Natsu no Arashi! Akinaichuu

TV (13 eps)
Fall 2009
3.735 out of 5 from 1,043 votes
Rank #2,356

As Hajime’s sweltering summer continues, Kanako and Yayoi have started working at the Ark Café with the rest of the gang. As ever, serving the customers takes a backseat to going out and enjoying the season – and what better way to enjoy the sun than with a trip to the beach? While the men fish up nothing but bikini tops and Sayaka attempts to get a date, self-conscious Jun has to try and conceal her gender from Hajime. Though when the group stays overnight at a hot springs resort and Jun must share a room with him, it proves to be all the more difficult to keep her secret. Whether the staff of the Ark café are finding a partner for Yayoi, travelling in time or ignoring a customer’s request for salt, it’s safe to say that their summer will be anything but dull.

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Summer Vacation image

Episode 14

Summer Vacation

Gal and Do image

Episode 15

Gal and Do

The Time Traveling Girl image

Episode 16

The Time Traveling Girl

Baby Blue Rain image

Episode 17

Baby Blue Rain

Can't Stop the Romance image

Episode 18

Can't Stop the Romance

Jagged Heart Lullaby image

Episode 19

Jagged Heart Lullaby

Amagigoe image

Episode 20


Computer Grandma image

Episode 21

Computer Grandma

Lonely Tropical Fish image

Episode 22

Lonely Tropical Fish

Showa Blues image

Episode 23

Showa Blues

High School Lullaby image

Episode 24

High School Lullaby

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Episode 25


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