TV (26 eps)
2006 - 2007
Fall 2006
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Negi Springfield is a typical ten year-old Welsh boy -- except that he's a mage, and an English teacher at an all girls school in Japan! In order to become a full mage he has to prove himself as a teacher and find suitable partners to aid him; but above all, he has to make sure that no one discovers his secret. Much to his dismay his secret is discovered on the first day by one of his students, Asuna. To prevent Negi from being punished, Asuna agrees to become his partner -- however she isn't the only one to find out. As time goes by more of his students find out his secret. How long can he keep his powers hidden when little by little all of his students are becoming his partners?

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When I first watched this back in April 2012, I was relatively new to watching anime, so I didn't have many standards. I just wanted to watch something where I could kick back and enjoy myself with a decent story, entertaining characters and a bit of humour. The first time I watched Negima!?, it delivered. Sixteen months later... not so much. Story Negima!? essentially starts out exactly the same as the original Mahou Sensei Negima!. Ten-year-old Negi Springfield has just graduated from the Magic Academy in Wales, and receives his task to become a full-out mage: become the teacher of a Japanese all-girl middle school class. However, he must do everything he can to keep his identity as a mage a secret, else he'll have his magic licence revoked and be turned into an animal. Needless to say, he gets caught out almost immediately. What's notable about Negima!? is that it actually starts off with the original manga's plot; namely, the Evangeline arc. However, it's made clear that Negima!? is a spin-off from the original as this gets cleared up in the first few episodes and fast-forwards a whole year after the incident. What makes this show stand apart from its parent show Negima!, besides the extra question mark, is that it focuses more on comedy and action compared to the original's harem antics. However, even the comedy starts to lose its lustre as the show drags on, becoming just the same jokes repeated with some variety thrown in every now and then. Animation Being done by Studio SHAFT, the animation is one of the saving graces of the anime. Bright colours are often used with odd angles and flashes of title cards featuring the characters, especially in the later stages of the anime, used to show a scene break. The actions were done really well, particularly the battle with Evangeline in the opening episodes. Sound Not really that much to say about the sound this time around. The opening song, "Sparking 1000%!", is one of my favourite songs, and would make it onto my top 50 anime openings list if I make one. There were various endings; "Hoshizora Letter" didn't really stick out for me, whereas the regular ending after it, "A-LY-YA!", was a lot more fun to listen to, and fit the light-hearted feel of the anime very well. The background music was never really particularly memorable, except for one or two tracks used during action scenes, which were also used in the first Mou Hitotsu no Sekai OVA. The voice actors were much the same as they were in the original Negima! anime. They brought the characters to life much more effectively than the original anime, but that may just be because of the series' more colourful presentation. Characters As with the original, the characters is where Negima!? truly shines. What with introducing a total of thirty-six characters in the first episodes alone, there are a lot to choose from. One thing this anime does is stick with one attribute of each character and take it to the extreme; for example, Asuna, who in the original was often tired due to her paper routine and had poor grades as a result, was turned into an outright lazy character whose day started the moment class ended. One thing I really liked about Negima!? was the fact that it brought several characters who were never really important in the original right into the forefront much earlier, particularly the Narutaki twins and Kaede. Final thoughts In the end, Negima!? is nothing more than a spin-off of the original work. The only things the two share is the setting and the characters. It's better not to think too much when watching this anime, so just sit back, relax, with a nice cup of tea and watch the characters go through their various advantures. Story - 4.1 Animation - 8.7 Sound - 7.8 Characters - 8.1 Enjoyment - 9.0 FINAL SCORE - 7.54/10


Negima!? (2nd Season of Mahou Sensei Negima!) is an overall good Anime to watch if you're after pure randomness, a lot of Yuri and Girl-on-girl action (Fights mainly, although there are a few "nice" girl parts). Negima lacks even a half-decent storyline. There is almost no storyline at all, it's almost as brittle as rusted steel wires. The "storyline" focuses on Negi as he tries to keep his wizardry a secret, which of coures completely fails since he makes Pactios with every 31 of his students, although only 29 of them willingly pactiod. Evangaline and Yue were forced into theirs. The storyline splits into several, uneeded sub-storylines. It would be no different from a regular American cartoon if there was not even a strand of a storyline. Which there is, but only a strand.As far as the graphical animation of the series, it's unbelievable. Many shades and lights and colors are used for the characters and the effects of the actions they do really bring out how realistic it could be. It's hard to copy or even beat this good of animation the producers put into it. The only bad thing is that it may seem a little "too" good for some people as I have heard some say.A wide variety of sound effects are in many situations and a lot of the characters actions as well. Other than that, nothing different nor special that compares this to other anime sounds.All of the characters have solid, straight-forward personalities. They are rather easy to figure out within the first 2 episodes or so. Although each personality is very different, there is a sense that all of the characters personalities intertwine and connect each other to make the anime as good as it is as far as the characterse go.Overall, I wouldn't watch this if you're after a serious, solid storyline. This particular Anime is for people who are after two things - Randomness, and Comedy. There is a bit of Romance too, however the romance in here isn't sensual enough nor powerful enough to have a profound effect on the Anime series. A score of 7/10 is given in my opinion. The only thing I would have changed was to have a more serious and solid storyline. If that were in, this would be an undoubted 10/10.

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