly reccomend it.  nuff said, besides shinji really was a whimpy character full of self doubt and.... lacking in confidence. like a completley confused child.

i think in alot of ways i can relate to some of the things in this movie. especially in the end of movie, the father.

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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Sep 9, 2018

The show has a very dark and eerie feeling to it which the 80's and 90's were known for. The characters are all on emotional rollercoasters which makes a lot of their actions somewhat unpredictable.

The way the suspense is being built up reminds me of movies like The Thing by John Carpenter. Action can have a high pace but most of the story is being told at a much slower pace that is to make you feel uncomfortable. The strongest moments of the show are actually when there isn't anything happening on the screen.

It's an interesting show, I wouldn't consider it the greatest of all time that a lot of people make it out to be but I do appreciate its complexity and storytelling. I guess my biggest issue was just how unrelatable most of the cast were.

There also isn't a moment where you have the idea that you're looking at 14-year-old kids since they're literally acting like adults from the very first moment they hit the screen. They had to grow up fast, there isn't a moment to enjoy life.

Every character is just too focussed on their own story which leaves very little room for compassion and that's probably that little bit that I would have expected but don't really see enough of.

9/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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Sep 6, 2018

Evangelion is truly one of the greatest anime of all time. I know people may not agree with me because the anime had its flaws like bad animations due to low budget and the last two episodes were awful. Due to low budget this was expected however the true end of evangelion is the movie. The movie is fantastic but it has confusing ending which makes no sense but if you understand the series and have deep love for the series you won't be dissapointed.

Evangelion is like a puzzle. Don't expect to find answers. This is an anime where you find your own answer. This is the anime where you imagine your own world. How you look at Evangelion completely depends upon you.

However, One thing that you must keep in mind is that this is an anime from 1995 dont compare the animation of this anime with the latest ones. This is a very complex anime with many things to keep in mind so I would not recommend any beginners who don't have much anime experience to watch this anime.

10/10 story
8/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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Mar 13, 2018

Part 1: A loving embrace

“Just...hang in there....” -Misato Katsuragi

Neon Genesis Evangelion is the 1995 classic and brainchild directed by the legendary Hideaki Anno. It is a juggernaut that garnered fame and influence by challenging art that came before, directly spawning a cornucopia of successors, some of whom managed to become success stories themselves. Few pieces of animation hold such an honor, and monumental works such as this have a ginormous presence in their medium’s landscape, regardless of the fact that each of these select few titles are still around today with new, if less well-received instalments gracing our screens.

Apart from what it became, Neon Genesis Evangelion is first and foremost, a brutally somber, touching, and emotional mech series that challenges the conventions of the genre. It is a story of broken people being thrust into a dangerous situation and forced to confront and harness things they don’t understand, such as their new biomechanical technology and even their own feelings and psychological hang-ups, in a desperate attempt to survive with their sanity in tact. It is horrifying to witness, managing to eradicate one’s heartstrings with such sheer understanding of what demented, somber, and lonely states of mind are being depicted here. Not only does it exhibit how these broken, alone, depressed, and scared people came to be the way they are, but it does something even more important: it tells us that everything will be ok if we make it.

It understands people, it understand. It encourages. It wants you to understand too. So, it shows a fraction of the desolate state its characters are in with its main character, fixes him, builds things back up and shows people adapting to their new lives and overcoming hardships, whilst slowly revealing, meticulously peeling the layers of everything out from under us. Then, it tells it all down systematically, dragging everyone through the mud and truly showcasing just how insecure these people are. It calls for and demonstrates introspection, and tells us that no matter what, we must live our lives and accept ourselves. We cannot have our perfect world, but we can try to have our perfect selves, our selves that we, above anyone else, understand and care about. Needless to say, it accomplishes all of this resoundingly and lovingly. It was a loving work created by a depressed, mentally stressed director, a loving work crafted by a visionary who understood our pain, and entire teams in Gainax and Tatsunoko Production who sought to make his vision, his message, a reality.

Even with reuse of animation, the show still manages to do incentive things with it, take hold of that reuse, and channel it as a weapon for introspection. With oppressive, moody colors, brutal tones are set that wildly enhance how we are to feel in many scenes. Shots highlighting desolation and especially isolation from beginning to end, even when lingering for far longer than t needs to. The battles roar with intensity, especially in its mind-peeling, emotion-shattering second half. This roar rivals the roar of the Eva Units, fantastically designed bio-mechanical gods of death man hopelessly tried to wield and understand. These specimen who wield the machines, are as fantastically and iconically designed. Everything works in tandem to craft a surprisingly well-produced product on a canvas where anything, even raw emotion and madness are both possible, and allowed. It may cut abruptly on an insanely frequent basis, but such is merely a minor hitch that does little to impede on the visual splendor, especially once the show reaches its climax.

Each episode is accompanied by fantastic pieces from beginning to end that convey so much emotion, from pieces like “Rei I” that show a more desolate and disturbed feeling, to “Angel Attack”, which shows the severity and intensity of it all. By the show understands people, so it knows that bleakness is far from all there is, unlike many shows that are claimed to be mature. The piece “Misato” is the shining example of such music that accompanies the deceptively constant hilarity that ensues on occasion, with episodes such as 7 and 11 being the most predominant examples of this show’s sense of humor. Another shining example of this show’s range would be the triumphant piece “Nerv” that really sells the tense and roar-inducing impact of success after a deadly struggle that can nearly bring the planet to extinction. There are a myriad of other fantastic music pieces crafted for the show, courtesy of Shiro Sagisu. The incorporation of famous pieces of classical music works gloriously as well. Outside those, the show is embraced by fantastic music at the beginning and end. With the opening, “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis” by Yoko Takahashi, you see an iconic piece of incredibly catchy music tailored to inspiring the main character to rise up. Whilst not a personal favorite, such an iconic song is commendable. However, with the ending theme, “Fly Me to the Moon” by Claire, a personal favorite in both television and full versions, we get a truly majestic and heartfelt melody, from the vocals to the string instruments, to the piano, and the lyrics. It is a majestic song, with all alternate renditions in the show being unable to replicate its beauty, even if a few, more instrumental versions come somewhat close to playing those heart strings. 

Heart strings...emotions… all get played with immensely, particularly with the oft misunderstood cast. From the desolate and fragile Shinji Ikari who picks himself up when he needs to even when he runs away, to the insufferably egotistical and fragile Asuka Langley, and more, we receive a truly colorful cast. Misato Katsuragi, an absolute bundle of joy and comedy despite her ties to her father that make her connection to Shinji all the more powerful. Rei Ayanami, a constantly shaping conscious who seeks to release herself and wonder about life and death. The rest of the surprisingly fleshed out and grounded supporting cast of adults and each with their twistedly brutal moments and fates, such as Kaji, as well as others who are fortunate enough to survive seemingly contently. We have a fantastic high-school friend duo that has yet to be topped in Toji and Kensuke, the hilarious penguin Pen Pen, on top of the fantastic adults who remain grounded as they are unraveled piece by piece with foreshadowing littered throughout. We get a sense for who they are, why they are what they are, and who they like in what sense. No one is a monster despite how lovable or hateable they are, even Asuka and Gendo; everyone is complex human. The more we get to know them, the more we get to witness, the more we get to understand, even if we may forget the names of some of them, and loathe at least a few of them as people. Everything culminates into the end, into the ultimate, tragically, nay, criminally detested two-part finale of sheer introspection. 

Said introspection is majestic. Even outside of how accidentally prophetic it became of terribly cliched school anime, the two part finale is a work of genius. It shows everyone tearing themselves apart as they unravel who they truly are, what their desires are, and everything that made them who they are. By the end, Shinji realizes that there are many possibilities in the word, and that the perfect world cannot be one of them. So, instead of trying to make a perfect world where he can be loved by all in a peaceful environment free of real pain, he should love himself, interact, take the chance and truly live. He should better himself and understand himself just like anyone else. He must embrace himself if he wants to be embraced. Everyone should strive to do the same.

The presentation of this introspection is raw, raw and seemingly scattered. Interwoven with so many other moments of characters digging within themselves with the help of their perceived versions of others, and with impeccably inventive use of other moments, cut together with new dialogue to match the disputation for the characters’ state of mind, much like prior episodes such as 16 and 22. It uses crayon drawings, pencil drawings, marker drawings, 8-bit pixel renditions of scenes, all to illustrate a point that Shinji finally realizes and accepts. It isn't a disaster of production, it is an understanding reach to pull out a realization and tell a message, in which it goes where no series has in terms of visuals. It does so wonderfully, sometimes with immense fluidity and transitions, other times with purposely jarring static moments with incredible shots, often cutting to one another in quick succession. It is the culmination of everything Evangelion. It is more human than most pieces of art could ever hope to be, and it deserves all the respect it can get.

It may be raw; it may be gut wrenching, it may showcase people who you cannot stand, it may try to get you to infer more than you should, and it may leave you floored with everything it does, particularly in the second half. From beginning to end, it grabs you by the wrist and rushes away with you to explore and explore and explore. It may be a tiresome watch, or an enthralling watch. It may leave you with questions that like it or not, are meaningless for most part, minus insignificant details and loose things that require the most adamant of searching to understand and accept. It may move too fast and just ram you with far too much at once, or leave you with just enough to stew over, for too long or long enough. No matter what, it wants to tell you something important and showcase hell, depravity, grief, denial, and sorrow to illustrate its point. It does so lovingly, shouting it loud with sheer understanding. Remember that, even if you take nothing else from the show.

So, thank you, Neon Genesis Evangelion, not just for the lession, but for being so profound, so human, more than most works of art can dream of. I accept it all, and if you haven't done so already, now it's your turn. Accept its embrace; you'll get your closure soon.

See you in part 2.

9.6/10 story
8.8/10 animation
8/10 sound
9.3/10 characters
9.1/10 overall
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Ziggurat's avatar
Mar 12, 2018

One of the greatest stories of our time, if you can get it.

Sad to see people leaving bad reviews based solely on the fact that it went way over their head.

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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xanderpies88's avatar
Sep 23, 2017

kind of messed up if you think too much about it. sigmond froid would eat his heart out if he saw this.

9.5/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
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Jun 21, 2017

Story: Initially greeted with something similar to an episodic plot we start off with our protagonist Shinji who is introduced with humanities greatest enemy known as angels. He is then taken in by Misato to a secret underground base where NERV (organization created by UN) operates where he is asked by his father, Gendo to board EVA unit 01. At first Shinji refuses because of either his pride or hate against his father but he boards EVA unit 01 (biological mech weapon) anyways out of pity for Rei's condition that he saw and that's where his story begins with his battle against humanities greatest enemies. Nothing much happens after that since Shinji goes on missions to kill angels but he does go to school considering his age and he interacts a little more with Misato and Rei up until we're introduced with another character known as Asuka who also pilots the Eva units much like Rei does. The trio goes on to fight these angels throughout the series but much later on Shinji goes on to realize that he feels his mother's presence in EVA unit 01 and is temporarily merged with it. After some more fights we learn from Ritsuko that Rei are just clones and that the EVA units are created from angels. Kaworu is sent by Seele who is a final angel in the form of a human to merge with the first angel known as Adam but he realizes that the the angel in possession of NERV is in fact not Adam so he comes to another realization in which he asks Shinji to kill him so he does. The last two espidoes don't really matter given the end result but what's truly disappointing is that NGE suffers from a clear case of the villain of the week trope and not anymore of the background gets disclosed unless you watch the movie. 

Animation: For a TV series, it's pretty high quality for the time. 

Sound: I didn't find anything special about it. 

Characters: Shinji is hardly what anyone could describe as brave at first given that he wants to avoid confrontation altogether but he changes this later on to get his fathers approval and another issue is that he takes on an isolationist attitude. We also have Misato who serves as Shinji's legal guardian who's rather disorganized and has a slight temper. Ritsuko serves as one of the main scientist of NERV who has jealousy and mother issues. Gendo is arguably a manipulative bastard in which he tries to get everyone to do his bidding (who we still have yet to know his true motives) even going so far as start romantic relations with Ritsuko and her mother. Rei is a cardboard character who would be described as stoic rarely putting on any expressions on her face. We've got Asuka who is a possible trendsetters for tsunderes and later on turns into a vegetable.  

4/10 story
7/10 animation
5/10 sound
3/10 characters
4/10 overall
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Jun 22, 2016

Perhaps the most infamous anime to ever exist, Neon Genesis Evangelion became a worldwide phenomenon once it made its way to other places around the globe. This series brought fame to the people who worked on it, such as Hideaki Anno, the director and creator (who, in later years, would come to direct anime series such as Kare Kano), character designer Yoshiyuki Sadamoto (Fooly Cooly, The Girl Who Lept Through Time, Wolf Children), and composer Shiro Sagisu (Bleach, Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic). At the time, it also served as a different take on the mecha genre, after many series (such as the Mobile Suit Gundam series) gained attention from the huge, fighting robots. 

The first episode throws the watcher right into the action: It is 2015, and humanity is on the verge of collapse. Beings called 'Angels' have invaded the Earth, posing a threat to everyone. It takes place in Japan, in an area known as Tokyo-3. The protagonist Shinji Ikari is summoned by his father, who, at a young age, abandoned him. His father intends for Shinji to pilot an Evangelion, a highly powerful weapon used to destroy the Angels. Though reluctant at first, Shinji accepts. 

The problem with anime is that everyone expects a cliche, heroic main protagonist. Neon Genesis Evangelion scraps this idea; Shinji Ikari constantly battles fear on a daily basis; at the same time, he deals with his low self-esteem and neglection from his father. This happens to be the place where people first complain--about our 14-year-old protagonist. 

But Shinji Ikari is realistic.

Those 15-year-old anime protagonists that have all these skills, an event such as a dangerous encounter may be a bit nerve-wracking, but able to overcome. Shinji is practically forced into thinking he must fight; he's thrown head-on into a situation to fight in a giant, mecha-like weapon to save humanity. It's a burden he feels he has to carry; that's why he feels so conflicted with himself.

Neon Genesis Evangelion takes the problems a depressed teen may feel, depositing them into a character of the same age. And it is done perfectly. Not to mention that everyone in the show has battles they themselves are dealing with. This is probably what turns people off--they don't get them being in those kind of situations because they have never been in depressed states themselves. It's something that needs more understanding to fully enjoy; people familiar with depressed states and mental illnesses may find more appeal in Neon Genesis Evangelion than those who do not. 

The characters each have a distinct personality of their own as well. Because they are going through different struggles, they see the world from different perspectives, giving the watcher an insight on each character's own personal views. 

Besides the who psychological aspect to Neon Genesis Evangelion, there are problems with the production of the show that don't have to do much with preference. Now, there are many factors for this, and it seems reasonable to acknowledge them:

  • Neon Genesis Evangelion went through a large amount of changes while in development.

The creator of the series himself was going through a depressed state at the time of production. Many changes were made when it came to the ending of the series. Because of all the development changes, Neon Genesis Evangelion ran close to its production run. This is why a cut in plot can occur within the series, and makes it more confusing for the watcher. Eventually, this led to an ending that made little sense; and thus, a movie (The End of Evangelion) was made to replace the last two episodes.

  • Budget cuts.

GAINAX, the company behind the Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise, has been known to have low amounts of money when producing series. This can be observed later on in the series especially, with some scenes staying on the same frame for an awkward minute before anything happens.

Despite these things, the animation generally looks good. This was back in 1995, when animation cels were still hand-painted. It has that sort of vintage look to it that I personally find appealing. Neon Genesis Evangelion uses a wide variety of colors despite its post-apocaliptic theme; the colors of the giant mechas really bring the world to life.

The music is well-done as well. Shiro Sagisu's work is worth listening to; most of the songs in there are very fitting and epic for the battle scenes in the series. You'll even hear some Beethoven in there. However, the music can be a bit repetitive. The same tracks seem to be constantly used during scenes sharing similarities. 

As for the whole plot, it's a lot to grasp. There's a lot going on, and it can be pretty hard to fully keep everything in mind. Like I also mentioned, the plot wavers a little bit due to budget cuts; most watchers will find fault in the last two episodes, specifically because it doesn't have much to do with the series at all. Personally, I think the original ending is worth watching, but make sure to watch The End of Evangelion if the ending doesn't fully live up to your tastes.

Neon Genesis Evangelion isn't a series for everyone. The show has many flaws, but yet is still adored by fans globally today. If psychological isn't your thing, Neon Genesis Evangelion probably isn't the anime you're looking for to quench your thirst. However, those looking for more realistic anime regarding emotions may find appeal in this internationally famous series. Despite its flaws, Neon Genesis Evangelion is an anime series worth remembering for generations to come to due its drift from other cliches.

8.5/10 story
9/10 animation
10/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
Theotakusyko's avatar
May 19, 2016

Spoilers Free Review 

Neon Genesis Evangelion. 

I was watching this back in march 2016 and felt like giving it a go and so I did but watched it slowly, I finished it this week and thought "It would be a good idea to a do a review, so why not?" As I am writing this review. 

It is done by Studio Gainax who are one of the best studios with some great and unfortgettable titles like Gurren Lagann, FLCL and Kill La Kill (Its also done by Studio Trigger.). Its also directed by Hideaki Anno who did the two Evangelion rebuild films, Gunbuster and Nadia: Secret of Blue Water. 

Here are some of my thoughts about this series.

Evangelion is set in 2015 (Which of course was last year.) and they have mechs in this setting with a futuristic built in city with a modern day town area which rather the concept seems really appealing and intresting to me in my opinion, (Probably an amazing setting if not one of the best settings I have seen in anime so far.) with angels being the enemy and they have an area for the Eva series to fight off the angel. 

Not every episode is fighting mecha vs mecha with fast pacing and battling type of animation, it also focuses on the characters aswell with the amount of time to balance and fit into to the series due to it being a 26 episode series (Well the last 2 have more focus onto characters but recaping some parts in the series making it filler and repeating itself just like it did in either episode 13 or 14 I believe it was.) I liked the way they balanced it but I don't find it as better than Gurren Lagann In alot of terms and situtaions that series does but still liked this one though. 

The Story is above average and like perfectly thought out but due to its complex and mature themes I felt bored and tryed to sustain its story

The Animation is really well aged in the series and would have been called along the lines the best animation in the 90's or something like that BUT I have not seen alot of 90's anime so don't try and criticise me in any way I mean its executed really well to be honest with you and the timing can be great aswell with unexpected attacks from angel in certain episodes. Theres alot of great stuff they did for the animation for this I do have to admit I was pretty impressed with what they did to this show.

The Sound is really good but can rather feel blank without like OST's for instance due to the fact that alot of modern day animes cannot use no OST's for about a second just something has to go with it but it depends how much they use an OST in an episode where as evangelion felt 40% on average for each episode and did rather bore with that at times in each episode of Evangelion but with the sound effects and elements they did made feel like it was somewhat a "Vibe of realistic features. Maybe?" I dunno but felt like did almost a perfect job to that of course. The voice was quite good aswell and I seemed to quite like it.

The Characters "Oh Boy!" I didn't like or hated the characters in this series and didn't seem good at all like I thought this would be good vareity of characters. For example the Characters I generally hated the most in this series was Asuka, Ritsuko and Pen Pen were my worst ones and I also didn't care for the minor characters at all but with secondary characters were good especially Shinji's friends they were douchebags at the start but turned out to be really good characters for the series. I didn't really hate for Shinji at all but I don't like him at all I just don't hate on him like all Shinji haters do I'm more of Asuka hater in terms of the main protagonist and the only good main protagonist was Rei Ayanami but can be rather a bland and boring character at the start but then progressed slowly through the series. Gendo Ikari was a great villian in my opinion but can be a rather sadistic and rather not a nice character as he is like one of the not so talkative characters and can be ignorant towars Shinji. Only good characters in the series were Rei Ayanami, Kaworu Nagisa, Misato Katsuragia and Ryoji Kajii in this series were my favourite characters.

I see this as an unforgettable series also an above average anime to my eyes of this series. 

It is a worth a watch for this but despite the low score I gave which is not over 8 you might not or could enjoy but it depends on the taste you have in the industry.

I might re-watch this series in a couple of years but as of now I will be other series. 

My Score overrall 7/10 + Enjoyment/Entertainment score 5/10 = 12/20 overrall. 

7/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
5/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
zMiiKe912's avatar
Apr 14, 2016

The definition of pefection.

Live a drama, get into the psychology of the characters, search for the meaning of life, see the desperation become madness and finally, understand. Evangelion is what someone might search for life. It is the very essence of art, a work that can change your life.

Hideaki Anno manages to represent human psychology, showing how people are weak. Managed to unfolds relationship with religion, incorporating symbolism and monologues.

Sound is fantastic, and the animation are perfect for the times.

I absolutely recommend to everyone watching this masterpiece, which might make you change your way of looking at the world.


10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
Krissdafish's avatar
Dec 15, 2015

There are many animes that try and implement moral philosophy into the plotline. Many animes that strive to become masterpieces. And few succeed. While those aren't neccesarily criterias for an anime to be good and reckognized on a high level, I still find myself truly captivated and vurnerable when I find one that is.

Neon Genesis Evangelion or EVA for short. Is truly an odd anime. It serves you ,throughout most of the series, rather good comedy and action. Nothing out of the ordinary. The comedical sequence being very on spot and the action being truly good. But then it also starts serving you existentialistic philosophy. Genuine questions which simply has this distinct human feel to them. It never feels forced, one reason which, is because the show takes it's time to let each moment sink in. But for most of the time, the show is pretty upbeat and cheerful. But then it returns. These moments of deep existentialistic suffering. Which especially intensifies towards the last few episodes. Giving the show a rather weird beat. Which is probably why it most likely has one of the most controversial endings of all time. The progression of the show and it's story seems weird, but at the same being very deep which eventually adds up to something meaningful. But yet many questions remain unanswered.

It's probably true that the story of EVA isn't the most important thing about this show. The most important thing is the character development. And it certainly does everything right in this department. The development of characters and the characters themselves is really the focal point of the show. And it is what you have to enjoy to enjoy the show. 

Animation wise. It's from the 90's so while not being modern, it still holds up.

As for closing words. I am not too sure of what I would compare this to. It's been a long time since I saw Ghost in the shell, but I think that is the one animation piece that seems similar in feel and experience to EVA. Needless to say it is a well worth watch, though it has a heavy ending in terms of deep thoughts.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
10/10 overall
xith's avatar
Dec 11, 2015

For context, this review comes from someone who didn't grow up with

nostalgia for this anime, and who just watched it about two months ago(Oct 2015).


 ***SPOILERS INCOMING*** (somewhat anyway, and there will be a TL;DR at the bottom)

     Ah Neon Genesis Evangelion. I never saw this show growing up, even though I was a 90's kid, and once I started getting into anime when I was older, I would consistently hear good things about this anime. It's probably one of the most widely known anime in the world, and certainly influential on the Mecha genre. A couple of my friends watched it for their first time earlier this year, and so I decided I'd finally check it out. 


STORY - Alright so lets get down to brass tacks; the story is completely hollow and almost every thing they say in the anime has no actual meaning. I know that some people will say "OMG but there's so much symbolism, and deep hidden meaning" etc, but let me illustrate a few points for the reader of this review.

     The story itself focuses on a 14 year old boy named Shinji Ikari and a couple of other kids that are his exact same age as well, as they try to defend humanity from weird beings that their superiors call angels. They pilot these massive mecha units called Evas, which are supposed to be the only things that can stand toe to toe with angels. 

     Let's discuss that basic premise for a moment. At first glance, and indeed the first 10-12 episodes, it seems intriguing. The creepy giant angels are sufficiently scary looking and eerie that they make for good enemies, and of course their names bring up controversy as supposedly angels are servants of God. Also the teens pilot cool looking mechas that also show strange signs of organic, lifelike behaviour. All cool right? 

     A number of interesting questions are brought up through the first few episodes, and you are left wondering about the mystery of several things. For example: WTF is an Eva anyway? How is one made? They are implied to use a retarded amount of the world's resources to actually make and maintain, so why in the world would they let a whiny, abandonment-issues son of the base commander, a silent personality-less albino girl, and an extroardinarily selfish narcissist of a girl touch their trillion dollar machines, much less pilot one?

     The show claims that only those kids can pilot Evas, and no one else in the entire world, and misleads you into thinking that you might get an explanation or backstory on them. It also claims later that all the metal and machines on the Eva are really just bindings on a living creature underneath, in an attempt to control it, and apparently pilots need to be able to "sync" their thoughts and emotions to pilot it. THE SHOW NEVER GIVES ANY BACKSTORY OR REASONING AS TO THESE CLAIMS!

     I was literally waiting all the way up to the awful finale for some sort of explanation as to why the hell would Shinji or any other child qualify over a hardened military pilot. In fact in the middle of the anime they state that literally every child in Shinji's school (which by the way is a useless waste of screen time, I wish they hadn't felt obligated to include a schoolkid setting in the show) was transferred there for eventual Eva piloting. There's literally no excuse for telling the viewer you have a reason and there's some crazy link, and then letting it go for 20+ episodes and ending the show. It's not even a bad thing to have a whiny, parent issues character like Shinji be the only character who can save the world unwillingly, BUT, you have to freaking justify it. Even the other characters in the anime mostly don't care at all about shinji.

The finale is abolute trash, and the aesthetic of those episodes (of which really, it is barren) and story looks like it was made for another anime entirely. Why are those last 2 episodes absolute trash you say? Because there is zero build up to them. 16 angels come and die, and then literally as soon as the last angel comes (and by the way, what he actually did was supposed to end the world according to what the show itself claimed earlier but then just didn't for no discernible reason) and dies shinji's dad just walks over and flips a switch which basically kills everyone in the world and steals their souls to merge them into one in order to work out their differences. Why does he do this you ask? What's his motivation? How were we ever supposed to suspect this was coming and what does it have to do with the previous 23 episodes of the show? Why didn't he just flip the switch as soon as they bult the machine instead of randomly having to wait to kill a bunch of unexplained angels?  I honestly couldn't tell you because there's literally no justification for any of those premises, and not a single speck of information about that appears anywhere in the main body of the show. Plus there's a bunch of creepy stuff in the basement of their fort that apparently, just disappears and is no longer relevant to anything as soon as the switch is flipped.

Now, a full list of things that the show TELLS you there is an explanation for, and then just forgets to tell you or retcons 10 episodes later.

1: Origin of Angels and their motivations

2: Origin of Evas, mechanics behind them, literally any solid info. 

3: Origin of 2nd impact (literally just a provocative name. Never mention why it was a 2nd anything, what it was, why it happened, ANYTHING. They show like 1 flashback with Misato and then zilch. Supposedly if the angels get their way there's supposed to be a 3rd, but that actually HAPPENS! and nothing occurs. Complete bull. Nothing deep whatsoever.)

4: Why the main characters qualify as Eva pilots

5: Motivation behind important, shady characters that are central to the plot. (Most notable in this regard is Gendo Ikari, who get basically a full episode worth of flashbacks that STILL fails to explain anything relevant to the plot, or his motivations. It basically just shows that he's always been a dick, and makes you wonder how he ever got anything to do with the top secret stuff he's involved in.)

6: Symbolism (I mean really, this show is chock full of meaningless symbols. Absolutely none of these have any meaning: they're just there to fool people into thinking things are deep. None of the religious references the show makes or symbols it uses have an actual explanation. They're just kind of there. It's not a "unique interpretation" or interesting look at philosophy as some people consider it. They're literally just there to make it look controversial.) 

7: Seele, the super shady organization which is basically a new world government that backs the NERV org that all the characters work for.

8: The human instrumentality project ("revealed" to be the whole purpose of everything Gendo Ikari did for like the entirety of his life and somehow related to killing all the angels first. Never does it explain why it's important or why someone like Gendo would have it as a priority)

     Now for the positives! They exist! Honestly I actually did enojy the story for about the first half of the anime. Don't get me wrong, I DO like it when stories aren't fully explained right away and are temporarily shrouded in mystery and misinformation. The first half is exciting, since all of these crazy monsters are coming to trash the city and since the previous pilot was out of commision shinji is the only hope for stopping them. And honestly as whiny as he is he seems mostly justified since is father is a complete jerk. The plot seems to thicken consistently as you see shady deals and meetings with the mystery backers of NERV. Unfortunately, all those things I mentioned earlier come crashing down, and all of these expectations of things that seemed fascinating are dropped, and I personally was left with a hollow feeling, with plot promises unfulfilled.


All in all I gave the story a 2/10 because it CLAIMS to be deep and attempts to address issues, etc but has no actual substance. It's like ordering a brand new xbox online, then opneing the packaging and finding nothing but a few styrofoam peanuts and some plastic wrapping with a picture of the product on it.


ANIMATION - I gave this an 8 honestly. It was perfectly serviceable animation for the most part, and obviously the best quality stuff was with the Eva fight scenes. IDK why anyone would complain about an anime from 1996 or rate an anime lower due to that. HOWEVER the reason this wasnt a point higher is because of the Finale, and several episodes where they literally just sat on a still frame for over a minute with 0 animation, 0 sound, and 0 justification after the first time. It was an interesting concept the first time they used that technique and fit the situation, but since they tried it like 3 other times it gold old fast. 

The finale really, really was awful by all accounts. Supposedly they ran out of money as well having a director with an emotional break down, but they really went for a horrible decision with it, and basically just decided to not animate anything. Extroardinarily low quality animation that is not saved at all by anything related to the stories and characters.  


SOUND - There's really no complaint from me about sound and music. Honestly I would rate the opening animation much higher than the Anime itself. It has a great theme song, well edited sequence of scenes, etc. and it builds hype pretty well. 

The sound effects and music used during the show are all fine, but not that incredibly inspiring. It's all very fitting to the situation honestly, so it deserves a 9/10 IMO


CHARACTERS - Welp, here's where it gets kind of bad again. 

Shinji - Man, unlikeable to the max. Whiny, fickle, cowardly, depressing, etc.  What I will say is that it's not bad by any means to have a character be depressed or emotionally scarred. Honestly it makes you wonder about his backstory, how he got to be that way, and then it gives the teller of the story a good way to expound upon back history to the main story without it seeming tedious and contrived, and some interesting character development can occur as the character connects with others throughout the story. Unfortunately for the character in question, Shinji just goes through a cycle of whiny refusal to help ---> minorly touching moment that makes you think he's developed his character ---> reoccuring daddy issues ---> whiny refusal to help. 

The worst part about Shinji is that for some reason they decided to ignore all the other fascinating stuff they brought up and fascinating plot and setting for the anime in favor of making a 2 episode long psychological breakdown of Shinji and how awful his attitude with. Unfortunately they did that throughout the entire anime in better ways so it comes off terribly. The bad thing is not having an annoying and whiny main character. The bad thing is deciding to scrap every legitimate bit of plot they had to make the entire anime about the resolution of his personal problems. Supposedly he's all messed up because he saw his mother die when he was a kid, except for the fact that he didn't know that and the only time it was ever revealed was in a really really poorly done flashback where they supposedly brought him to their secret base lab and then it just shows him playing with toys, and no one ever mentions how the wife died or why. It just all ends up feeling pointless since Shinji never shows a single damn sign of missing his mother.


Rei Ayanami - Man, so much wasted potential. In the first half of the show you get like 3-4 somewhat touching scenes that make it look like she might be developing or growing an actual personality, but then they just completely leave her alone and refuse to have her learn to talk or feel. Ironically, Rei is probably the most popular character in the show despite the fact that they really should have just left her out since there wasn't anything worthwhile to do with her. Putting her on the cover of Evangelion marketing led to a super uprise in sales though, so of course they couldn't do that. 


Right here I want to take a second and compare these two characters with the characters of a similar anime, that was made later and IMO, outclasses Evangelion in almost every way. I'm talking about Eureka 7, which you should really watch if you haven't already. Renton is kind of a snotty, whiny kid throughout a lot of the series, Eureka, who is a Rei analog, starts off as a mysterious, fully emotionless pilot of a unique mecha that exhibits similar organic-ish qualities to an Eva. However, while those are the main characters and their entire world is shrouded in mystery for a good portion of the show, Eureka 7 doesn't abandon the cool world setting they built in favor of just exploring depression. the do both at the same time while driving the story forward with somewhat interesting interactions towards the characters, much more realistic motivations from everyone involved, and eventually you get the full story on everything and can truly empathize with the people who have had awful, awful things occur. Of course Evangelion came first and was slightly more of a pioneer, but it had so many interesting things going on that were thrown away foolishly, and just because it was earlier is no excuse to rate the characters as actually being better than they are.


Asuka Langley - Narcissist. TBH this character probably popularized Tsundere as an archetype, but just because she was one of the first of a stereotype doesn't mean she was one of the best/most interesting. While I liked that much of her attitude was aptly explained by the mental trauma of her early childhood, because they took so long to get into any of her story we never get any closure. She just comes off as a heartless witch and flees her problems without any development at all. In fact she gets worse and worse over the series. Again, while it may be semi realistic reaction to her supposed past and trauma, and the Shinji envy, the fact that they decided to dedicate an entire finale to her and shinji's rehashed crap for no real reason is inexcusable from a character standpoint and for the show as a whole. The last couple of episodes are just a huge non sequitur. Also, fun fact, Asuka trained basically her whole life to be a pilot for Eva's, since for some strange reason she was selected before shinji, who's father DESIGNED everything, and still for some unexplained magical reason shinji outclasses her piloting in every way, despite her Eva being a newer model, her superior skills (as in actually knowing wtf to do and not just sitting there frozen in cowardice) and her experience in moving it around for years prior. Again, it literally never gives any plausible reasoning as to what makes a good pilot.


Misato - Honestly the best character in the entire show. She's basically there for sex appeal as an older woman for the most part (all though tbh a lot of people seemed to swap to Rei or Asuka for that), until you realize that she's the most believable (and likeable) one of the whole series. Honestly the theme of like every character is that a bunch of horrible crap (usually unsufficently explained) happened to them (often illogically as to why or how) as kids and now they struggle every day with it. Misato is no exception, since supposedly her parents were scientists investigating something in antarctica when the disaster of 2nd impact happened, and it's implied that their team somehow caused it (though of course they just never elaborate as to what anything has to do with anything or how Misato herself justifies her rank within NERV, etc.) Misato ends up with daddy issues since she blamed him for being too carefree and leaving their family all the time, but also realizes that's the type of man that attracts her. She ends up wanting to get revenge on angels for some unexplained reason, since somehow the angels unexplainedly caused the 2nd impact, so she joins nerv and somehow turns into an operative director.

The most enjoyable part of this anime for me was the dynamic relationship between Misato and Shinji, since Misato volunteers to take care of him and he moves in with her. It was enjoyable to watch them grow comfortable with each other and honestly Misato is the only character in the show that is able to have a sustainable, compassionate relationship with anyone else, exemplified by her older sister style feelings towards Shinji and her feelings towards her ex-boyfriend. Her dialogue is pretty well written at all times and while she obviously has demons in her past she keeps her chin up and tries to smile. Plus, you get to see her serious, no nonsense attitude that she has at work in contrast with her sloppy home where she usually just wants to let herself go and drink her problems away.  


Everyone else - Pointless. The show is about those four characters hands down. Everyone else is supporting, and while some of them might seem like they'd be cool at first, almost all of them end up being hollow shells, just background for the crappy painting of the main character's personalities. Again, there are other animes and indeed, novels and all kinds of things that treat very well on the subject of coping with trauma and illustrate ups and downs and reactions, but those don't fake you out on trying to present and interesting alternate apocalyptic world and pretend to be deep and symbolic. The characters are the point and they don't pretend to have some crazy gimmick.


OVERALL - 5/10

Neon Genesis Evangelion is a poorly conceived story that uses a bunch of controversial words and imagery to hide a lack of creativity and lack of a story worth telling. The plot is so full of holes that it is almost nonexistent, and the supposed setting with a world under siege by strange monsters is never developed or built upon, past throwing vague references to world religions such as Christianity, Taoism, Kaballism, Judaism, etc with out providing any of the context, and in the end, the the first 20 something episodes of monsters and mechas and unexplained references and crappy interactions and angst scenes all turn out to mean nothing at all, because all that matters is the mind of Shinji of course.

In the context of history and influence, it turned out that Neon Genesis Evangelion sold pretty well in Japan because of various factors in play during the 90s, and the various meaningless symbolic mumbo-jumbos basically conned a lot of people into searching for deeper meanings with them, while the attractive female characters seem to have earned many other fans. While I think Evangelion is probably worth watching for anyone who really cares about historical anime, I would solemnly ask anyone who rated this anime above a 7 to take off their nostalgia glasses and classic boner, and look seriously at the story of this anime, and honestly tell me it's not a load of crap, and articulate to me exactly why it is good and explain the utter lack of consistency. Whether or not you decide to give it credit for exploring new territory, I argue that in almost every type of narrative area it did it poorly, from backstory, to character motivations, to development, to lack of climax.

Again, I don't argue that this shouldn't be your favorite anime if you did quite enjoy it, but I merely ask honesty and more objectivity as to people that rate this show, and I will always dispute that this is one of the greatest anime ever made. It simply does not merit that.



TL;DR - way too many plot holes, great first half but goes downhill and commits suicide with the finale, every character except Misato ends up being pretty 1 dimensional (and a bad dimension at that), awesome theme song, animation fine for the time it was made.


Thanks for reading, I had fun finally expressing my frustration that was building inside as I tried to figure out what the point of this show was and then realized there was none. This is my first review I've published, and I'd welcome any comments or suggestion on how to better format them in the future, as well as any well thought out counter arguments you make to my points. Part of the reason I made this review is that after looking at most of the revews here, they are plagued with either awful grammar/spelling that hinders understanding or unreasonable bias towards/against the anime in question. Thus I decided to write my own, better written review.

2/10 story
8/10 animation
9/10 sound
4/10 characters
5/10 overall
omnioblivion's avatar
Jul 15, 2015


It's really tough to analyze the story and even the backstory without some serious thought. And the ending, which is "psychoanalytical", didn't quite make sense for me. Given that there are movies that explain the events after the TV series, I'm looking solely on the series.


Perhaps for its time it looked good, but fast forward several years and you can see the age. Nothing wrong with it, but there's certainly other anime in the same timeframe that age far better than this series.


One of the better intro musics, even for this time. The sounds of EVAs interacting with the environment in general certainly brings life to the entire story.


The characters are all likable and relatable. You have adults forcing kids to fend off against unknown aliens. Adults feel powerless to do anything, while the kids suffer trauma in various levels. The directors respect the integrity of humans very well in the development.


The story could have been made more clear had it taken more time to do so. But the overall series defines a lot of how good anime should be made today.

7/10 story
5/10 animation
9/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
noname0302's avatar
Jun 4, 2015

I watched this for the sake of general culture, and not because Im a fan of the mecha genre. At first I was surprised that I liked it. By the middle, it was obvious that the story is repetitive and going nowhere slow. In the end the commited an artistic harakiri. 

This is the worst ending in anime history. Even worse than Berserk and thats saying something. I would like to give the whole series a score of 0 after the ending, but ill try to fair. try to.

Story: its good. Far better than I expected. Some after-reading from wiki doesnt hurt, they have some plotholes(why dont they attack and angle when its injured???), but mostly its pretty good. 8/10

Animation: good for the time, still works pretty well today, but everything seems outdated when its 20 years old. 6/10

Sounds: all the sounds are pretty good, I like the music. 8.5/10

Characters: Now we wonder into the more unpleasent reagion of this series. It has some of the most annoying characaters on anime history: Asuka - no comment. Every fight I was hoping she dies. Ghendo is just a Grade A asshole. Shinji? I actually liked him for most of the series. Started out like a weakling, had a lot of character evolution and he was starting to turn into a pretty good character. But in the end...The managed to ruin all the better characters: Shinji, Misato, Ritsuko. Why? The creators basicallly self destructed. To be fair, for most of the series, I liked the charcaters(Asuka and Ghendo being the exception), but the last 10 episodes are unforgettable. Shinji actually has some good moments, and in the end becomes a total whimp again. Its bad.  4/10


The ending. Explanation? Not like you cant understand it, but for the love of God, a missing explanation only makes the last few episodes look cheap and not good. I read that they ran out of money? So they had money for 2 episodes of LSD nightmares, but not a normal ending. So apparently humanity has been fused into 1 and become one collective mind, everyone works out all their problems, and they live happily ever after? BULLSHIT! The last 2 episodes consist of artificial philosophy, all of the main characters have their own LSD nightmare, while everyone they now tell them obvious stuff that sounds smart. Its horrible. After watching like 10 minutes of this, I fast forwarded through the last halfhour or so. If someone was reading the phonebook, it still would have been better. 

Overall: Dont watch it. First lets say 12 episodes are good, after that its rinse and repeat. The ending. I just want to forget it. An above average series completely ruined by the end. 

I suggest you dont watch it. There are a lot of other releases. The movie that replaces the last 2 episodes can correct some mistakes, but it still remains mediocre overall. 

PS: I read that they ran out of money, and needed to rush the ending. For starters, the problems didnt start at the end, it was repetitive for a lot of episodes by then. Also, if they ran out of money, why make 2 completely irrelevant and unsatisfying episodes. Even if they had the same ending , the last 2 episodes were horrible. 5 minutes, shit happens, 5 more minutes, explanation, maybe 5 more when the main characters find inner peace. 1 episode, still better. 

8/10 story
6/10 animation
8.5/10 sound
4/10 characters
5/10 overall
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May 19, 2015

If anyone were to name the best anime from the 90s, there would be a lot mentioned. There is one that would be mentioned a lot. That anime is Neon Genesis Evangelion or just Evangelion. Was it actually good? Well that's what this review's for. Ladies, gentlemen, and giant mech pilots, my name is Ayanamisenpai and today I'm going to be reviewing, well what I just mentioned, Neone Genesis Evangelion. 


The story focuses on Shinji Ikari, a 14 year old boy who is called by his cold father Gendo to pilot a giant mech known as an Eva and fight mysterious beings known as angels. Shinji, however, doesn't want to because he doesn't want to die, particularly dieing for his father, as he abandoned him when he was young. By the way, Gendo's a dick. He acts so dickish throughout the series, his reasoning's explained later on. Anyway, while Shinji works for Nerv (Gendo's military organisation) he lives in an apartment with his attractive and alcoholic roomate, Major Misato Katsuragi. (Misato's funny) He forms complicated relationships with tow other pilots, the mysterious silent, Rei Ayanami and the bitch named Asuka Langley Soryu. (Seriously she's a bitch) He also has to deal with his personal psychological problems throughout the series. A lot of characters have to deal with their problems. It's a running theme throughout the series. 


The animation is good. I'm not judging from today's standards. Instead I'm judging by 1995 standards. Basically, the animation is amazing by 1995 standards. 


The opening for this series is a much loved classic. For good reasons too. It's catchy, it's fun to listen to, the vocals are brilliant. However, it doesn't suit the chaos of Evangelion. That's good. It's different. By the way the english lyrics are about Shinji. Seriously, listen to a fandub. The ending is a cover of Fly me to the moon. After watching a chaotic episode of Evangelion, this ending really sounds calming. The ost is good. The composer for this series is Shiro Saigasu, who would later do the soundtrack for Bleach.(My personal favorite of the big 3) Oh and in end of evangelion, it has an upbeat insert song, which really doesn't fit what happens but that's what makes it good. The sub is good and the dub is also good. In fact Spike Spencer who voices Shinji is actually very well known in the world of anime. My favorite voice from the dub is Spike Spencer as Shinji because he does the role of Shinji so well and Shinji would be a hard character to voice. My favorite voice from the sub is a draw between Megumi Hayishibara as Rei and Yoko Miyamura as Asuka, for the reasons that they are both very hard characters to portray, yet they do it so well. 


A lot of people don't like Shinji because he's yappy. I can understand why he is though. Seriously put yourself in his shoes. So I like Shinji because he's a complex character. I like Rei because of the air of mystery around her. So throughout the series, you're going to be wondering about her character. When it's finally revealed who she is, it's brilliant. Misato has to be my favorite character because she's complex and comical. Gendo's an intresting character because the one question that's going to be on everyone's minds is, Is he a good guy or a bad guy? Watch to the end, then decide for yourself. I didn't like Asuka much because she's a bitch. However, she has moments that redeem her. I do feel that the character department was what let the show down a little. True we have complex memorable characters but then there's the characters who I don't give a fuck about because of how forgetable. And the bad guy doesn't fo anything. He's just there so the show can have a main antagonist. However the character development for the memorable complex characters in good.


At the start of this review, the main question was is this show good? Yes it is. There are only two flaws this show has, number one was the forgettable characters but there are only a few of them, but the bad guy's still not very interesting. The other flaw is that there were episodes that were boring. Luckily these episodes are few in number but this series is only 26 episodes long, they could have been a little more intresting. Apart from that, this is a very good anime and you owe it to yourself as an anime fan to watch it. I've been Ayanamisenpai and untill next review stay awesome and when you decide to watch this anime, don't just write Shinji off as a little bitch.

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
7/10 characters
8/10 overall
pinkarray's avatar
May 4, 2015

Okay, this anime was very weird.... I saw it and got hooked to it and
basically, it has this boring character who cries like a wimp sometimes
and he's the protagonist. I like Asuka better she was
very entertaining with her boisterous attitude and very funny and
pretty, too. Sometimes she did get annoying like how she whined when he
didn't hug her or something while she was kissing and her outgoingness. But I think it would've been better if Asuka came on earlier, I skipped to that episode where she first came on so I won't get bored.

There is a lot of nudity in it and language and I just didn't like it
very much.

Well, the characters did grow and change a bit, they got a little
better but still pretty mediocre. They all had deep pasts. The earlier episodes were silly like generic anime.

I watched the mediocre English dub and I don't know if this is true but
I thought that the characters weren't distinct and Asuka's voice was
very whiny, her emotions were a little off probably. Though, it was

I don't consider this anime one of the best ones. About all of the
characters in there were disappointingly flawed and the last few
episodes were the worst.

7/10 story
6/10 animation
5/10 sound
4/10 characters
7/10 overall
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SilentProtagonist's avatar
Apr 27, 2015

DON'T WATCH THE DUB. Just a helpful hint, rather than a review. It isn't that I just like subbed anime, the dub is near enough unwatchable.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
9.3/10 overall
chillst1's avatar
Apr 24, 2015

I juuuust cannnt do it. I wanted to like this show since there is a ton of hype online about how great it is. Unfortunately it is just a little too juvenile for me. I only watched about 4 or 5 episodes but it felt like self-punishment to sit there and watch any more.

I suggest that if you want to watch students battling mecha then you start Code Geass.

If you enjoy wimpy 13 year olds crying while their father makes them battle alien/monsters while tiding inside of fighting machines then "Neon Genesis Evangelion" may be for you. If not then dont waste your time.

6.5/10 story
6.5/10 animation
8/10 sound
5/10 characters
5/10 overall
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Halex's avatar
Apr 15, 2015

I don't really understand how this anime has so much ranking. It is a big disappointment for me. Maybe it presented "new ideas" for mecha anime for its time but there are better anime out there now that is more worth watching. It begins ok but toward the end changes its format and it just becomes a metaphysical mambo jambo. The End of Evangelion Movie tries to explain their theories a little bit better but even so, they just vomit a long monologue of bullsh**, that even if you understand what the author is trying to say it's going to leave you with the question "So, what's so great about that?". There is nothing to be impressed by this anime, the hero has the most pathetic personality ever and I rather recommend you to skip this anime or you will be disappointed, or rather "feeling disgusted" as the own series says at the end. 

If you are into mecha I rather recommend you to watch Gundam 00, Eureka 7 or if you want a better example of a mecha-metaphysical anime then watch "RahXephon".

2/10 story
5/10 animation
5/10 sound
1/10 characters
1/10 overall
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ShojiroKatsuragi's avatar
Apr 7, 2015


What can I say about NGE that isn’t negative?  Uhmm..... it’s unique?  By that I don’t mean that it’s a good thing that it’s unique because it is different, but because we will hopefully be spared ever having to experience something even remotely as horrible as NGE ever again.  (And now the world is going to go and find a way to make an anime ten times worse...  FUCK YOU, WORLD!!!)

Story - 0/10

Story...  Well, almost the only thing I can say about story is that it doesn’t exist.  Yes, you heard me, it doesn’t exist.  This... thing... somehow found a way to make a twenty six episode anime with nothing more than a premise...  I guess it deserves some credit for that, though it can barely be considered an anime even if you don’t consider the complete absence of anything even remotely resembling even the loosest definition of a storyline.

Fucked Up - 0/10

Here I usually have a genre, and I look at the way the anime incorporates some of the conventions, and breaks some of the others, associated with said genre.  Unfortunately, or luckily - I don’t know which - NGE can’t be placed in a genre, so I took the words that best describes the anime, FUCK UP.  Yes, that’s right ladies and gentlemen, I swore, and you’ll probably never read another of my review with a swear word in them, ever.  It’s just that bad.

Balance - 0/10

Well, there’s nothing to say about balance, ‘cause there ain’t none.  This anime goes from fucked up, to another kind of fucked up, then has the screen set on a still image for two minutes, before going to yet another kind of fucked up.  There just no end!

Surprise - 0/10

The thing that kept me looking, was at first my shear curiosity at what the hell this was, then my determination to figure out what the hell this was, then my determination to figure out how the hell anyone thought this was a good idea, then my determination to figure out how the hell anyone allowed this thing to air, and finally, my determination to figure out why the hell anyone would watch this crap, or why anyone would be so crazy as to think this deserved any more than to be wiped from our memories like a scar from our youth we desperately wanted to forget.

Animation - 0/10

This anime is old, I know, but come one, surely you could have tried the draw-a-thousand-different-pictures-and-flip-through-them-very-quickly method, couldn’t you?  Where the hell did the anime in anime go with this thing?

Colour - 0/10

At least there was some colour, that’s probably the best thing I can say about this anime.  But then again, the last few episodes prove me wrong here, there they took the whole black-and-white thing to a whole new level. Pencil sketches, anyone?

Animation Style - 0/10

Unique and the f-ing word, thank God.  If there is ever made another anime like this I swear mankind deserves to become extinct.

Motion - 0/10

If I called this thing animated, I’d be insulting all the paintings, statues and every other piece of still art in the world, they’re more animated then this.  They literally took scenes and turned them intof 2 minutes of still image.  At one point, after having sat and looked at the same image for a minute and a half, I turned my television off and restarted it, thinking that it had frozen for some reason.  It took me ten seconds, and when the screen came back on, guess what I found?  The same fucking image staring at me for the next twenty, seconds!

Sound - 0/10

I’m not even going to go there, suffice to say I cringe every time I hear “cicada time”.

Characters - 0/10

I’m not even sure the things the creators tried to pass off as characters can be considered characters at all.

Motivation - 0/10

Clearly motivation didn’t exist in the creators’ dictionary when this was brought into existence.  These mannequins simply just do shit you don’t understand, in ways you don’t understand and with no motivation, goal or meaning to the things they do at all.

Breaking from Archetypes - 0/10

These guys can’t be considered archetypes, if I called them archetypes I’d be insulting every archetype that ever existed.  They’re mannequins with less personality than a snail’s shit at the bottom of the ocean.

Main and Support Mannequins - 0/10

Like I said, you can’t consider these abominations to be characters.  They’re flatter than the bottom of Planck’s vacuum (Think quantum mechanics).

Importance to story - 0/10

There is no story to be important to...


If there is one term that could describe NGE, it would be ‘unexplored plot elements’  and I’m not even sure you could consider those things to be plot elements at all.  You’re left wondering what the fuck’s up with Nerv, what the fuck’s up with Shinji, what the fuck’s up with Asuka, what the fuck’s up with the Angels, what the fuck’s up with this world, and what the fuck’s wrong with you for having watched the anime this far?

Now you may wonder why I watched it three times then, well, the first time was out of shear astonishment that something this atrocious could exist, the second time was to try and understand what the fuck is actually going on, and the third time was to burn into my mind the absolute rule that this abomination should never, ever be watched again, by anyone, and that nothing this horrible should ever be created again, not that I think it’s possible.

The only reason this anime gets a mark of 0.1/10 is because - and I hate A-P for this from the bottom of my heart - A-P doesn’t allow a review of lower than 0.1 out of ten.

If you have had the blessing of not watching this anime yet, spare yourself the scars and the trauma and don’t ever think about this anime, ever again, EVER!

0.1/10 story
0.1/10 animation
0.1/10 sound
0.1/10 characters
0.1/10 overall
SixShooter's avatar
Mar 24, 2015

*My reviews are free of spoilers*

Neon Genesis Evangelion is a shounen mecha with a psychological/metaphorical twist. Despite a lot of promise, the story goes from being a repetitive and episodic "let's shoot the bad guys with our giant guns" thing to being completely insane and rushed. Every other aspect of the show is decent, but not great. It tends to ride the fine line between pretentious and brilliant, with some truly great metaphors at parts and excessive, seemingly pointless symbolism at other parts. Nevertheless, it is a unique show that will leave you thinking even if it disappoints.

Recommended for: Any fan of mecha and psychological anime who doesn't mind a mismanaged show. Also a good option to watch if you want something to discuss with anime fans, since it's controversial and almost every serious fan has seen it.

Overall: 6.5/10-Slightly good.

Story: 6.5/10-Slightly good.

Creativity/uniqueness bonus points +1.5: The mecha mechanics and psychological elements stand out from similar shows.

Humour bonus points +.5: There is a fair bit of humour in it, but not all of it hits its mark.

General Plot and Structure 2/4 - While the plot starts off pretty standard, the psychological elements build in the background over time. Unfortunately, the execution of the plot was poorly done.

Pacing .5/2 - Pacing is far too slow. While it might have been alright on TV to watch them kill every single Angel (enemy), it starts to get very repetitive after 3 or 4 times.

Emotional impact: 2/3 - There is significant emotional impact, however the characters were not developed enough for this aspect to reach full potential.

Conclusion 0/1 - The conclusion is bizarre and while there is actually some brilliant stuff in it, it was insanely rushed. There were not nearly enough episodes to cover what should have been an entire arc. In addition, the budget ran completely dry and there are literal storyboards in the last episodes. Watching End of Evangelion is a must. In fact, End of Eva stuck with me a lot more than the entire original series.

Annoying/mindset-breaking negative points - None 


Animation: 6.5/10-Slightly good.

*Note that compared to modern anime, the artwork is lacking. I judged it based on other anime from the time period. Also, if possible you should seek out the "Renewal" or "Perfect" edition which has higher definition.

Artwork 2/3 - The artwork is pretty good, exterior settings and mecha are nice. A lot of the symbolism (though not all of it) seems to serve no real purpose. I'm not a fan of "make the viewers think whatever they want" philosophy when it comes to such things and it is apparent through both interviews and the fact that the community can't agree on the meaning of much of it that what they were doing had no real meaning at several points.

Character Designs 1.5/3 -Many characters are similar looking (or even the same) in the face. Hair is different enough to tell them apart however.

Action Animation 1.25/2 - Action scenes are decent, however there is quite a bit of repeat animation towards the end.

Other animation 1.75/2 - Other animation is good, with the exception of extended waiting at points seemingly to kill time/save budget.

------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------------------------ -------------------

Characters: 6.5/10-Slightly good

Personality 2/3 - Both main and side characters have well-defined personalities and are reasonably rounded. Although Shinji (the main character) seems to be widely hated, he is still a believable and somewhat rounded character and as such I cannot consider him to actually be bad, particularly considering just how awful his situation really is.

Development 1.5/3 - There is very little development in the characters.

Uniqueness 3/4 - Most characters are fairly standard, but with a slight twist and a whole lot of mental problems. They aren't completely cut and paste shounen characters.


Sound: 7/10- Good

Voice Acting (Sub) 2/3 - The sub voice acting is decent.

Music 4/6 - The music was enjoyable and fitting. Both opening and ending are good and seem to represent the two aspects of the show. The opening is a sort of standard shounen "fulfill your destiny" thing, while the ending is a lonely and slightly dark song.

Sound Effects 1/1 - Sound effects are very good for the time.

6.5/10 story
6.5/10 animation
7/10 sound
6.5/10 characters
6.5/10 overall
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Atpx4869's avatar
Mar 13, 2015

  Neon Genesis Evangelion was extremely popular during it's time and still is now. I've heard of it a while back but I just decided to watch it a couple of weeks back. This show is extremely controversial. You usually either love it, or hate it. 

  A couple years in the future, Angels caused an incident known as Second Impact. The only way to destory Angels is to fight them with Evangelions. Basically mechas.  Our main charcter, Ikari Shinji, was told by his father to pilote an Eva. So... The story's quite slow and nothing really happens other than introducing charcters and some action scenes. Shinji starts showing psychological problems as early as episode 3, but it gradually gets worse after episode 16 which is also where the show gets gory. The last 2 episodes (which goes into the mental state of charcters) leaves everything unexplained. To the point where you can't tell whether a charcter died or not. 

  The animation is definitely amazing for it's times. The problem is that the animators don't have enough budget to the point that they cut edges just so that they don't have to animate people talking... Seriously?! Also, sometimes I find meself staring at the same image for 3 minutes. One simply does not do that jsut to cut edges. The animation got especially lazy in the last 2 episodes where it's just pictures flashing. There is one thing that I love about the animation other than the charcter design (which is amazing): The blood. The blood illustrated in later scenes are detailed and a lovely shade of red... I hope I didn't sound too sadistic there...

  The sound is overall pretty good. The opening, espicially, is a classic. The animation that goes with the opening works well with the beat, too. The ending has many different versions of the same song. It's nothing amazing but I appreciate their efforts. The OSTs are, overall, good. Nothing amazing, but good. Some are very repetitive and others are just violin versions of the opening.

  The main charcter, the Third Child, is useless. I'm okay with it if he's a little whiny but... he's more whiny than a six-year-old which really gets on my nerves. The Second Child, Asuka, is a tsundere bitch. She is way overly tsundere, annoying, proud, and useless. And to top it off with unicorns and sparkles... she's sexually attratced to an thirty-year-old man... Great. The First Child, Rei, is a stoic doll who only shows emotion for 2 scenes... Great cast of charcters we have, right? Also, no charcter develpment. On the plus side, the charcters are realistic... Minus Rei.

  The show has a pretty good psychological aspect. The main problem with this show is the ending. I don't care if they give this a sugar-coated ending with rainbows... I WANT A BETTER ENDING THAN THE ONE I GOT! The show would've been a lot better if they cut more of the beginning and added more to the end. The beginning was too slow and the ending was too fast. But the main reason why this show didn't get a really high rating from me because I was expecting too much from the old classic. I was also expecting more of a mind fuck than the actual ending. This ending, though it does have a plot twist and did succed in getting me really confused, was not satisfactory enough for me.

  And now... on to the movies!

6.4/10 story
7.7/10 animation
7.9/10 sound
7.2/10 characters
7.3/10 overall
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DJRockstar1's avatar
Jan 28, 2015

Story: 2/10

Lots of potenial, lots of fuckups, in the end it's just a complete trainwreck. 

For starters, too many things were simply not explained, like what caused the "Second Impact", or how the fuck Rei died a million times(even with that gigantic plot armor), yet is still alive. Angels are never explained, nor is how Gendo and the guys even discover all the information on them. How exactly did they know the 16th would be the last angel?

So, what the fuck is Seele? Who the hell is in it? Why the fuck are they seemingly the only organisation that actually gives a fuck and manages NERV, who're supposed to be protectiing the whole fucking world? 

Just in general the writing was really fucking bad, it felt incomplete, something a 10 year old would come up with. AND DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THAT ENDING, it was more bullshit than literal bull excretions. The ending even topped Soul Eater's ending as the worst ending in an anime. 

Animation: 0.5/10

I generally dislike 20th century animation, it just doesn't click with me. Still, I've watched my fair share of anime with that distinct art style that all 20th century anime seem to have, and NGE was by far the worst.

It looked like GAINAX had enough budget for half a cour's worth, and tried to use it for 2 cours. Scenes were blatantly used, and there were even times where you'd stare at the same frame for like half a minute with no dialogue or animation.

People's mouths were conviniently blocked with objects, in most conversations, the whole scene consisted of 1-5 frames of each person participating in the conversation. I have trouble thinking of a single time where Gendo was actually animated. 

Characters: 4/10

The award for the worst MC in all of anime goes to... drum roll SHINJI IKARI! Surprise surprise! Seriously, this guy was so fucking stupid, I don't even know where to start. Do I start at his indecisiveness? his cowardice? Gah! Whatever, onto the next award.

The award for the worst father character in all of anime goes to...dru- well you know where this is going, it's the psychopathic GENDO IKARI. Yes! The guy who abandoned his son, got his wife killed, had sexual relationships with a coworker to get her to build MAGI, then had some more action with the coworker's daughter. All while having literally 2 frames worth of animation throughout the series and no thinking process whatsoever. Just does the stupidest thing, and it works!

Rei? Is she even a character? She's a fucking robot, that's all she is, no emotions, no character, yeah, no character, she shouldn't even be a character, a plot device, that's all she is, even fucking Asuka calls her a puppet, nothing more than a plot device. Which brings us to the second child, Asuka fucking whatsherace, even with her absolutely cliche background, she's a huge bitch. OH LOOK AT ME I'M SO POPULAR, WAIT, THE UNIVERSE DOESN'T REVOLVE AROUND ME? WELL, FUCK, LEMME JUST GO INTO COMPLETE DEPRESSION AND BE IN A HOSPITAL BED FOR THE REST OF THE SERIES! no, just no, I can't go on.

Please, do your brain cells a favour, and do not watch. Unless you absolutely love all of the following genres(and I mean love enough to sacrifice half of your brain cells): Sci-fi, Mecha, Psychology, Dystopia, Shonen

2/10 story
0.5/10 animation
?/10 sound
4/10 characters
2/10 overall
Gzerble's avatar
Jan 28, 2015

Some people think mecha stuff is great. Some people think that character driven stories are where its at. Some people think that psychological drama is the way to go. Neon Genesis Evangelion spits in the face of all three groups. It is literally everything bad about all three. The mecha battles are unimpressive, the characters range between obnoxious to downright infuriating, and the psychological aspect here is about as subtle and clever as an axe to the face. And yet it is first and foremost a character driven psychological mecha anime - meaning everything else in there is actually worse. And my god, this is some terrible stuff.

The main character has to be the single worst male lead in anime history. He is a pathetic wimpering loser. He starts out that way, he ends up that way, and he will never be anything more than that. Of course the show decides to have a lazer focus on his perspective, which manages to taint everything good in the series by how much you will want to slap him around. Never, ever, has there been a character more detrimental to the enjoyment of anime TV anything than him. What's worse is that because of the huge success of Neon Genesis Evangelion, we still have whining losers that can do nothing except be pushed around as male leads in anime.

There is the classic quiet tortured girl, and the violent and loudmouthed obnoxious one. There are also other characters that don't matter. There are mecha fights which may have been impressive twenty years ago, but now look not only outdated but at times downright boring. The slow pace makes the terrible characters the center of it all, like a rock in the middle of a snowball to the face of the viewer. Oh, and if I hear a kid screaming in determination in real life, I may very well backhand him due to Neon Genesis Evangelion.

It is so bad that it has left me scarred for life. It was the first anime I ever watched, and caused me to leave it for five years in favor of smarter and deeper things like South Park and Invader Zim. You might say "but Neon Genesis Evangelion has an actual plot", and to that the answer is "well who the hell cares when it's so terrible!". And that really does sum it up - the things that should give it an edge over others are the weakpoints, so it ends up a complete piece of garbage that we are unfortunate enough have recycled pieces of it ruining modern anime.

Writing (Story and Characters):

Titanic. No, not the size nor the movie, the disaster. Whatever you say about Neon Genesis Evangelion, it is a good bet that the writing staff was so high that they just gave up on common sense. It is like they tried making a trainwreck on every single level. Seriously, writing so bad and yet not being even slightly funny is a challenge that none have excelled at like this since.

At best, the story reaches the heights of an incoherent mess. At worst, it is crystal clear, just plain stupid. Pretending to be smart does not make you smart, and someone should have told that to the writing staff. Aliens invade. Of course we need a kid to save the day in his robot suit. Of course there is no other option. Also, his dad and two girls are something-something-we-don't-care. How can something be so deliberately stupid and boring at the same time? Seriously, aliens invade, robots fight, characters talk. Done: terribly, terribly, painfully bad.

The characters. Oh god are they a cringeworthy bunch. When the alcoholic is the most sympathetic character in the cast, you know that something has gone horribly wrong. Other than having the dubious honor of the absolute worst male lead in broadcast history, the rest of the cast of Neon Genesis Evangelion manages to be a combination of annoying, obnoxious, and most of all uninteresting. The alcoholic is the only character that made me not wish a horrible death upon them. I just sat there hoping that the aliens would kill everyone and the show would end at that. They were that bad.

It's not like there weren't any chances to make things interesting. This is like scoring the lowest possible on the SATs, it is so hard to not get something right by accident that you have to do it on purpose. I think that whoever was responsible for the writing on the show did it specifically to mess with the viewers. Some kind of weird power trip in just how foul a dish he can serve and the morons will eat it up. There is no other explanation for the catastrophe that is the writing in Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Art (Animation and Sound):

It was good at the time. Thank heavens that nearly two decades have passed. What was then impressive is now a bunch of stangnant scenes and mediocre fights that have absolutely no wow factor. As opposed to older anime with clever directors (Akira, for instance), the artwork manages to not have a single tidbit of artistic flair.

The soundtrack is pretty decent, but the voice acting is ultimately mediocre in the roles here. I do not blame the voice actors. I blame the director of this disaster. Over the top is over the top. Call it art all you like, but unless you intend for it to be a parody, tone it down.

Really, the art is the strong point of Neon Genesis Evangelion. By today's standards, it is well below average.


Do not watch this. People have said (repeatedly) that Neon Genesis Evangelion is good. They are wrong.

1/10 story
3.5/10 animation
3.5/10 sound
0.5/10 characters
1/10 overall
DeathBeckons's avatar
Dec 22, 2014

Spoiler alert!

I never watched this when it came out and watched it for the first time now. I'm writing this as I've just finished the 26th episode. In a few words: I despise it, even if I give it the "being old" discount.


The story starts by telling us of a ongoing war between humans and the Angels. Humans fight these Angels (although I never understood exactly what they were or where they came from) with Evas piloted by "thoroughly" selected pilots; these Evas are some kind of giant robots that have something special about them, they seem somehow human, as they react & perform according to the pilot's emotions and well-being.

The story develops an interesting mystery surrounding Evas, Angels, Adam, the Impacts and the secret organization (Seele) behind Nerv's accomplishments. However it never fulfils these mysteries and by the ending, I realised all the story was completely laid to waste by the pseudo-philosophical (and failure of) approach on Shinji's traumas, in the final episodes. Shinji is a kid who suffers from the loss of his mother during his childhood and the evergoing detachment of his father; you understand this early in the anime, but for some reason the story keeps constantly hitting this point, trying to make of it a big thing, and Shinji never gets over it becoming this useless cry-baby. The frustration built up in me, as throughout the 26 episodes, Shinji never surpassed this effectively except in the last 3 minutes of the 26th episode. So this is why all the mysterious tone was laid to waste: the point of this anime was to tackle a kid's trauma which was more than infuriating and stale by the time he "solved it" in the final minutes of the last episode.


Although old, the animation is probably the best thing about it. The annoying completely frozen scenes lasting almost a minute, don't make it any better too. But the fights between the Angels and the Evas are entertaining, even if it's nothing new by now.



The sound is nothing out of the ordinary but was decent overall although a few times the music used was inapropriate to the situation or mood. But it's only second to the animation.


Not one character develops in an interesting manner throughout the anime. Shinji's father (Gendo Ikari) and Fuyutsuki and all of the Seele members developed a nice mystery around them, but as all the other stuff in the story, it is never fulfilled! Ayanami too had potential, but became as all the other characters tedious and hollow.



The anime became stale and never fully developed it's potential as all of the raised mysteries would have proportionated it. All of it was abandoned in order to tackle a problem which was repetitively talked about in the anime only to be "solved" at the last minutes of the last episode, in a pseudo-philosophical fashion. The best word that describe this anime is: futile, since everything I've watched from the begining until the end of the anime became futile. They could have made this into a 10-minute (or less) one episode anime, about a kid's trauma and dump all of the pseudo-philosophy (foolishness, in reality) in it.

1/10 story
6/10 animation
5/10 sound
3/10 characters
3.8/10 overall
ExplosiveWombat's avatar
Nov 4, 2014

Okay. So, I had been wanting to watch NGE for a couple of years. I finally watched it two years ago. Everything was going fine then BAM the last to epsiodes. I had a bit of a hemorrhage(or so it felt) when trying to comprehend what was going on. I had loved it up until then. To be honest if you want a better experience watch the movies. That is all.

9/10 story
8/10 animation
9/10 sound
7/10 characters
8/10 overall
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CaptainSlow's avatar
Jan 19, 2014

What I Liked: Good character development between all the main characters. Good world-building and a great depiction of a post-apocalyptic (but not necessarily post-human) Japan. Awesome soundtrack. Misato. Series evolves from an average mecha series to a incredibly intricate psychological science-fiction series within its run. Animation becomes interestingly "experimental" late in its run. That infamous ending. Kaworu.

What I Didn't: The budget constraints are heavily noticable in certain (later) scenes - and pacing sometimes suffers due to this while the last episode feels laughably lazy. Beethoven's 9th being a thing. The Fifth felt shoehorned in at the last minute (but what an impact!). The two mood shifts within episode 26 were REALLY disconcerting (almost in a Brazil-but-not kind of way). That infamous ending.

Final Verdict: A classic series famous for its characters and infamous for its budget constraints, Neon Genesis Evangelion is a hard series to pin down. On the one hand, its a science-fiction series with compelling characters and a crapsack world hopped up on religious symbolism. On the other hand, it's a dated mess of uneven writing and laughable animation. One thing's for sure: it's something to behold.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
7/10 overall
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nicatronTg's avatar
Nov 19, 2013

Evangelion is a show with an amazing story at its core, but it has several flaws that ruin the illusion. The story of the Angels and the Evangelions attempting to steer Earth into one direction or another is enthralling and exciting, but several flaws hinder it on the way.

Through no fault of its design, the animation quality has significant issues staying relevant in comparison to modern day anime. Colors are washed out and effects are simply terrible at points -- it feels like scenes were rushed more often than not.

I watched the English version (incoming hate), but it's worth noting that the English dub is exceptionally poor in the sound department. Some characters sound like they could have used a red bull before acting, and in general the act of dubbing into English was not perfected during the 1990s. Many of the same voice actors played roles in the rebuild series, and their performance in those roles was significantly higher.

For some reason, the characters in NGE are significantly of lower quality than those in the rebuild series. Some scenes undermine what little patience is left for the more annoying ones (most notably Shinji, the protaganist) and overall this leads to a very weak experience. It's hard to root for the underdog if the underdog admits how much of an underdog he is, then quits because of it.

You will definitely miss some plot by watching the rebuild instead of NGE. The rebuild changes the plot significantly, but for the better. Characters are improved, the animation quality is on par with this century, and overall, it would be wrong to think this is on the same level as the rebuild. Watch Evangelion 1.11 (You are [Not] Alone) instead and start on the rebuild, not this.

8/10 story
4/10 animation
4/10 sound
6/10 characters
6/10 overall
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genesic123's avatar
Nov 13, 2013

Ah! the angst driven show that is Evangelion.

This shows popularity is driven by its religious symbolism,it establishing of certain archetypes are forced pretentiousness.

Hipsters would say this show is "too deep for you" but all i got out of it is mediocre storytelling.

First of all this show follows a very typical monster of the week formula,with some strategy involved by Misato.

It referenced Christianity. HOW DEEP!The flaw of this idea is that
the Christian references are just there for show and they don't really add to the the story.

Some would say this show is a deconstruction.All i have to say is NO.Super robot anime at that time were also violent and even dark.Yes some were made for kids also but there were just as many made for older audiences too.

 They have obviously never really heard of Gundam.

Then they say that this shows is deep characters.Still NO.

This show has no real character development.Nobody truly changed over the course of the story.

This show is simply about people trying to get the job done.Nice to look at how people deal with confilct, but means nothing outstanding.

Shinji likari-The Haruto from Valvrave, the whiny indecisive lead of harem animes, its his fault.In the beginning they were trying to develop him,but too much mind reading and contradiction from the movie made him the undisputed king of angst.

Rei- the quiet girl archetype.A fetish fuel and can be seen in some harem anime or romantic comedies.She stayed as a robot girl to carry commands.They tried in the movie but it was too forced and abrupt to take seriously.

Asuka-The super overboard Tsundere.Now you know where that archetype come form.

The polt is haywire .The motivations and actions of Seele are filled with plot-holes which you will find once you see the movie.Abrupt plot points.the2nd half of the anime of the movie is filled with mind reading,budget constraints to the point of shoehorning live action scenes.

For a show obsessed with mind isn't really that complex.

This show is just the basically repeating TWGOK's "Reality is a [email protected]#tty game" quote.
This show is out of touch of reality.Not everyone is run by angst alone, or by a black and white view of reality.This show is just showing the black side/Hipster side of reality, hence its popularity.

I do respect its contribution though, as much of a mess it is.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
6/10 overall
Larkawolfgirl's avatar
Oct 5, 2013

To start off I was intrigued from the beginning of the series. At first I did not like any of the characters so I'm not sure why I was so intrigued but I just was. I rated the show 4 out of 5 right after the first episode. As the episodes continued I was filled with this same intrigue even as I felt nothing substantial was happening. I found myself periodically doing other things while listening to the English dub. Even though I still did not "love" most of the characters, what I cared about most were their interactions. However, what I think I enjoyed the most about this series was the overlaying theme about self and reality. I find myself dissenting from FalseDawn's review because for me the pinnacle was the final 2 episodes. I do agree with FalseDawn that the ending does not end anything. I feel that this might very well be the point that the creator was trying to express. That our reality never ends. We create our lives how we wish them to be and it never ends. I loved this psychological mindf*ck. Often I am disappointed by mindf*ck but this was just right in my book. It was set in place at just the right moments and in such a way that instead of simply confusing you it made you think about your very existence. 

For the story itself there were many loose holes (unless I failed to piece things together because that is a strong possibility). The plot was mostly just character interactions and battles with Angels. But considering the focus of the final episodes I feel that this was the point. In a way both the interactions and the fights were battles within each character. Asuka felt inferior and it was reflected in her fighting. Shinji felt useless and so he often gave up. I think the overall message is not meant to be a conventional plot but a message of the human condition. What makes us human? What makes us alive? What shapes our reality? How do we view reality?

I still only found myself marking three characters under my love list but the characters are compelling. The viewer is able to see the vulnerabilities of each character and through this I believe that most viewers are able to find at least one character that they can relate to. This further pushes the overall message of our realities. Viewers meant to compare themselves to this character and to learn to understand those different from them.

Overall, I do not see why people hold this series in as high esteem as it is. I have often heard of it being an anime staple. It was an alight show with a good message and was enjoyable to watch, but I cannot see myself hurrying to rewatch the series anytime soon. If I ever did I would most likely only choose select episodes. The worst thing about the show is that it does end so abruptly without really ending anything. 

Updated review at

8/10 story
6/10 animation
7/10 sound
7/10 characters
8/10 overall
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Steven94's avatar
Aug 21, 2013

Ahh, Neon Genesis Evangelion.

What can I say about this anime that hasn't already been said? It's the Citizen Kane of the anime world, and that's not necessarily a good thing. You've got a handful of people going on about how it's the greatest anime ever made, another handful decrying it as a putrid pit of ineptitude...and then you have people like me.

How did I thing Neon Genesis Evangelion was? was okay.

The Japanese VAs were great. The English dub is...really, really bad. This must be what EVERY dub sounds like to elitist weaboos...those poor creatures. :'(

The music was decent, even if it did get repetitive. If nothing else, it always fits the mood.

The animation...well, it's good when there actually is some. The first half contains some really entertaining robot fight scenes which look very good for the time NGE was made. The second half...well, the budget pretty much dries up completely. Hell, you could argue that for the last episode, there IS no budget.

The characters...well, as much as people like to deride Shinji, I think we all have a little bit of him in us, or at least we would in that situation. Asuka...annoying as hell sometimes, tolerable at other times. Rei's an unchanging, static character, for the most part, so it's hard to say.

Overall...well, the ending is really unsatisfying, the budget can be pretty bad, and there are some scenes that just make you go "the fuck did I watch?" But regardless of all that, it is the single most influential anime of the last 25 years, and is required viewing for all anime fans.


6/10 story
5/10 animation
7/10 sound
8/10 characters
7/10 overall
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PhdInCartoons's avatar
Feb 28, 2013


Really good, don’t watch the last two episodes. The score would be an awful lot higher if not for the horrible horrible ending. I don't understand why it was done and the fact that it has been rewritten twice doesn't help my confusion. Elsewhere the story is actually very good and definitely should be watched. 



Feeling old now. Although at certain points you will be very impressed by the display that it puts on. 



The music was well done. The scores compliemnt the storyline greatly at almost every instance. The voices are O.K.



Some very nice portrayals, but with a healthy dose of confusion thrown in. The main character has good basis for being the way he is. Other characters will have you questioning. Why do they behave the way they do? 


I think every anime fan should watch this. It is nearly a right of passage type thing. It encapsulates the best and worst of anime in a handy 26 episode bundle

6/10 story
6/10 animation
7/10 sound
8/10 characters
6.8/10 overall
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aznkevy's avatar
Dec 24, 2012

Story: The story of a young boy becoming an saviour and then ending the world. Rather far fetched and full of imagination, then again, all animes are imaginative and far fetched. The story of EVAs (giant robots) are what the team of teenagers pilot, however the EVAs are not fully under their control, and they were not made by mankind either... As well as the enemies the teens have to defeat, called 'angels' the protagonist questions himself several times throughout the anime what they are and what their true intent is. The plot of the the anime was awesome. However the ending was horrible, the final 2 episodes should have followed the course of the rest of the anime, however the ending was altered into the emotions, the thoughts of inside the protagonist, many viewers of this anime took a while to fully grasp, and then to comprehend what was happening. The 'ending' of this anime was total blasphemy. In fact, the 'ending' shouldn't even be considered an ending as it was so terrible.

Animation: Surprisingly, the animation was very well displayed, considering the animation was before the the 21st century, the animation is so very much better than a lot of other animes with the animation being completely crap. Although however sometimes in the anime, there would be an still image and no dialouge, sometimes it felt like the producers screwed up somewhere and for 10% of the entire anime there was just an frozen image, with no sound.

Sound: The music is fantastically paired with the animation, especially the fight scences as well as the sudden out burst of the protagonist's power/will to fight. The added sound effects is just like many animes, plain but nicely done, nothing special, but nothing bad either. The opening song is a nice piece of work, although the same cannot be said for the ending song.

Characters: The characters, unlike many other animes, this anime isn't able to make the audience particularly despise a particular character, although maybe this anime was not intended that way. All characters have their roles in this anime. Although the most interesting character is still most probably Rei Ayanami, she is the special one, whom is different from everybody else, the bad thing about Rei is not her, but the anime/producer's fault. Rei should have had a bigger role and her history should have been shown more, both to the audience and to the protagonist. When Asuka, another major character came into the anime at episode 8 Rei seemed to be a minor character for quite a while until later on in the anime where Asuka semmingly plays an even minor role compared to Rei. Shinji, the protagonist seems to be taking the entire show away, altough his the protagonist and all, he shouldn't be the only one seen on screen.

Overall: The anime at first was great, the ending just made the overall bad, as well as no official romance happening in the anime after the anime hints to the audience that there was something going on. The anime was awesome, although watching the Evangelion movies now, it somewhat seems that the movies are better than the original seris itself. Overall, that anime was awesome. I personally recommend this anime to people as its not just robots fighting monsters but has a proper story line as well as emotional depth put into it.

Hopefully my review wasn't too bad :D

6/10 story
6/10 animation
7/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall
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triplestrike's avatar
Nov 23, 2012

The real quality that makes this anime an instant favorite of mine is the way in which it asks questions; questions about trust, questions about who we are, questions about what made us the way we are. These questions are not something most shows push for.

The anime starts out pretty slow and the English voice acting may be bad but somehow becomes more comfortable in time. The animation is a little dated but still surprisingly good in some parts (especially later on).

The music is soft, lots of piano and violins. Later in the series classical music is incorporated and it is a gloriously majestic addition to the anime.

The characters will undergo much more growth than many shows (in my opinion) and even though it may seem confusing it is always possible to find truth hidden throughout. The parts that get confusing get more explanation in the later movies although don't expect to walk away understanding everything, this anime wants you to think, HARD. I believe that it is entirely worth it, this anime has managed to do something extremely rare and in the process revealed a lot of truth about life and how we all learn to live and love ourselves.

This anime deserves to be a classic and deserves to influence people which I know that it has. This anime is not for those looking for something lighthearted, this anime is thick, complex, layered, truthful, harsh, and everything I am happy to see reach a mainstream audience. One of the best things ever.


9/10 story
8.3/10 animation
8.8/10 sound
8.7/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
UncannyDoom's avatar
Jul 11, 2012

Neon Genesis Evangelion is hard to put my finger on. It seems like any other mecha anime from the beginning, but gradually morphs into an exploration of character psychology after navigating several surprises and plot twists by the time it's all over. The show follows Shinji Ikari, a 14 year old boy mysteriously called in by his father to pilot an Evangelion unit. These giant robots are the world's only defense against Angels, gigantic creatures who destroyed half of the Earth's population 15 years ago.

Short and Sweet

  • Incredibly engrossing themes.
  • Decent, but dated animation.
  • The last two episodes will have your head spinning, for better or worse.
  • Very good soundtrack and voice work.
  • Characters are interesting but don't develop enough.
  • An unforgettable landmark of anime, despite all the flaws.

Story - 8.5/10

To break this down, the first two-thirds of Neon Genesis Evangelion is amazing. I found it to be as enticing as any anime has ever been. The plot unfolds in brilliant fashion and has the capability to keep viewers on the edge of their seat, impatiently waiting to see what happens next. The problem with the storytelling is that this method is how the show begins, continues, and even ends. What makes Evangelion fascinating is it's willingness to continuously dive deeper and deeper into itself, which naturally drives whoever watches to think and wonder constantly. The issue here is that by the time you're done watching, not many questions are answered, and if there's one thing difficult to pull off when any story ends, it's lack of resolution. It's like going on a scuba dive to see the wonders of the ocean, except you never come up for air. Regardless of this, the bulk of what you do get in Neon Genesis Evangelion is still undeniably interesting, and despite this being far from the most timeless anime around (in terms of quality, not impact, calm down people), it's still one of the most interesting universes I've seen thus far.

Animation - 8/10

There are often questionable moments where I wonder if the show fell into budget problems and got lazy on the animation. This shows during some unusually long holds on scenes (the elevator with Rei and Asuka and the end of episode 24 come to mind) that last well over a minute, as well as some cheap attempt at abstract animation that some will have you believe is artistic in the final episodes of the show. These same episodes also reuse lots of stuff from earlier in the show which again, seems to have no reason behind it beyond the lack of money.

These animation issues are few and far between however, and when Evangelion is going, it's going. While the character designs seem pretty basic, their suits, the mechas, angels, and pretty much anything you don't see in the real world in this show has a great design to it that stands out for all the right reasons. The action scenes were perfect for their time and although they aren't the greatest in this day and age, they still stand up very well. Is the animation dated? Yes. Is it bad? Not by any means.

Sound - 9/10

There's some very good voice acting here that really increases in both emotion and believability as the episode count goes up. This isn't to say it starts off bad but the quality of the acting in the latter half of Evangelion is noticeably great, while in the beginning there are a few deliveries here and there that seem unnatural. Misato and Asuka have particularly high quality performances behind them. Rei and Gendo on the other hand seem to come from the same school of cold and emotionless. Although this is part of each character's personality, it is on such a level where there isn't much to say about either one. I know everyone hates to hear Shinji scream, but it would be a lie to think that his wailing howl doesn't capture moments of horror perfectly. Many of the supporting roles and minor characters do sound pretty bad. Not a huge problem, but it sticks out like a sore thumb.

The soundtrack is stacked with memorable tunes that are even complimented with some fantastic use of classical music. While the OST does re-use a handful of tracks often, it does so in a manner that does nothing more than condition the viewer to know when things have just gone to hell or taken a lighthearted turn.

Characters - 8/10

I think anyone reviewing this anime has to talk about Shinji Ikari, so I'm going to start with that. I don't hate Shinji. In fact, there really isn't much reason to hate Shinji. When this anime begins, everything we see Shinji go through as a 14 year old boy with a dead mother and one of the biggest pricks in the universe as his unloving father, combined with the traumatic experiences he has piloting his Eva, completely justifies how he acts. The problem people seem to have with Shinji is that he's a weak-willed, cowardly, whiny male lead. The flaw here isn't Shinji's character, it's the writing of Shinji's character. Nothing Shinji actually does bothers me, but the lack of development he has is a huge flaw for his character. So big that it makes me question why and how he ever came to be the lead of Evangelion to begin with.

Shinji has a huge conflict within himself from the first of this 26 episode journey to the very last. That is far, far too long of a time span to keep a character the same, especially when that character happens to whine, cry, and scream on a regular basis. Now, I didn't want Shinji to make a cliche transformation into a badass or even a consistently serious or confident guy, but I did want him to get over his weaknesses. When the time finally comes for Shinji to be at one with himself (this is literally in the last minute or two of the show and spends the last 38 minutes building up), I didn't even find it to be believable. It felt contradictory that he even had to try to change anything considering, despite all the hardship he goes through every other episode, he still gets the job done and is often the most capable pilot, despite being portrayed as the one who is least sure of himself. It felt like he should have made this transformation halfway into the show, not at the end.

No character seems to be as flawed in development as Shinji but nobody else really develops much either. The one pilot who does is Asuka, and her character was the one I found to be the most enjoyable and interesting of the main cast. Sadly, as soon as things get really spicy for her, it seems that she gets thrown to the side in a horrible manner. It's a shame too because I rarely find such a catty and obnoxious character like Asuka to have the potential to peel layers back with her past and persona, but that opportunity was completely missed. The other of the main three pilots, Rei Ayanami, seemed to have a constant mystery around her but ends up saying so little that I found myself indifferent to her. When the truth behind Rei is finally revealed it was interesting, but how Rei ever actually feels about anything is never really touched on. She could have been a truly great character but like Asuka, she's sort of tossed to the side in favor of being a plot device for Shinji to come to terms with himself.

The real stand-out of the cast is Misato Kusanagi. Misato isn't even one of the "mains" of the show, but instead a strong supporting character. It is Misato that's unwrapping all of the mystery at Nerv, Misato is the one helping the Eva pilots do their job correctly, Misato is barking the commands and Misato is the only one that really cares about them. I found myself loving Misato more and more as Evangelion progressed despite the fact that she doesn't seem like even a mildly interesting character when the show begins.

The supporting cast isn't too deep, but works well and I've heard people say they're more interesting than the kids. This is understandable since all of the plot twists and mystery of the show is driven by the adults and the pilots are the pawns in the bigger picture. Overall the characters, while not developing much, are likable, entertaining, and everyone seems to be able to pick one they really enjoy.

Overall - 8.5/10

Neon Genesis Evangelion was nothing if not ambitious, and it provides a balance of action and humor along with psychological and philosophical themes being explored that may lack polished execution, but draw thoughts in nonetheless. I was very into this anime from start to finish and even though the technical aspects of it pale in comparison to today's standards, Evangelion still has high quality moments and stands apart from everything else.

8.5/10 story
8/10 animation
9/10 sound
8/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
FullmetalCowboy24's avatar
May 16, 2012

Critic's Log: Earthdate - May 16, 2012. Review #3: Neon Genesis Evangelion

In the Year 2000, a disastrous event known as "The Second Impact" occurs. Antarctica has been destroyed and half of the human race has been annihilated. Gee! That is sure a way to start a new millennium. 15 years later (which is where the story begins) The Angels arrive. Shinji Ikari is summoned by his father who requests Shinji to pilot a giant mechanical humanoid known as the Evangelion...

I don't even think I need to say any more about the plot, because I think that most of the Otakus in the world know what the story is about. It is a very popular anime in Japan and America and maybe other countries. It is also a very controversial one at that.

With that said, I will give my case on this puzzling thriller. The show may have a following, but I hope what I say what is bad about the show may not piss everyone off. I like this anime, but I think the show has its strengths and weaknesses. So, without further ado... I will state my case about this classic anime known as Neon Genesis Evangelion.

CASE 1: The Story and it's themes

I will say that the direction of the story on its first few episodes is great. I like that the first episode gives the main character an introduction while not saying too much about him. I found the direction unique still at first. However the direction of the story isn't consistent at all. It jumps from giving out a unique start, then it turns into Robot vs. Monster episodes and when the show gets into its last third, it then jumps into a complex and Psychological direction mixed into action packed episodes. The direction is kind of a mess, the pacing is consistent, but it's still interesting to watch. if there is any themes that I think worked for the show was some of the religious symbolism and even some of the philosophical ideas such as The Hedgehog's dilemma and even existentialism themes such as Individuality, consciousness, freedom, choice, and responsibility, and hell... even some Freudian tropes are thrown in too. If there is anything that doesn't seem right is that it attempts to use these themes and play it along like it's trying to make Evangelion a smart anime. This anime will guarantee a high re-watch value, but it may still be confusing to understand. The use of the themes portrayed in the show however may not work for some.

CASE 2: The Animation, is it really a work of art?

This is a bit of a mixed bag to talk about. The animation for the show is what you would expect from a mid-90's anime. It is old but it still looks great... Actually, I may have to take that comment back at some point because there are some problems with the animation in the show. Gainax was under quite a budget during the making of Evangelion. This resulted in certain scenes being recycled, some scenes that are barely moving, and also led to the often criticized and mostly loathed final two episodes.

I don't think I even need to bring up these final episodes, but I will...

The final two episodes of this show confused and alienated the fans of the show. It kind of made no sense, the animation was poor and it feels like you are being slapped in the face. Is the animation good at this point? Hell no! Was it mostly good in the long run? hard to say, but its decline in quality really did hurt the show at the time. It should be noted that this ending takes place in Shinji's mind which I guess this theory would support the defense of this ending but is worth seeing but I won't guarantee you'll want to rewatch it unless you actually liked the ending.

CASE 3: The Voice Actors

The subtitled version is very well casted; the English dub is a bit off in some areas. You can't really go wrong with subs here. Megumi Ogata, Megumi Hayashibara, Yuko Miyamura, Kotono Mitsuishi, and other cast members of the show really nailed their roles perfectly well. The dub may vary your mileage here. Spike Spencer is very well known for voicing Shinji. I have heard better from him, I did not like his performance in the dub. Tiffany Grant is mostly "Wunderbar" as Asuka, Amanda Winn-Lee is hit and miss as Rei, and Tristan MacAvery as Gendo was pretty good. Most of the cast members of the dub are hit and miss. The English cast during the Director's Cut episodes does have some slight cast changes. I am in more favor of the subtitled version than the dub. I have seen the entire dub and I might as well point out that the dub does take a little getting to used to and I'll give Amanda Winn-Lee and Matt Greenfield some credit for improving the dub little by little. Also, There is a Easter egg on the 7th Platinum Edition Volume and it's pretty damn funny...

CASE 4: The Music

The music is composed by Shiro Sagisu; you may have heard his name in another popular anime known as Bleach. I love the soundtrack of Evangelion. It still sounds good today. I do like the use of classical music that was used for the show, even though the use of "Hallelujah" was used when Asuka was being mind-raped. But Episode 24 has the most epic use of Ode To Joy. It is still awesome. If only the show included Mahler's Eighth Symphony or Strauss' Also Sprach Zarathustra, then it will be ten times more awesome. Air is in The End of Evangelion, but that's not what I am reviewing yet. Air is another good classical song. Another strong point of the music is its opening theme. A Cruel Angel's Thesis has been regarded as one of the greatest anime openings ever made and it is extremely hard not to like, the lyrics may not fit the show but this one has a place with a lot of otakus. This is also the first anime opening I have seen in my life, so I have fond memories with this opening. It was great back then and it has aged well.

CASE 5: The Characters, (A.T. Field Full Power)

Another thing that may vary your mileage in this show may be the characters themselves, Shinji Ikari is a mixed bag, and you either sympathize with him because he is anxious about his current position or you loathe him because he doesn't want to pilot a giant robot in order to save mankind thus making him a pussy. Of all the things I have seen in that show. I have observed that he has problems. I do feel sorry for the position he is currently in but he really needs to grow a pair of balls, drop them, and fight like a man. Some people find Rei one-dimensional, I almost could say that, but I like her mysterious personality. Asuka really made the show entertaining. Misato is an interesting case, Gendo is sort of badass LIKE A BOSS! (he might be slightly one-dimensional, but he was kind of alright), Kaji was cool, and Kaworu deserved more screentime instead of only appearing in one episode. Speaking of Kaworu, we all know the gay overtones and speculation between Shinji and Kaworu, all thanks to this scene I have here.

 Anyway, some characters are great, some just need to be developed a little bit more.

CASE 6: Hideaki Anno... What makes him a unique director?

Let me inform you of the anime director that made an interesting innovative move to the mecha genre. It seemed to be just a mecha anime but Hideaki Anno deconstructs the mecha genre into a character study rife with psychological analysis, religious references, social commentaries, and explorations of themes such as societal alienation, depression, and the repressive pain of human subjectivity. If what I said goes way over your head, then I apologize. Some otakus have seen this approach out of the ordinary, unprecedented, and revolutionary. After its success, many anime producers have created shows with a similar approach. This is the anime that has defined Anno-san's career. Back then he suffered through personal battles of depression at the time Evangelion was being created and that directly inspired the themes for this anime. This anime has also led quite an impact for animes to come.

CASE 7: Why Am I writing reviews?

I really have a knack for critiquing stuff and I have fun doing that. I have such a passion for the arts whether its literature, art, animation, music, you name it. the reason I chose to review anime is because not every single anime is perfect and I like to pinpoint what's good and bad about some animes with some constructive criticism. Critiquing anime has been a hobby of mine for a while and I still enjoy this hobby. With that said, this is kind of pointless to the review and you probably already noticed that I am sort of making fun of the crappy final 2 episodes of the show already, and I really don't want to do this next part but I will...

CONGRATULATIONS: If you never seen the ending of this anime, you are about to right now!.

This anime was available by ADV films and was out of print for sometime until Section23 Films rescued this anime. The two follow up movies, Death and Rebirth, which is a recap and teaser for the next movie, The End Of Evangelion (which either replaces the final two episodes or contemplates the final two episodes) were also available by Manga Entertainment. They are unfortunately out of print unless someone rescues it. The manga adaptation of the same name by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto is available from Viz Media, Spinoff mangas such as Angelic Days, Shinji Ikari Raising Project, and Campus Apocalypse are also available from Viz Media. A remake series which is notably called The Rebuild Of Evangelion is available from Funimation, at the time I am doing this review, Only 2 movies have been released.

With all that said, Neon Genesis Evangelion is a very unique series that has some interesting ideas but it is a difficult show to understand which gives Neon Genesis Evangelion a huge rewatch value. It does have animation problems, but has some great action scenes, This is definitely for Sci-fi buffs out there and this was my gateway to anime. I find this anime overrated to an extent but It is still a classic. It is a must see but I can't guarantee that it is a must-love.

I give Neon Genesis Evangelion a 8.4 out of 10. It is VERY GOOD!

Feel free to leave a comment. God's In His Heaven, All's Right With The World.

7.3/10 story
8.6/10 animation
10/10 sound
8/10 characters
8.4/10 overall
ThatAnimeSnob's avatar
Apr 30, 2012

Since I will leave out as much as unnecessary technicalities as possible, you can just read my further personal analysis here:
Or more official sources here:

1) Counter-escapism message
When NGE originally broadcasted, Japan was going through an economic depression, like the one we are going through now but not on a global level. Many young people were poor and unemployed, unable to begin a career and be useful members of society. There were lots of NEETs and hikikomoris wasting their lives in some basement, looking for escapism through anime. Unlike most modern anime that are about pandering otakus, NGE had the guts to be about counter-escapism, as presented by Shinji Ikari constantly trying not to run away from his problems. Which mean, a show from 20 years ago is more honest and motivational, than most of anything that is coming out today. That’s why retro wins and modern sucks.

2) Beacon of its time
The post apocalyptic setting of the series was also heavy on religious iconography and was using terminology from psychology, as a way to mirror the unrest Japan was going through at the time, with the millennium about to change, and cults talking about the end of the world being close. The subway gas attacks further fueled the paranoia of the times, which made the in-series psychologically unstable characters far more relatable with what was going on in Japan. Unlike other series coming out at the time, NGE did not water down its content as means to calm down the depressed audience. It remained true to what it was about, which is something I really appreciate because it reminds me of someone (me) who is not holding back from stating the truth, regardless of not pleasing the masses.

3) Vision of the director
Which is also why I like Hideaki Anno and old Gainax so much. Despite going through depression, he inserted his personal thoughts and ways to cope with it instead of going for pandering. The result of his attempts is questionable, as many can argue that it had the opposite effect on anime fans, who are still making waifu wars and draw hentai doujins to this day. The fact still remains that NGE is a personal work. Someone made it for himself, a purely artistic piece of fiction imbued with his thoughts and feelings, instead of a generic lifeless product aimed at pandering the masses. The fact that it eventually caters anime fans and turned into a 20 year old milk cow is something that came after the show, mostly through marketing and the fandom. By itself, the show is free of that.

4) More than fetishes
Despite sexualizing the females and popularizing the archetypes of tsunderes and coolderes, none of them were defined simply by fetishes. They had a personality and a backdrop, and this includes minor characters who were also contributing to the narrative somehow, despite not being sexualized. This is something which very few of its copycats bothered to have. Shinji Ikari is still being mocked today as the stereotypical beta male crybaby, yet how many of his counterparts in later shows are not simply spoiled brats with first world problems? Close to nobody. Shinji was excused to be acting the way he did based on the post apocalyptic setting he grew up in. The others have no excuse.

5) Reviving the industry
Even its nastiest parts can be seen as positive in the longrun. The waifu wars and doujins it begat helped the industry to get some much needed cash after the crisis was over. Combined with how it revolutionized marketing and promotion of anime through merchandising and the untapped after midnight timeslot, is enough to give it a pass since without those tactics the anime industry would be very different today. It wasn’t just influential as a series; it shaped the medium altogether.

6) Deconstruction of the genre
Something that didn’t age that well is the whole deconstruction aspect of it. Yes, it is one for seemingly being about giant robots and then becoming something completely different. The blurring of what is right or wrong was great, as its characters were not pure archetypes of good or evil. The social commentary and psychological examination of its cast were fantastic, the religious icons and naming on the other hand were not. Although they were offering food for thought to anyone looking for what everything symbolized or was named after, eventually it was just overthinking. The theories the fans were making up had nothing to do with the show besides adding to the confusion of what it’s actually about and blurring the initial message of the creator. The names and religious iconography were just superficial aesthetics for flavouring the messed up mentality of the cast; they were never meant to be taken literally. Yet the decorations ended up attracting more interest than the actual essence of the show.

7) Great directing
But it’s not like the meta is all that is good about it; the directing was also brilliant for its time. From cool robot battles, to camera angles, to timing of scenes, flashes of text, fish eye lens, strange use of filters, live action footage, characters standing still without talking for a minute, the storyboard is just fantastic when examined. And sure, the quality had its ups and downs, and they ran out of money to the point the final two episodes were badly drawn caricatures and random images flashing. Still, a typical director would have made a complete mess or a forgettable conclusion, yet Hideaki was talented enough and found a way to make the best he could out of all the limitations.

8) Battle Choreography
I might as well mention how there was close to no stock footage used despite these limitations. Every battle with an invading monster was unique and was using a completely different strategy. This is something unheard of even today, when every show uses the same old finishing move, or has the exact same transformation sequence.

9) Flaws
Just like all series, there are still problems ranging from erratic pacing, the middle episodes not having much of a plot, lack of animation, many themes and characters not being explored much. It still manages to be a highly memorable series with the pluses overshadowing the minuses. As the recent Rebuild movies have proven, it’s not like those issues could be easily fixed without creating other problems and resulting to a completely different experience.

10) Rebuild movies
As much as it saddens me, after Hideaki left Gainax, Neon Genesis was never the same anymore. It kept being changed and reshaped into another title aimed at pandering the otakus with worthless extra, such as more waifubaits that serve nothing to the story, and more pirate eye patches for the sake of selling more cosplay accessories. All these are blatant fan service which contradicts the initial message of the show and feel far more like a marketing ploy. Studio Khara is also flagging anyone who is using footage or music of the series, even if it was made many years ago for the sake of promoting the same story they are rehashing right now.

11) Final thoughts
Despite all these issues, the original series remains one of the most groundbreaking animated titles of all times, and easily deserves a spot in the top ten of anyone’s list. Hideaki didn’t sell out completely if he can still make something like Shin Godzilla, or still throws in a personal commentary when collaborating with Miyazaki for voice acting in The Wind Rises. It’s hard to be yourself in modern times without apologizing to SJW for having an opinion. He’s resisting as much as he can, and regardless of if he one day gives up, nothing will take away all the amazing anti-escapism shows he produced over the decades, with Neon Genesis being the most influential amongst them.

Have a nice day before the Third Impact turns you to orange goo.

8/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
8/10 characters
9/10 overall
AttackDefence's avatar
Nov 27, 2011

The most striking thing about Evangelion is probably the total lack of heroes in the story. Shinjii Ikari is quite far from being the ruthless and tough mecha pilot we are suited to. Full of mental complexes, unreliable, alienated. I wasn't surprised at all when Asuka pictured him as disgusting in her last phrase at the end...

The story is well written with a good pace, even if indulges too much in serialization. An Angel came, fight and lost against EVAs. It is only compensate by the psychological growth of the main characters. Here and there you feel lost in the plot and the two final episodes, oh well, they are probably the most debated ever two episodes in anime's history. One thing i have yet to grasp was the intrusion of the fourth child. Quite useless for the entire story, I think he was used just to express the "homo" side of Shinjii.

Animation is superb. Music is great. I'm a kind of fan of Utada Hikaru, so i'm in love with her version of Flight to the Moon. Amazing!

Overall i think NGE is a must-see.

8/10 story
10/10 animation
9/10 sound
8/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
Donze's avatar
Jul 8, 2011

Story: Neon Genesis Evangelion is something epic that everyone should see at least once in his life. At a first sight, it might seem that there's nothing new from other 90s mecha anime: strange ctreatures coming from nowhere attacking a town and giant robots piloted by teenagers defending it at their lives cost; but in a little while there's no doubt you're looking at something totally new: mechas have totally fluid motions and are quite strange from what you used to see in "Gundam" or other mecha anime (i'm not gonna spoil anything, but trust me that mecha like the evangelions are truly originals). The plot attracts you over all episodes: secrets are everywhere, answers are hard to get and once you think to have understood something, you'll find out that you're still as far as hell from the truth. The only problem is the final, hard to understand and not easy to like at a first sight. [9/10]

Animation: NGE is an old serie and can't be compared to the HD-size anime we have today. Must be said that at the last part of the serie founds were cut off and it slowly goes getting worse. [7/10]

Sound: Perfect. Any sound or music you can hear in an episode makes you feel great and give epicness to what's happening. My opinion is that evangelion has one of the best ost ever heard in japan animation. [10/10]

Characters: It's hard for me to truly love a character, but evangelion made me know personalities i still miss everytime i see a new anime. To say that they are deep explored in their minds is not enough, i'd rather say that they're complete, even more than people you truly know in reality. You'll probably hate some of them, but it's normal as you'll definitely love the others.


I just want to tell you to not stop yourself at the end of the serie, watch the two movies 'Death/Rebirth' and 'The End of Evangelion'. If you do i can assure you that evangelion will be forever in your top 10 anime ;)

9/10 story
7/10 animation
10/10 sound
9.5/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
ssimon98's avatar
Jul 2, 2011


Evangelion, a name you can't escape these days at least amongst anime fans. But i guess if you are reading this you would have already known this. But i digress let's get on with the story (acording to anime planet).

"In the future, a devastating event known as Second Impact has destroyed Tokyo as we know it, giving rise to Tokyo III - a city under siege by mysterious lifeforms known only as Angels. Mankind's only line of defense are the Evangelions, a set man-made machines piloted by a trio of fourteen year-old teenagers, Rei, Shinji, and Asuka. The fate of Japan and the entire world now lie with these three children, though they might not have the power to save the most important thing of all: each other."



The animation surely looked outstanding in 1995 with big unique mechs and realistic landscapes. But sadly Evangelion is starting to see its age, especially after episode 16 when they had to lower the frames per second due to budget problems. At least the mouths are moving right? Sadly no, and its not just the mouth, in some scenes the characters are not moving at all. But not all is bad. The action scenes are good and some outside scenes look good too and the ending scenes while bisarr are pretty fancy.



The music is pretty good especially the opening which is just fantastic. The inclusion of beethovens ode to joy was pretty nice as well.



Its when we get here we notice its greatest point, the Characters they wary from the often afraid and confused Shinji to the cold and mysterius Gendo Ikari part of the fun of Evangelion is trying to figure out his motives as to why he is so cold towards Shinji.



Well in the end Neon Genesis Evangelion is a anime with many strong and weak points, But the characters and story is (at least for me) enough for it to get a recommendation.

8/10 story
6/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
8/10 overall