Natsu no Arashi!

TV (13 eps)
3.364 out of 5 from 1,959 votes
Rank #3,706

When thirteen-year-old Hajime goes to stay with his grandfather he gets lost and wanders into the Ark Cafe. There he meets Arashi, a sixteen-year-old girl with a big secret, and is immediately drawn to her. When a large private detective clad in camouflaged trousers and dark sunglasses walks into the cafe looking for Arashi, Hajime manages to help make him back off - for now. In thanks, Arashi goes to shake his hand but as she does so the pair connects and Arashi takes Hajime back in time to show him how the town used to look... while she was still alive! Now, after being ‘won' in a bet by the con artist currently managing the cafe, Hajime is working alongside the ‘ghostly' Arashi and fellow middle-schooler Jun who also suffered the same losing fate. As his life takes this unexpected turn, Hajime's stormy summer filled with strawberry bombs, moped races, and plenty of time travelling is only just beginning.

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Playback Part II image

Episode 1

Playback Part II

Girl A image

Episode 2

Girl A

I Want to Protect Her image

Episode 3

I Want to Protect Her

Outpouring Memories image

Episode 4

Outpouring Memories

The Secret Garden image

Episode 5

The Secret Garden

Fall in Love - Kaya image

Episode 6

Fall in Love - Kaya

Relationship to Others image

Episode 7

Relationship to Others

Master - Do What You Like image

Episode 8

Master - Do What You Like

Hero - Now's the Time for You to Become a Hero! image

Episode 9

Hero - Now's the Time for You to Become a Hero!

Foreigner - Kaya image

Episode 10

Foreigner - Kaya

The World Exists for Us Two - Yayoi image

Episode 11

The World Exists for Us Two - Yayoi

Let Your Body Ride on the Flow of Time - Master image

Episode 12

Let Your Body Ride on the Flow of Time - Master

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sajjadrabbi's avatar
sajjadrabbi May 31, 2016
Score 9/10

Its an awesome anime.Comedy is original loved it.Opening and ending both songs where great.Artwork is really good.If u give this a time u will love it. :) read more

kkerem26's avatar
kkerem26 May 24, 2016
Score 8/10

This is really fantastic anime.  read more

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