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Nayuta is a normal school girl, until she meets a young boy named Kiro trying to help his sick mother. Nayuta takes them to the hospital, but inside Kiro's mother vanishes without explanation and Kiro runs away. Later that night Kiro shows up at Nayuta's house and shows her his psychic powers, enabled by a mysterious tiara he wears.

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This is another one of those weird retro movies that make no sense when you describe them yet are very cool when you watch them. The story for starters is very innovating for its time and context. It is about a girl getting psychic powers from a crown, fending against aliens, dealing with her own brother who is genetically aged to defeat her, ally with a group of rebels and deal with a powerful entity holding humanity at its mercy. All of which do not happen in a predictable manner. Not only because the story is crazy as hell but also because the story is basically a sci-fi action / drama / thriller aiming at gasps and wows. So be prepared for a lot of death and destruction around people who are not just good or evil and there is not a fairy tale conclusion. It is generally a solid, if rushed, stand alone feature that will definitely please all the retro freaks of sci-fi. Still, because of the short duration of the film it is really hard to bind with the ephemeral cast of characters. You will feel sorry for them at best but at no way will they be memorable or special to you. Animation and sound, despite their age, are considered fine for the time they were made, even if they are basically crude, monophonic and have static images. Still, they also pack enough great action scenes around psionics and gruesome deaths that are easily attractive to the average viewer. There is plenty of atmosphere and eerie music and somewhat realistic body anatomy to prevent you from being completely bored with its half-serious, half-crazy ideas.In all, even this is basically a quick watch of a movie time forgot, it is still one of those titles that have an aesthetic hardly encountered in modern mainstream anime and may very well be worthy of those looking for lost treasures of animation or something. SUGGESTION LIST Choujin LockeAndromeda StoriesBirth

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