Nemure Omoi Ko, Sora no Shitone ni

Alt title: Sleep Tight My Baby, Cradled in the Sky

Movie (1 ep x 50 min)
2.221 out of 5 from 34 votes
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Nemure Omoi Ko, Sora no Shitone ni

A family was riding a car on their way home from maternity hospital. Satomi and Yasunori were taking their newborn baby named "Orine" home, and filled with happy expectation. However, a sudden accident attacked them. Orine lost her parent and she became alone. Nineteen years have passed and she has grown up. She was pursued by the police because of an incident. She continued to escape but Yuri Aoshima, a member of a shady organization tried to contact her. Orine agreed to Yuri's demand, which was going to an experimental space station. Yuri will help her to escape, instead. Somehow, only Orine can enter an unmanned space station. Surprisingly, a person who was waiting for Orine was her mother, Satomi. She appeared in the similitude of her twenty. Orine perplexed and Yuri demanded to turn the power off of the station. Unwillingly, she started to place the shut-down device but she believed that it will solve the mystery and helps her mother. As Orine and Satomi spend time together, they made up for their lost time. Yuri's aim, Satomi's true identity, and a man called ''SENSEI'' who is involved in taking over the station. While the mystery deepens, Orine get closer to the "truth"…

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Of all the niche and obscure anime ever to be seen, this one really tops the list. Nemure Omoi Ko, Sora no Shitone ni (good luck remembering that title in 5 years) is a 50 minute movie with some of the strangest CGI i have ever seen. The title translates to Sleep Tight My Baby, Cradled in the Sky, which is the lullaby being sung at the start of the movie. Even though the plot and characters are bland, the CGI makes the show worth watching (not in a good way). It is definitely the most defining thing about the show and also the biggest thing that might turn people away, especially newer anime fans. At first glance, it looks like a really early Playstation 2 game and I was surprised to discover this anime was made in 2014 since it looks at least 10 years older. The characters look strange, everyone moves really slowly and their faces barely move when they speak. But at least it's unique and pretty amusing especially during emotional scenes. The story is pretty straight forward: A family are taking their baby daughter home after giving birth to her and they are involved in a traffic accident. Very dramatic. The story then flips forward in time with the daughter, Orine, grown up and possibly in some financial trouble, being followed by a creepy group of black suited people. They call her out on something that she has commited (we are not told right away) and then tell her that they want to send her to space as part of an experiment. The organisation have discovered a way to bring the dead back to life and decide to bring the girls mother back to life. It does not go well. The plot is laid on so thick and over dramatic that it's not believeable in the slightest and nothing is really explained: How does she end up in space without any training? Why does she believe that is really her mother and not even question it slightly? How come everyone mentions her boyfriend except her? She doesn't even seem to care what happened to him. By far the best part of the movie is the after-credits where we get to see a glimpse into the mothers life before the child was born. It's very touching but I wish it had a better place in the movie. I also loved seeing the ugly crying faces that everyone makes and the banana shaped frowns glued on, it makes the movie easier to sit through. If you want to see some weird CGI, check this out. 

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