Neo Angelique Abyss -Second Age-

TV (13 eps)
3.519 out of 5 from 2,075 votes
Rank #3,360

Six months have passed since Rayne, Hyuga, Angelique and Jade were betrayed by Nyx and watched both him and their mansion burn to the ground. Arcadia is now in ruin, Thanatos is growing stronger, and the Aube Hunters - who have been missing for some time - are now seen as scapegoats for the destruction of the land. With time running out, Arcadia's only hope lies with the now-scorned Aube Hunters and Angelique, the only person capable of saving the land from darkness...

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The Lost Light image

Episode 1

The Lost Light

Melody of Encounter image

Episode 2

Melody of Encounter

Sword in that hand image

Episode 3

Sword in that hand

Tower of Dream Soul image

Episode 4

Tower of Dream Soul

My Little Angel image

Episode 5

My Little Angel

The Rebellion at the Sacred Capital image

Episode 6

The Rebellion at the Sacred Capital

One Night of Truth image

Episode 7

One Night of Truth

Realisations of the Young Men image

Episode 8

Realisations of the Young Men

Snow Field Termination image

Episode 9

Snow Field Termination

Atonement image

Episode 10


Slumber in Celestizam image

Episode 11

Slumber in Celestizam

To the sky... image

Episode 12

To the sky...

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