Nekojiru Gekijou

TV (27 eps x 1 min)
2.756 out of 5 from 643 votes
Rank #6,312

Cats can be very selfish and inconsiderate beings – Nyako and her little brother Nyatta are certainly no exception to the rule. They live their day to day lives with a total disregard for everything, including the lives of the people they interact with. These kittens can't even seem to perform the most mundane of tasks without some innocent bystander losing a limb, or having their guts splattered all over the room. When you throw their alcoholic father and over-bearing, abusive mother into the mix you have a concoction that will surely reach excessively morbid proportions.

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Thrawn Aug 26, 2011
Score 8/10

Story: Minute bites of stand-alone episodes with 2/3 being sadistic black comedy. Nothing deep in the minute storyline but all have more or less a conclusion in the minute lives of whatever is going on. And when I say sadistic, I also mean twisted and funny if you're into killing and laughing at other people's expense with violence. Lots of violence. Animation: From the creator of Acid Trip: The Anime and in... read more

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AnimeAllen Mar 5, 2011
Score 7/10

Nekojiru Gekijou is an interesting Anime. It is about two kittens who, in each episode have an adventure of sorts. It has a dark mood and feel as in Nekojiru-sou(Cat Soup), but I would say that Nekojiru Gekijou is a bit more comedic. Visually I think they are alike and dark. I suggest anyone who has seen Nekojiru-sou to watch Nekojiru Gekijou.   read more

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